Manchester United vs Huddersfield Town Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Man United 1-0 Huddersfield ( Lukaku 54', Sanchez 68')


22:24 (IST)3 FEB 2018



The most straightforward of wins for Jose Mourinho and his charges. Thank you for your company!

Anirudh Menon signing off...


22:23 (IST)3 FEB 2018

93' Nothing happens

22:21 (IST)3 FEB 2018

92' Matic pings a lovely pass to Sanchez - but Kongolo outmuscles him, and then to switch the tables, he wins a foul

22:21 (IST)3 FEB 2018

91' Why?

22:20 (IST)3 FEB 2018


22:19 (IST)3 FEB 2018

89' Valencia passes, Lossl gathers... this game is dying a peaceful death

22:18 (IST)3 FEB 2018

88' United move forward with menacing intent and Rashford's ball into the box finds Sanchez - inexplicably the Chilean delays his shot - and is crowded out easily as he seeks another chance

22:18 (IST)3 FEB 2018

87' Mooy moves forward and tries to pick out poor ol' Depoitre, but overhits the pass. De Gea looks like he'll keep a clean sheet  on his 300th appearance

22:16 (IST)3 FEB 2018

85' Rajiv van La Parra tries to maraud his way down the left, but Pogba and Shaw have his number and shepherd the ball out to safety

22:14 (IST)3 FEB 2018

83' Smith moves forward brilliantly but he gets his pocket picked by Pogba in the box, who then pulls off the most outrageous scooped pass to Sanchez to get away from trouble - and soon enough Rashford is on his scooter down the left... he lays it off to Martial, but Hogg does ever so well to nick it away from the Frenchman before he can get a shot away

22:13 (IST)3 FEB 2018

82' Rashford does well to track back and time a neat tackle on Terence Kongolo. Huddersfield are not giving this one up yet though 

22:11 (IST)3 FEB 2018

80' Rashford tries to send a sixty-yard crossfield to Martial but that's just not happening. 

22:10 (IST)3 FEB 2018

78' Sanchez gets absolutely clattered - once again - by Jorgensen... the Chilean keeps tempting defenders into tackles they really have no chance of making. 

22:09 (IST)3 FEB 2018

79' Some beautiful football from a free-flowing United here; Valencia dinks another neat cross at the end of it all but Zanka Jorgensen heads it away just ahead of Martial

22:07 (IST)3 FEB 2018

77' Sanchez is popping up all over the Old Trafford pitch and Huddersfield are all at sea - Lukaku is subbed for Martial as United prepare to take a corner

22:05 (IST)3 FEB 2018

76' Sanchez and Pogba exchange passes down the left, but the Terriers block the Frenchman's final pass. 

22:04 (IST)3 FEB 2018

75' Sanchez gets hacked at - again - by Mooy and another freekick for United. The Chilean's been assaulted today. 

22:04 (IST)3 FEB 2018

74' Anthony Martial is stripped down to his kit and ready... this could get painful for Huddersfield Town.

22:03 (IST)3 FEB 2018

73' Pogba does as Pogba does and dances past three people - before curling a tasty effort wide of Lossl's goal

22:02 (IST)3 FEB 2018

72' OW OW OW! Valencia swung in a superb cross after a lovely United move - but the ball fell at the Belgian's right foot, and he sends it deep into the Stretford End

22:00 (IST)3 FEB 2018

70' Another substitution as Juan Mata gets taken off to a standing ovation for Marcus Rashford

21:58 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Sanchez's initial penalty was superbly saved by Lossl - but the rebound dropped right back at the Chilean's feet and he isn't missing those!

21:58 (IST)3 FEB 2018


21:57 (IST)3 FEB 2018

67' PENALTY!!!! Sanchez brought down by Hefele - and that is a penalty!

21:56 (IST)3 FEB 2018

66' Hadergjonaj leads an interesting looking Huddersfield attack - but his cross is cleared easily. Sanchez sets Lukaku off on his scooter, but the Belgian is outmuscled by Jorgenson

21:55 (IST)3 FEB 2018

65' Mata takes the freekick but Huddersfield clear the initial attempt. Mata then picks out another great cross - but Lukaku gets under his header and it ends up in row Z

21:54 (IST)3 FEB 2018

64' Alexis Sanchez races at Hefele, cuts inside, and gets brought down by the German. He'll fancy this freekick as the Terriers defender gets a yellow. Mourinho makes his change as Pogba is brought on in place of Lingard

21:53 (IST)3 FEB 2018

63' Paul Pogba is ready to come on - but at the moment, Valencia tries to pick out Lukaku and fails as Hefele comes out well to intercept. 

21:51 (IST)3 FEB 2018

61' Hefele clears a ball straight to Sanchez, who immediately tries to find Lingard but the ball doesn't stick to the Englishman's boots. Mata then pickpockets Mooy and United start passing it around with that same easy comfort 

21:50 (IST)3 FEB 2018

59' Appears to be an injury that for Schindler - he trudges down the touchline and into the tunnel. 

21:49 (IST)3 FEB 2018

58' Huddersfield make a change as Schindler goes off for the colourful Hefele

21:48 (IST)3 FEB 2018

57' Huddersfield move forward now - what choice do they have - but after good work from Smith and Depoitre, the move fizzles out. The same happens at the other end as Mata's ball is shepherded out by Kongolo ahead of Lukaku

21:45 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The initial ball from Sanchez was to Shaw - whose ball was behind Lukaku, but the ball came roaring back and Matic poked a ball out to Mata... who found Lukaku with an impeccable cross. The Belgian made no mistake from five yards as he stroked it in first time!

21:44 (IST)3 FEB 2018


21:44 (IST)3 FEB 2018

53' Huddersfield are throwing themselves at the ball, at players, at everything. Valencia curls a lovely ball into the box after Sanchez is clattered again (and Atwell waves United's protests again) but Huddersfield's clearance doesn't leave their half. Sanchez gets himself on the ball again and.... OH WAIT A MINUTE!

21:41 (IST)3 FEB 2018

52' He dinks it in search of Lukaku - but it's a hopeless pass, and the Terriers clear with ridiculous ease

21:41 (IST)3 FEB 2018

51' Sanchez is fouled - for the millionth time - this time by Hogg and he once again stands over it. 

21:40 (IST)3 FEB 2018

49' The ball flicks McTominay's hair on it's way onto the opposite flank and Huddersfield clear - only for Depoitre to then foul McTominay

21:39 (IST)3 FEB 2018

48' Smith then takes Sanchez out - that's a yellow - the Chilean takes the freekick and it causes a measure of confusion in the box, which then leads to a corner

21:38 (IST)3 FEB 2018

47' OH LORD!!!! Alexis and Sanchez exchange passes inside the box - and the CHILEAN GETS A SHOT AWAY! TOMMY SMITH throws himself at it and blocks it brilliantly. 

21:36 (IST)3 FEB 2018

46' 10 men in blue and white are in their own half as United continue their patient passing routine

21:35 (IST)3 FEB 2018


21:18 (IST)3 FEB 2018



The only way is up

21:18 (IST)3 FEB 2018

47' Second minute of two minutes extra time - Sanchez smashes into Hadergjonaj; and that's a yellow for the frustrated Chilean

21:17 (IST)3 FEB 2018

45' Mass confusion reigns, but United counter at pace - till Alexis is once again dispossessed by Mooy. Superb tackling from the Australian there

21:16 (IST)3 FEB 2018

44' Sanchez is being bundled to the ground with alarming frequency. More alarmingly still those dispossessions are leading to Huddersfield counters... this one is excellent, the Terriers win a corner. 

21:14 (IST)3 FEB 2018

43' Alexis is tackled by Mooy and Huddersfield move forward with intent - till Van La Parra plays it harmlessly to Smalling

21:13 (IST)3 FEB 2018

42' Alexis and Lingard combine to play in Lukaku, but the Belgian's a bit too much on his heels - and the ball's just a tad overhit - and Lossl collects it with ease

21:11 (IST)3 FEB 2018

41' AIY! Sanchez tries to play in Valencia down the right, but it has way too much oomph for the Ecuadorian. 

21:11 (IST)3 FEB 2018

40' Sanchez plays a lovely ball to the far post - where Smalling lifts a difficult finish at Lossl, but the linesman's flag has already been raised. 
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