Malaysia Open 2018, Women's singles, 1st round: PV SIndhu vs Aya Ohori, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 27, 2018 13:02 IST

The match starts around 12 noon IST


13:02 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu takes the match home with class! 

Final score: 26-24, 21-15!

13:02 (IST)27 JUN 2018

And Sindhu is a point away from winning the match! It's 20-15!

13:01 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu dominates the 2nd game and maintains a 18-15 lead

13:00 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu races off and takes a 17-14 lead!!

12:58 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori grazes past Sindhu and takes a 14-13 lead

12:56 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori and Sindhu tie each other for 12 all!

12:54 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu has it easy as she comfortably takes a 11-10 lead

12:52 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori breathes behind Sindhu's neck as the Japanese lags behind at 9-8!

12:50 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu scoots past Ohori and takes a 8-6 lead!

12:49 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu-Ohori are at loggerheads with each other. It's 6 all.

12:47 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The Japanese Ohori rushes to equalize Sindhu with a 5 all.

12:46 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu scurries to pick up successive points and takes a 4-2 lead

12:43 (IST)27 JUN 2018

It's 1 all, into the 2nd game!

12:42 (IST)27 JUN 2018

We are headed to a second game now! One thing is sure, this game will be more tight than the previous one!

12:41 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The Hyderabadi ace fights off Ohori and takes the first game home at 26-24! Phew!

12:40 (IST)27 JUN 2018


12:40 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu takes a 25-24 lead! Can she convert it to take the game?

12:39 (IST)27 JUN 2018

It's 24 all, folks!

12:38 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The match just got tight with none of the players relenting points for free!

12:37 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu-Ohori won't let each other have it easy as they battle out for the game!

It's 22 all!

12:36 (IST)27 JUN 2018

They are tied at 21 all!

12:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The duo are fighting it out for real! 

12:34 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu again chases the score and it's 20 all!

12:34 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori gets the edge and is a point away from taking the game

12:33 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori does not let Sindhu have it easy and ties her for 19 all

12:32 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu grazes past Ohori and takes a 18-17 lead

12:31 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu equalizes the score. The duo are tied at 16 all!

12:29 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Third seed Sindhu lags behind the Japanese at 13-15

12:28 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori still holds serve and leads the way at 14-12

12:28 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ties Ohori at 12 all.

12:28 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu scurries to remove the point difference. 

12:26 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori races ahead to seal a 11-10 lead over Sindhu!

12:25 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The duo stay abreast of each other at 9 all.

12:23 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori snatches serve from the Hyderabadi ace shuttler. It's 8 all!

12:23 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu holds her serve and is ahead Ohori with a 2 point lead

12:21 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ohori prances right behind Sindhu. She lags behind at 6-5

12:20 (IST)27 JUN 2018

We are into the first game!

12:20 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Sindhu leads the way with 5-3!

12:19 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Good Afternoon! The match between Sindhu and Aya Ohori is underway!

11:04 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage. PV Sindhu takes on Aya Ohori as she returns to the court after giving the Uber Cup a miss in the first round of women's singles at the Malaysia Open.

Seeded third, Sindhu has a comparatively easier draw and she will hope to get past Ohori today. This year, she has not been at her best though she did make it to the semis of the All England Open. However, at CWG, she had to remain content with the silver medal as compatriot Saina Nehwal beat her in the final.

Speaking of Saina, the ace shuttler was in top form yesterday as she cruised into the second round. Otherwise, it was a poor opening day for the Indians as the likes of Sameer Verma and others crashed out.

Sindhu is expected to win but who knows there might be a surprise in store. Stay tuned.
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