Manchester United vs Burnley Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Man United 2-2 Burnley (Lingard 54', 91'; Barnes 3', Defour 35')


22:25 (IST)26 DEC 2017


That's a grand-stand finish to a smashing Boxing Day game - but it ends 2-2 and Sean Dyche will undoubtedly be the happier of the two. 

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon. 

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22:23 (IST)26 DEC 2017

95' Mata swings it in and Pope does ever so well to gather Mee's header

22:23 (IST)26 DEC 2017

94' Mkhitaryan wastes possession with a useless punt into the box. 

22:22 (IST)26 DEC 2017

93' Young sticks it in, Lukaku gets it on his chest but Mee hacks it clear... Matic wastes possession with a useless hoof up into the box..... Young then swings in another and Pope gathers with as much relief as it's humanly possible to feel

22:20 (IST)26 DEC 2017

OH MY! Mata sticks it into the ball, Young tries to hit it at goal - and Lingard absolutely leathers a toe-poke into the far corner. 

22:20 (IST)26 DEC 2017


22:19 (IST)26 DEC 2017

90' OH MY! Young stands another one up into the box and Shaw hits it straight at Mee. Jones comes helter skelter after ball and wins a freekick off Cork, who then kicks it away and earns a yellow card for it. 

22:17 (IST)26 DEC 2017

88' Rashford and Bardsley compete for another lovely Young ball - and the two clash heads. Both seem to be okay, but with the ref awarding a freekick to the visitors, Bardsley is bound to be the happier of the two

22:16 (IST)26 DEC 2017

87' Burnley are making this as much of a stop-start game as they can. And they are succeeding in sucking the momentum out of United's movement. 

22:15 (IST)26 DEC 2017

86' Walters then does supremely well to buy a foul off a frustrated Jones. Burnley will take their time about this one. 

22:14 (IST)26 DEC 2017

85' Rashford crosses, Long clears. Mata passes it along the ground, Long clears. Him and Mee have been tremendous all game. 

22:13 (IST)26 DEC 2017

84' Pogba gets surrounded by three players and Arfield ends up tugging the Frenchman down - only way to stop him at times and it's a freekick for United. Which is cleared well by the Clarets

22:12 (IST)26 DEC 2017

83' Mkhitaryan tries to play in Young down the right but overhits it. United to find some urgency from somewhere. and they need it niw

22:11 (IST)26 DEC 2017

82' United have slowed down once again, and with that their attacks don't seem have a percentage of the venom that they did fifteen minutes ago

22:10 (IST)26 DEC 2017

81' Substitution for Burnley as Jonathon Walters comes on for Ashley Barnes... 

22:09 (IST)26 DEC 2017

80' For the millionth time, Burnley clear... but don't do it all that well. Young sticks one up at the far post but with Mkhitaryan jumping up for it, there's no chance he's getting much purchase behind that. 

22:08 (IST)26 DEC 2017

79' Shaw wins United's millionth corner of the day

22:07 (IST)26 DEC 2017

78' Barnes tries to ping a ball out behind Pogba to Vokes... but he's offside. The Welshman also gets a booking for kicking the ball away after the ref's whistle

22:06 (IST)26 DEC 2017

77' Pogba tries to find Lukaku with an early ball in behind the Clarets' defence but the ball's a touch overhit

22:05 (IST)26 DEC 2017

76' This one's headed away considerably farther and then Barnes and Pogba go into a fifty-fifty for which the Frenchman is penalised

22:04 (IST)26 DEC 2017

75' Shaw wins another corner... he'll take it himself... and Rashford wins another one with a shot from just inside the box.

22:03 (IST)26 DEC 2017

74' OH! The initial corner is only half-cleared, Juan Mata - in space inside the box - tries to stick one up to the far post toward Lukaku but its a weak one and Pope gathers comfortably

22:02 (IST)26 DEC 2017

73' Shaw plays in a ball into the box but Burnley clear it - Pogba wins the ball back and Jomes wons another corner with a sublime whip into the box. 

22:00 (IST)26 DEC 2017

72' United handle that set-piece with considerably more confidence than they did any in the first half.

22:00 (IST)26 DEC 2017

72' Ashley Barnes does brilliantly to win a corner off Pogba.  The Frenchman isn't happy but that's not going to change the decision

21:59 (IST)26 DEC 2017

71' Yellow for Pope as he wastes some time and looks to take the sting out of United's momentum. 

21:59 (IST)26 DEC 2017

70' Paul Pogbaaaa! He got the pace and the whip on it, but it's just an inch or two too high! 

21:58 (IST)26 DEC 2017

69' Phil Bardsley goes into the book as he takes his personal battle with Mkhitaryan to another level and goes studs up on the Armenian. A freekick from the spot where Defour scored for Burnley....

21:57 (IST)26 DEC 2017

68' Arfield wins a header against Young but Matic is immediately on the spot to mop it up, and he and Young do well to win a goalkick off the new man Vokes

21:56 (IST)26 DEC 2017

67' Burnley make a change as Steven Defour is taken for Sam Vokes. OOO! Dyche is looking to take the game away from his own half here

21:55 (IST)26 DEC 2017

66'... which Rashford absolutely leathers it across the face of the goal. No way was anyone getting their noggin' on it. 

21:54 (IST)26 DEC 2017

65' Mkhitaryan runs at and around Gudmundsson - very similar to what Rojo did in the first half. It's a yellow for the Icelander and a freekick from United...

21:53 (IST)26 DEC 2017

64' More patient passing from United enables Young to whip another lovely ball into the box but Mee does ever so well to head it away. Some neat footwork from Mata and Mkhitaryan  enables him to try again but its a bit too high and Pope collects comfortably

21:52 (IST)26 DEC 2017

63' United are piling on the pressure butt Burnley have all 10 outfielders behind the ball and are trying to make life as difficult and congested as possible. 

21:51 (IST)26 DEC 2017

61' United are working the ball to Young as much as possible. The Englishman swings it in deep and Mata and Rashford combine to keep the ball alive - and OH MY LORD, a superb ball stood up into the box is met by Lukaku's face, but the Belgian has not timed his header and that's rather meek. Should have done much better, should Lukaku.  

21:48 (IST)26 DEC 2017

58' Arfield snaps in on Young as the Englishman was set to cross it into the box, United take it quickly but Burnley clear the ball into their box. After the ball passes out of play, Bardsley and Mkhitaryan get into some afters and the Armenian gets into the book for instigating it. Would you rather have golfers playing this game, ref? 

21:46 (IST)26 DEC 2017

57' United have upped their ante here, everyone in Red screaming in pursuit of the ball whenever Burnley have the ball.  The Clarets are now passing it quietly amongst themselves looking to take the sting out of United's momentum 

21:44 (IST)26 DEC 2017

55' Burnley win a freekick as Mkhitaryan goes aggressively shoulder to shoulder with Bardsley, they pump it into the box where Jones handles it astutely well. 

21:43 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Oh! What a goal. Young smashes in another wonderful ball into the box that Lingard flicks magnificently behind his legs and into the far corner. Smashing finish, that

21:42 (IST)26 DEC 2017


21:42 (IST)26 DEC 2017

52' Burnley counter - Luke Shaw smashes into Arfield, the ref waves play on, and Burnley waste the counter.. but Shaw gets into the ref's book. 

21:40 (IST)26 DEC 2017

51' United are camped in Burnley's third at the moment and win a corner, but nothing comes of it. 

21:40 (IST)26 DEC 2017

50' OH MY GOOD GOD! HOW HAS THAT NOT GONE IN! OH MY GOOD GOD! Young drove in a sublime ball into the box and from one yard out Jesse Lingard managed to shin the ball up onto the bar off Nick Pope. How did he miss that? 

21:37 (IST)26 DEC 2017

48' Burnley are swarming all around United's forwards whenever they get the ball - and the double-team is working for now. Ben Mee is down after a fifty-fifty with Jesse Lingard (of all of United's players) and there's a small stoppage of play. 

21:35 (IST)26 DEC 2017

46' Mkhitaryan's first act is to win a corner - from which Paul Pogba smashes a ball well over Pope's crossbar

21:34 (IST)26 DEC 2017


Manchester United make two changes as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Jesse Lingard replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo. 

21:20 (IST)26 DEC 2017


Burnley have rocked up to Old Trafford and stunned the Red Devils with two set-piece goals, the second a sumptuous freekick from Steven Defour, and Jose Mourinho will be apoplectic in the dressing room!

This should make for a rollicking second half. 

21:18 (IST)26 DEC 2017

47' OH! Taylor swings in a lovely ball that De Gea spills!! but Jones kind-of, sort-of clears. Gudmundsson puts it back in and Burnley win a corner off Young. 

21:17 (IST)26 DEC 2017

46' THREE MINUTES TO BE ADDED ON! Shaw drives at Burnley and punts a useless ball into the box that Pope mops up

21:15 (IST)26 DEC 2017

45' United come pouring forward and Young wins a corner which he himself will take.... Matic climbs highest and meets it, but can't get any directiojn or power on the header. 
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