Manchester United vs Arsenal Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Man United 2 - 1 Arsenal (Pogba 17', Fellaini 93'; Mkhitaryan 51')


22:53 (IST)29 APR 2018

PEEP! PEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEP! That then, is very much that. 

Manchester United 2 - 1 Arsenal

Arsene Wenger's final trip to Old Trafford ends very much the way his Premier League career with Arsenal is ending. With a whimper.

Wenger's youngsters played superbly - outplayed United for large parts, especially in and around the Mkhitaryan goal - but the score is what the score is. Jose Mourinho's magnificent record vs Wenger continues. 

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon. Thank you for reading


22:51 (IST)29 APR 2018

94' Martial dances his way down the touchline, past Welbeck, past Bellerin... and then wins a corner off Willock. Pogba tries to keep it in the corner... 

22:50 (IST)29 APR 2018

Of course it happened in Fergie Time. Jose Time, now, as it were. 

22:49 (IST)29 APR 2018

OH! WHAT A HEADER! Young plays a lovely ball into the box, Fellaini jumps highest - wins the header, with the back of his head, and it loops in. Oh, Arsene

22:48 (IST)29 APR 2018


22:48 (IST)29 APR 2018

90' Four minutes to be added on. Ashley Young wins a corner.... Sanchez will keep it in play...

22:47 (IST)29 APR 2018

89' Pogba looks to play in Rashford with another brilliant ball, but Chambers reads it

22:47 (IST)29 APR 2018

88' OH!!! OFFSIDE!!!! From that freekick, Pogba romps forward, plays it out to Martial. The Frenchman stops, cuts back and curls a peach of a ball into the far post where Fellaini smacks a superb header onto the post. It rebounds into the goal off Rashford, but the Mancunian is offside

22:45 (IST)29 APR 2018

87' OH! Pogba loses out to Chambers at the edge of the box; young Willock runs at United and tries to play in Welbeck... who is then beaten to it by Smalling. They soon win a freekick in a dangerous areaa too. Arsenal are finishing this with a flourish

22:44 (IST)29 APR 2018

86' Martial looks to take Bellerin on a joyride, but Hector's already seen the sights - and he's having none of the Frenchman's trickery

22:43 (IST)29 APR 2018

85' Chambers plays a gorgeous long ball out to Iwobi; who can't really get it under his control. Uncle Jay-Jay probably would have, Alex!

22:42 (IST)29 APR 2018

84' OH! A sustained bit of pressure from United dies down as Pogba backheels a ball into his standing leg (by the looks at it) - Arsenal fans are in full volume "Jose Mourinho, we waaaant you to stay"

22:40 (IST)29 APR 2018

83' Martial touches a glorious backheel to Young; who pumps it deep to Valencia - and he smashes a ball into row Z. Chris Gayle would have been proud of the height that ball gained. Six. 

22:39 (IST)29 APR 2018

82' Young curls a superb ball into the box which Fellaini shoulders away from an onrushing Alexis Sanchez! OH FELLAINI! Missed his chance, and caused Sanchez to miss his too!

22:37 (IST)29 APR 2018

80' Matic - who has been immense today - intercepts a Xhaka ball that looked destined to put Aubameyang through, and on his scooter. 

22:36 (IST)29 APR 2018

79' And another... Sanchez will take it. He plays it out to Martial on the edge of the box; but the Frenchman curls a tame effort well wide

22:35 (IST)29 APR 2018

78' Matic, Sanchez, Pogba - rat-a-tat go the passes as United steam forward, and Rashford can only win a corner. From which onother is one.. 

22:35 (IST)29 APR 2018

77' OH MY! Finally some excitement! Chris Smalling slips over a routine clearance... and Lindelof does superbly to slide in just ahead of Aubameyang

22:33 (IST)29 APR 2018

76' It's not Cech; Henrikh Mkhitaryan departs to an ovation (not standing, but still...) as Joe Willock comes on in his stead

22:32 (IST)29 APR 2018

75' Or maybe not. Cech is warming up. 

22:32 (IST)29 APR 2018

74' Valencia measures a delightful cross into the Arsenal box; where Ospina comes, misses, and sees Chambers head it just in front of Fellaini. The Colombian is down after bundling into the Belgian; he should be fine. 

22:30 (IST)29 APR 2018

73' Martial and Rashford look to combine down the left; but a hard touch from Rashford sees the ball bounce off to touch

22:29 (IST)29 APR 2018

72' Nothing comes from the corner, but Martial are at it again. He zips down the left and squares the ball to Smalling - who kicks nothing but air. The ball comes back and Fellaini half-volleys one into orbit

22:28 (IST)29 APR 2018

71' Martial lifts out a superb ball deep to Fellaini - but Mavoropanos does superbly to head it out for a corner ahead of the onrushing Belgian. 

22:27 (IST)29 APR 2018

70' Maitland-Niles, who has been magnifique all evening, plays it out to Monreal; but the Spaniard's caught offside by United's discipline

22:26 (IST)29 APR 2018

69' Mavoropanos does superbly to bully Pogba off; and he plays the ball out to the United third; where Welbeck steals the ball off Fellaini and absolutely leathers one straight at De Gea

22:25 (IST)29 APR 2018

68' Welbeck kills a difficult ball dead with a lovely touch of his bosom; then half falls, half runs into space - till Matic says 'enough is enough baba'and walks away with the ball

22:24 (IST)29 APR 2018

67' OH! Mkhitaryan looks to slip in Aubameyang, but the ball goes one way and the player the other - and that's easy for De Gea

22:24 (IST)29 APR 2018

66' Welbeck muscles Matic off the ball. I'll just leave that here

22:23 (IST)29 APR 2018

65' Martial, out on his favoured left, cuts in and leaves Bellerin in his wake. He then looks up and plays the most atrocious ball you'd see into Opsina's hands. The Frenchman's United career in a nutshell, that

22:22 (IST)29 APR 2018

64' Martial and Young look to play their way down the left but Bellerin and Chambers do superbly to marshall them out

22:21 (IST)29 APR 2018

63' Double, double, subs: Welbeck and Monreal on for Nelson and an injured Kolasinac. For United, Martial and Fellaini on for Herrera and Lingard

22:20 (IST)29 APR 2018

62' United squeeze Arsenal into their own box, playing it with calm confidence around and between a mass of blue; but the visitors are holding firm

22:19 (IST)29 APR 2018

61' United try to work their way into the box with some intricate passing, but Kolasinac intervenes once again and sends Aubameyang on his way - but his ball out to Young is wayward

22:18 (IST)29 APR 2018

60' OH! Arsenal are alive and well - Kolasinac contemptously shrugs off Lingard by the right touchline, but overplays his boost of adrenaline by playing it crossfield straight to Young. 

22:16 (IST)29 APR 2018

59' Matic tries to play in Valencia down the right, but it's a touch too ambitous and Nelson can clear it. It comes straight back, though, through Valencia again- but his ball into the box is easily cleared by Chambers ahead of Sanchez

22:14 (IST)29 APR 2018

56' Maitland-Niles so composed, so lovely on the ball looks to play in Aubameyang but Smalling cuts it out. Young then gores heavy on Mkhitaryan and that's a foul for Arsenal down by the corner flag

22:13 (IST)29 APR 2018

55' OH! Mkhitaryan intercepts deep in his own half, Riess Nelson swerves past two challenges gets stopped by Matic, wins it back and plays it out to the Armenian on the Arsenal left. He runs at Valencia and leathers a curling shot well over. Game. ON. 

22:11 (IST)29 APR 2018

54' OH! Young's corner is flicked on by Rashford, but no one in red can touch it. Arsenal mop it all up and force United all the way back. The game's sparked to life, alright

22:10 (IST)29 APR 2018

53' Sanchez tries again- this time to his right - playing a lovely ball out to Valencia, his cross is headed out; but only to Young; who's shot is deflected out for a corner

22:10 (IST)29 APR 2018

52' Sanchez looks to return the favour immediately - barrelling into the third and playing it wide to Young; who's cross is nonsense. 

22:09 (IST)29 APR 2018

OH! He doesn't celebrate, either! Xhaka starts it off with a superb interception and a pass forward. Mkhitaryan dribbles at Lindelof, and shoots early between the Swede's legs and into the far corner. 

22:08 (IST)29 APR 2018


22:07 (IST)29 APR 2018

49' Rashford is on, Lukaku doesn't pleased to come off; and that's good to see - who wants to see a footballer relieved to take an early bath? Safety first, though, from Mourinho and his staff

22:06 (IST)29 APR 2018

48' Lukaku looks  to be out of it after that sturdy Greek challenge - looks like some trouble on the ankle - and United are not ready to take any chances; Marcus Rashford is going to come on in his stead

22:05 (IST)29 APR 2018

47' Mavoropanos and Lukaku clash - and the big Greek comes off the winner - with the Belgian down, Arsenal motor forward; Ainsley Maintland-Niles looks to swerve into the United box, but he's closed down rapidly by Smalling and Lindelof; and that's that as the ball dribbles its way to De Gea

22:03 (IST)29 APR 2018

46' Lindelof gives the ball away, Herrera trips up Maitland-Niles the guy's who robbed the Sweded and freekick Arsenal on the half-line

22:00 (IST)29 APR 2018


21:46 (IST)29 APR 2018


God, that's been dull

21:46 (IST)29 APR 2018

46' One minute added time. Nothing happens.
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