Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Live Score and Commentary, EPL 2017-18 MUNCRY

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Man United 4-0 C. Palace (Mata 3', Fellaini 35',48', Lukaku 86')


21:21 (IST)30 SEP 2017


One more four-nil for Manchester United as they see off toothless, pointless, Crystal Palace with the kind of clinical efficiency that would make a stereotypical German engineer proud. As routine as routine gets. 

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon. 


21:19 (IST)30 SEP 2017

92' Martial and his twinkle-toes work Old Trafford into a rapture down the left flank as United retain possession with calm elegance. 

21:17 (IST)30 SEP 2017

91' Three minutes added on. 

21:17 (IST)30 SEP 2017

90' United win a freekick down the left and Young swings it into Marouane Fellaini (who is implausibly looking for a hattrick) but Hennessey comes out well and get his gloves around the ball. 

21:15 (IST)30 SEP 2017

88' Roy Hodgson is demanding effort from his players - but you've got to feel for them. Nothing has gone their way all season - and on top of last weekend's thrashing on the other side od MAnche8ster, this is just too much to handle, surely?

21:13 (IST)30 SEP 2017

OH WOW! Herrera slips in Martial down the left wing and the Frenchman draws everyone to him before slipping in Lukaku - the big Belgian is all alone three yards from goal and he is NOT missing that. 

21:12 (IST)30 SEP 2017


21:10 (IST)30 SEP 2017

84' OUCH! McArthur slams into Fellaini and the Belgian is on the ground feeling his forehead and seemingly in considerable pain. He does get back on his feet, though. 

21:08 (IST)30 SEP 2017

82' The corner causes a measure of confusion, but nothing too alarming and Herrera sends the rebound sailing out into the netherworld

21:08 (IST)30 SEP 2017

81' OH! OH! OH! MARTIAL! Herrera plays in a lovely little ball that finds Martial racing into the box... Hennessey does superbly to charge out of his goal and close him down. Just a corner, where it should have been four 

21:06 (IST)30 SEP 2017

79' Herrera does ever so well to steal the ball off Puncheon but his pass to Lingard is cut off by a desperate van Aanholt

21:05 (IST)30 SEP 2017

78' Andros Townsend swings it toward the far post - looking for a header or the ball squeezing in inside the post - but it merely fizzes wide of De Gea's goal. 

21:04 (IST)30 SEP 2017

77' A loose challenge from Fellaini sees Cabaye go crashing down... and the freekick is in a threatening position at the edge of the United box. 

21:03 (IST)30 SEP 2017

76' Juan Mata walks off to a rousing standing ovation and in that ever-lovely gentleman's place comes the batter that is Ander Herrera

21:02 (IST)30 SEP 2017

74' Poor ol' Sako is taken off for Freddy Ladapo... Palace threaten United's goal once again as Ward swings a lovely ball into the box where Riedewald is waiting. The Dutchman connects with nothing but fresh air and behind him, McArthur is caught unaware and the ball bounces off his knee!

21:00 (IST)30 SEP 2017

73' Martial drops a touch deeper and puts in a lovely ball that Lukaku controls well and tees up Lingarrd - who sends it into the stands. 

20:59 (IST)30 SEP 2017

72' Martial is on for Rashford... and he skins Ward immediately. How unfair on Palace to have to face an on-fire Martial just as they see the back of their previous tormentor-in-chief Marcus Rashford!

20:58 (IST)30 SEP 2017

70' Oh YOUNG! The left-back takes a massive risk by underplaying a pass back to Smalling.... and United counter of the same move - Matic plays in Lingard who is brought down but LUKAKU GETS THE BALL, SKINS THREE DEFENDERS, SENDS THE KEEPER THE OTHER WAY AND PASSES IT JUST BEYOND THE FAR POST. HOW! HOW!

20:56 (IST)30 SEP 2017

69' McArthur and Riedawald combine immediately to start off a good looking move for Palace but Cabaye's intelligent dink into Sako is well read by Smalling. The ball is then worked out to the right and Ward sends in a useful ball that Sako can only sky into the stratosphere. 

20:55 (IST)30 SEP 2017

68' SHOT! CABAYE!  Utterly hopeless shot, but still. Hodgson makes a sub as Schlupp is taken for McArthur and Puncheon is taken for Reidawald. Damage limitation, me thinks

20:52 (IST)30 SEP 2017

65' Jesse Lingard on, Henrikh Mkitarayan off. 

20:51 (IST)30 SEP 2017

64' Nothing comes off the corner. 

20:51 (IST)30 SEP 2017

63' Rashford's taken one in the unmentionables - after Sakho gave it a right good slap. UGH! That looked painful - Crystal Palace continue playing nonetheless and win a corner as a Cabaye shot ricochets off Valencia. 

20:50 (IST)30 SEP 2017

62' OH! LUKAKU! The Belgian floats into the box, cuts back and goes the selfless route - trying to pick out Rashford; but Delaney does ever so well to intercept the ball. 

20:49 (IST)30 SEP 2017

61' OOO PALACE! Van Aanholt swings in a teasing ball from which Sako can't really get much purchase behind with his shot. Palace have played much better than one would expect from a team that haven't scored in 6, to be completely honest

20:47 (IST)30 SEP 2017

60' Meanwhile, down in Paris, Neymar is making a good fist of the argument that he ought to be considered in any conversation on "Who is the best player on the planet"? One assist, one implausibly good freekick and PSG are strolling past Bordeaux. 

20:46 (IST)30 SEP 2017

59' Palace are still full of running, and once again it's the left flank of United that feels the most vulnerable thanks to Young and Smalling, but Palace have lacked the quality to do anything about it

20:44 (IST)30 SEP 2017

57' Ashley Young and Mkhitaryan combine to win a corner which the Armenian plays short for the Englishman... but Young lashes his shot straight at Hennessey

20:43 (IST)30 SEP 2017

55' Jones is covering for both Young and Smalling here - and intercepts a flowing Palace move, but slips in his attempt to clear - Sako gets away from the stull snipping-at-his-ankles Smalling and sends an interesting ball into the box and although Schlupp gets his noggin' to it, the header has no pace, no direction, and no real purpose. 

20:41 (IST)30 SEP 2017

53' OH COME ON LUKAKU! Matic feeds Lukaku with an out-of-this-world ball that leaves the defenders clutching at thin air. For once this season, the big Belgian's touch lets him down and allows Delaney to smash the ball away. Lukaku really ought to have caught that first time says your live-blogger sat on his comfortable chair in his air-conditioned office. 

20:39 (IST)30 SEP 2017

52' Schlupp drives at Fellaini and Jones and out-bullies both those belligerent United men but just as he looks to get into the box, Fellaini nicks the ball off his toes with a superbly timed challenge.  

20:38 (IST)30 SEP 2017

50' On a related not why does Smalling love opponents' shirts quite so much? It's ridiculous the amount of risks he takes - and is the reason he's now fourth choice centre-back at United (Once Rojo returns, that's fifth)

20:37 (IST)30 SEP 2017

49' OOOO! CONTROVERSY! Smalling catches Schlupp with a shirt tug inside the box but the ref waves play on - that really ought to have been a penalty. Crystal Palace really can't catch a break here

20:36 (IST)30 SEP 2017

OH! OH! OH! Young wins a freekick with some lovely footwork down the left. Rashford fizzes it in with great swerve and pace and straight onto the head of an utterly unmarked Fellaini - who has to but guide his header on target. That he does, and it's a brace for the big Belgian. 

20:35 (IST)30 SEP 2017


20:34 (IST)30 SEP 2017

47' OH! RASHFORD! Lukaku drops deep and picks out Mkhitaryan with a lovely little dink in behind the Palace defence. The Armenian lays it off to Mata who in turn lays it off to Rashford, but the young man's shot is blocked by a couple of desperate Palace bodies. 

20:33 (IST)30 SEP 2017

46' MY! MY! How fast is Marcus Rashford? He skins Ward down the United left flank and swings in a useful looking cross that Delaney does exceptionally well to punt away from Lukaku's toes. Corner for United, but it's a rather rubbish one.  

20:31 (IST)30 SEP 2017


20:18 (IST)30 SEP 2017


Straightforward for United as they lead bottom-side Crystal Palace 2-0; although they have taken their foot off the pedal and some better forward play from Palace could possibly see them punish the home side for their laxity. 

Mourinho will spend the next 15 minutes telling everyone in red that he'll murder them all if they let that happen while poor ol' Roy Hodgson will be telling his wards to "NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER BACK DOWN!" 

20:16 (IST)30 SEP 2017

45' Zinedine Fellaini exhibits that magnificent chest control of his, along with a couple of keepy-ups with his knees, to work his way out of a troublesome corner and get United moving forward again... Old Trafford is unanimous in letting their appreciation be well known. What a difference a few months makes eh?

20:14 (IST)30 SEP 2017

44' The corner is not cleared well enough and Mata swings it in to Mkhitaryan who smashes a flamboyant volley straight into the Manchester Shipping Canal 

20:13 (IST)30 SEP 2017

43' OI! OI! OI! CHANCE! RASHFORD! Mkhitaryan swings a lovely little ball out to Mata, who pings it into the box. Lukaku heads it on and Rashford takes a touch at the far post before trying to poke it into the near post, but Hennessey is alive to the danger. 

20:12 (IST)30 SEP 2017

42' ...CHANCE! Rashford, he of that brilliant right foot, sends in a superb ball that Smalling heads wide of goal from six yards. The Englishman is kicking himself for missing that one

20:11 (IST)30 SEP 2017

41' Rashford plays a quick one-two with Lukaku and charges into the box where he tries to find Mkhitaryan but Delaney gets in the way. He then harries and hassles Townsend into giving away a corner...  

20:10 (IST)30 SEP 2017

38' OH MY WORD. Juan Mata is such a sumptuous footballer. Jones was forced to hack a clearance high under pressure from Sako and the little Spaniard killed it dead with a touch of that velvet left boot of his. WOOF. 

20:09 (IST)30 SEP 2017

38' United race forward once again and some slick passing leads to Lukaku backheeling the path just off Mata's path

20:08 (IST)30 SEP 2017

37' Palace are, that last goal-conceded notwithstanding, playing so much better than they did in the opening twenty minutes. They ping the ball around purposefully at the edge ot the United box but Valencia is quite simply too powerful for Schlupp. 

20:06 (IST)30 SEP 2017

Young has been poor defensively but his crossing is what's gotten him into this team. He takes on Ward and swings a delicious ball into the box where Fellaini is waiting to turn it in. The big Belgian is on FIRE!

20:05 (IST)30 SEP 2017


20:04 (IST)30 SEP 2017

34' United are being dangerously lax here and Cabaye finds, even more, freedom down United's vacant left-hand flank to swing in a cross to the far post that has Valencia jittery - but the Ecuadorian deals with it well enough
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