Manchester United vs Crystal Palace, Live Score and Commentary, EPL 2016/17 - MUN vs CRY

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Manchester United 2-0 Crystal Palace (Harrop 15', Pogba 19')


21:22 (IST)21 MAY 2017


Full time and it's been a rather delightful little display from United's youngsters. There's happiness in the air as Jose Mourinho and Manchester United hop, skip and jump into their biggest game of the season - against the thrilling youngsters of Ajax

It was a pleasure to cover this match, thank you for reading.

Anirudh Menon signing out... 


21:20 (IST)21 MAY 2017

93' Palace win a late corner off Jones... but the Englishman clears comfortably

21:19 (IST)21 MAY 2017

92' United are playing the ball around with absird ease here - Palace are chasing shadows

21:18 (IST)21 MAY 2017

91' THREE MINUTES will be added on...United are hogging the ball here as Gomes gets physically bullied off it by Ward. United keep possession though

21:17 (IST)21 MAY 2017

90' Angel Gomes gets his first touch on the ball, and throws in a couple of body feints just to get the stands on their feet. 

21:16 (IST)21 MAY 2017

88' Wayne Rooney is taken off for Angel Gomes... the young Portuguese is the THIRD YOUNGEST PLAYER TO REPRESENT MANCHESTER UNITED - the youngest player to take to the Old Trafford pitch since the late, great, Duncan Edwards. Wayne Rooney, meanwhile, gets a resounding round of applause from a grateful stadium. He deserves every bit of that, the legend. 

21:13 (IST)21 MAY 2017

85' Phil Jones marauds down the middle of the park in that awkward, powerful, style of his but he just about overhits a ball to Wayne Rooney

21:11 (IST)21 MAY 2017

83' There's been a large delay as Joel Ward gets attention drawn to what looks like a broken nose everywhere. There's blood everywhere - it isn't a pretty sight

21:08 (IST)21 MAY 2017

80' Anthony Martial tries to lob the ball over Messrs Rooney, Ward and Kelly - but the latter gets to the ball well before the Frenchman. He isn't starting the Europa League final is he? 

21:06 (IST)21 MAY 2017

78' Zaha is down again, and this time he looks done for the day. Allardyce takes him of and  throws in another ex-United youngster Frazier Campbell

21:04 (IST)21 MAY 2017

77' United give the ball away again and Zaha careens a pass towards Benteke that finds the Belgian offside

21:04 (IST)21 MAY 2017

76' Milivojevic sweeps in a rather nice freekick that Perreira does well to save comfortably, if rather theatrically.

21:03 (IST)21 MAY 2017

75' KaiKai sneaks in behind United's defence - and wins a corner which place play short. Perreira claws away the lovely little dink in (barely) before Tuanzebe fouls Sako in a great area for Palace - some twenty two yards away from goal

21:02 (IST)21 MAY 2017

74' Zaha is caught again - this time by Carrick and Anthony Taylor doesn't hesitate whilst flashing the veteran United man a yellow car. 

21:00 (IST)21 MAY 2017

73' Bakary Sako sends in a wicked curler that Rooney almooost manages to circumvent into his own goal! The resultant corner, though, is well cleared by Rooney. Zaha takes on Tuanzebe and whips in a cross that Michael Carrick does superbly to head away from the six-yard box

21:00 (IST)21 MAY 2017

72' Zaha is taken out again - this time by Axel Tuanzebe - and the Ivorian looks at the ref with pain seeping through his eyes. The man has a point, he's been kicked around Old Trafford today

20:58 (IST)21 MAY 2017

71' Mitchell skins both Zaha and Ward with some sublime skill and runs along the byline - his cross, though, is not dangerous enough to threaten Hennessy. Great skill from the young lad, though

20:57 (IST)21 MAY 2017

69' United look a lot more sluggish now - they have no need to be anything but - however a little bit if nippiness amongst the youth ranks would look nice, Rooney lets everyone know he certainly thinks they should liven it up

20:56 (IST)21 MAY 2017

68' Puncheon tries to play in Benteke in behind the United defence but the Palace midfielder take his own sweet time about it and the opportunity goes begging. 

20:54 (IST)21 MAY 2017

66' Allardyce makes his second change throwing on the pacy Sullly Kaikai for Patrick van Aanholt as Palace look to regain a measure of respectability in the scoreline

20:53 (IST)21 MAY 2017

65' United are taking the sting out of the game by passing it around with great patience... in the absence of Paul Pogba, Josh Harrop has taken on the responsibility of forcing United forward, 

20:51 (IST)21 MAY 2017

63' The terribly disappointing Martial runs at Ward - full speed - before laying the ball a foot or three behind Josh Harrop. 

20:48 (IST)21 MAY 2017

60' Palace see out the danger yet again and Zaha has another run at Fosu Mensah. He wins that battle once again, but his pull back is cleared decently by Michael Carrick. Allardyce sends on McArthur for the exciting Bakary Sako

20:46 (IST)21 MAY 2017

58' United pass the ball around the park with comfortable ease as they look for an opening.. Josh Harrop looks good on the ball, I must say 

20:44 (IST)21 MAY 2017

56' AAAAH! McTominay marauds down the right wing before lifting in a perfect cross to Rooney that he controls instantaneously. He feints and beats one defender but can't get his shot in as Tomkins comes diving in. 

20:43 (IST)21 MAY 2017

53' Zaha skins Fosu-Mensah yet again before chipping in a lovely ball to Christian Benteke. The Belgian thumps a brilliant header straight OFF THE POST! UFF! That was some header, and United were so close to conceding finally!

20:40 (IST)21 MAY 2017

52' Eric Bailly's down again after a heavy landing after challenging Benteke. Doesn't look he'll be continuing after that!

20:38 (IST)21 MAY 2017

50' Rooney and Harrop combine brilliantly to release Martial down the left, but the Frenchman's touch is horrendous and Palace hastily clear

20:36 (IST)21 MAY 2017

49' Zaha's fall has landed him rather awkwardly on his shoulder and he looks in considerable pain....

20:36 (IST)21 MAY 2017

48' Rooney really wants that goal - he smashes it off Kelly's back, though. Zaha capitalizes on the error and runs at pace into the United box. Scott McTominay is having none of that and trips him up - that's a yellow, no arguements. Though the young man tries to talk his way out of it. The optimism of youth, eh? 

20:34 (IST)21 MAY 2017

46' Zaha has started brightly already, but Mitchell holds his ground and gives away only a corner. The delivery cause all sorts of trouble in the United box before Tuanzebe runs out with the ball and wins a cheap freekick off van Aanholt

20:18 (IST)21 MAY 2017


Paul Pogba ran the show in the first half as Josh Harrop and Pogba himself give United a rather commanding 2-0 lead. The crowd love it. Sam Allardyce, not so much

20:17 (IST)21 MAY 2017

46' Jesse Lingard is now taken off as Anthony Martial comes on. He's letting his lads bask in the adulation of Old Trafford isn't he?

20:16 (IST)21 MAY 2017

45' TWO MINUTES ADDED ON as Rooney goes down under pressure from Kelly - he's not best pleased with the challenged and he lets the ref know in the POLITEST terms possible. 

20:15 (IST)21 MAY 2017

44' Paul Pogba is given a standing ovation as he is taken off (after having shaked off any rustiness) for the inimitable Michael Carrick

20:13 (IST)21 MAY 2017

42' Zaha skins a collection of United defenders before Bailly goes flying in with an astounding tackle that has both of them hobbling around in pain! This looks a touch serious for both Ivorians

20:12 (IST)21 MAY 2017

41 Rooney tries to work a bit of space for himself after more good work by Paul Pogba, but the Palace defenders are quick to shut him down as Zaha wins yet another freekick off Fosu-Mensah (this time near the halfway line)

20:10 (IST)21 MAY 2017

40' Wilf Zaha is having a lot more joy with Fosu Mensah than with Mitchell and he twists and turns the right back inside-out before sending in an absolute stinker of a cross that floats out of play

20:09 (IST)21 MAY 2017

39' It's a better delivery from Harrop, but Tuanzebe heads it softly wide. 

20:09 (IST)21 MAY 2017

38' Milivojevic is no Beckham though, and the ball rebounds of the wall for a corner - which is well caught by Perreira. United counter at pace, but Joel Ward does the sensible thing and fouls Harrop. Lingard then ups the pace and runs at the entire Palace backline - annd wins a corner.

20:08 (IST)21 MAY 2017

37' Palace are trying all sorts to break down United's defence - Tomkins hurls one to Benteke - but Bailly is there to prevent any mischief. Zaha then does what Zaha does by cutting in from the left and drawing a foul out of Timothy Fosu Mnsah - Milivojevic stands over a freekick in  what you'd call Beckham territory  

20:05 (IST)21 MAY 2017

35' Some more meaty tackles fly in outside the United box and McTominay gets pulled up for a rather rough one. Palace take the freekick quickly trying to catch out United but Milivojevic's ball is just too far away for James Tomkins to reach 

20:04 (IST)21 MAY 2017

32' Josh Harrop gets the ball in a similar position as he scored (a little farther out, actually) and tries to whip one into the top corner - but it flies wide. Joel Ward and Wilf Zaha need to get their act together if they are to stop the flying youngster

20:03 (IST)21 MAY 2017

31' United play it around with quick precision till Mitchell tries to play in a cute little reverse pass to Rooney - it fails, but Unite have the ball and they look very dangerous on it...

20:01 (IST)21 MAY 2017

29' Paul Pogba is running the show now - he tries to play in Jesse Lingard but the Englishman can only win a corner which Josh Harrop stands over.... it's not a great one and Benteke chests it out of danger

19:59 (IST)21 MAY 2017

28' Mitchell is finding plenty of space down the left and he tries to chip it into Harrop, but Ward holds his ground - Rooney salvages possession and passes it out to Fosu-Mensah - who has a pop. It's not very good, though

19:58 (IST)21 MAY 2017

27' Joel Perreira is the most nervous looking United player out - and skews an elementary clearance straight back to Palace as the visitors squeeze the noose tighter. Bailly gives them a breather with a nice little interception, and subsequent pass out... and Unite dmove forward with pace

19:57 (IST)21 MAY 2017

26' Crystal Palace persevere and Puncheon swings in a delightful ball that is inches away from meeting the forehead of a FLYING Christian Benteke - Perreira looked scared there, and well he might... just picture that giant leaping a good couple of feet above the ground and coming at you at pace!  

19:54 (IST)21 MAY 2017

24' McTominay holds off Benteke - not the easiest task in the world - and plays United out of trouble with a presence of mind that belies his inexperience. I haven't seen Old Trafford bouncing quite so boisterously for quite a while now - it's a lovely sight. 

19:53 (IST)21 MAY 2017

22' Palace go rampaging forward yet again and van Aanholt has the beating of Fosu Mensah yet again. The United right back, though, recovers brilliantly yet again and puts in a superb tackle to win a goal kick off his senior compatriot
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