Manchester United vs Leicester City Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18 MUN vs LEI

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Man United 2-0 Leicester (Rashford 70', Fellaini 82)


23:54 (IST)26 AUG 2017


United exhibited outstanding patience and perseverance to keep at it, and finally broke a doughty Leicester City down. Once again, Mourinho's substitutions made all the difference; this time it was Rashford and Fellaini...

Three games played. Ten Goals scored. None Conceded - United are in fine fettle, but the trick will be to keep the momentum up after coming back from the international break

That's it from me, Anirudh Menon signing out... 


23:52 (IST)26 AUG 2017

95' United play the corner short, and the ref's seen enough

23:52 (IST)26 AUG 2017

94' OH HO HO! LUKAKU! He's desperate for a goal today, and he runs onto a lovely little Pogba ball before smashing a ball at the net that Morgan deflects just above the bar. 

23:51 (IST)26 AUG 2017

93' SAVE! Superb football from Leicester sees Gray whip a ball into the feet of King - who has the freedom of Old Trafford to steer a ball in - but De Gea pulls of one of those brilliant saves with his leg

23:50 (IST)26 AUG 2017

92' The players ping the ball about in the academic way - Old Trafford urges their team on and Pogba obliges by powering through the centre of the park, but his ball into Lukaku is a hopeful one. 

23:47 (IST)26 AUG 2017


23:47 (IST)26 AUG 2017

90' De Gea makes a hash of it, but the defence in front of him is on their toes and they hack it clear

23:46 (IST)26 AUG 2017

89' Pogba tries a clever routine, but Fuchs reads it well and heads out ahead of Lukaku..., Leicester counter through Gray, and it's a corner for the Foxes.

23:45 (IST)26 AUG 2017

88' OOOO Interesting ball into the box from Fuchs after Gray tees him up, but the excellent Jones smashes his header clear. Rashford then slips past Simpson with absurd ease... as he races into the box, Matty James slides into him and that's a yellow. 

23:44 (IST)26 AUG 2017

87' The corner, though, suffers from a distinct lack of swagger - in that, it was utter rubbish. United recover the ball soon enough though and they go pass-pass-pass

23:43 (IST)26 AUG 2017

86' Corner for United... the Red Devils are turning on the swagger now - just as they did in their opening two games. 

23:42 (IST)26 AUG 2017

84' Matic gallops into the box on those lanky legs of his as Blind slips him in - but he's seen off by Harry Maguire, who's had rather good game truth be told. 

23:40 (IST)26 AUG 2017

UFF! Again, space at the back as Leicester go in search of an equaliser - Lingard slips in behind the blue wall before smashing a cross/shot that ricochets off Fellaini's thigh and into the goal. 

So, not a boot. But no matter, the big Belgian has his name on the score sheet. 

23:38 (IST)26 AUG 2017


23:37 (IST)26 AUG 2017

80' OOOOOO Valencia slips in an innocuous little ball into the box, and both Morgan and Schmeichel have to have their wits about them to prevent Rashford from stealing in onto the ball.

23:36 (IST)26 AUG 2017

79'  Mahrez delivers a freekick into the United third, and Bailly and Lingard scramble it clear... but it's only as far as Demarai Gray - who runs off Fellaini and attempts a shot at goal before shooting wildly astray

23:35 (IST)26 AUG 2017

77' A similarly excellent header from Jones sees of Islam Slimani as the Algerian tried to ghost in behind and latch onto a Ndidi cross. 

23:34 (IST)26 AUG 2017

77' Rashford tries to find Lukaku with an early whipped cross, but Maguire does superbly to read the ball and head it away from danger

23:33 (IST)26 AUG 2017

76' Anthony Martial is taken off to a standing ovation and a rousing rendition of "50 mill, down the drain... Tony Martial, scores again" and local boy Jesse Lingard is brought on. Strangely, in turn, Islam Slimani gets thrown on for Jamie Vardy by Craig Shakespeare

23:32 (IST)26 AUG 2017

75' OH LUKAKU! OH LUKAKU! The big Belgian has Wes Morgan backpedalling furiously as he runs straight at him, but from the edge of the box he lashes a wild shot all the way back to Goodison Park

23:31 (IST)26 AUG 2017

74' Substitution for United as Marouane Fellaini is brought on for added steel in the place of a Henrik Mkhitaryan who tried hard, but wasn't too effective today

23:30 (IST)26 AUG 2017

72; Demarai Gray tries to replicate his wonder goal from last season - against this very opposition - but scuffs it into the ground and the ball lops on harmlessly into the hands of David De Gea. 

23:29 (IST)26 AUG 2017

71' Leicester, though, have looked better in attack in the past ten minutes or so - and they stream forward. This, though, leaves them vulnerable on the counter and Rashford is prevented from slipping into the box by a superb Ndidi challenge. 

23:28 (IST)26 AUG 2017

It had to be him, didn't it? He stays still as everyone mills about in the box - and the ball falls at his feet... in space and eight odd yards out, the young man makes no mistake as he smashes it beyond a despairing Schmeichel dive

23:27 (IST)26 AUG 2017


23:27 (IST)26 AUG 2017

70' Lovely, lovely football from Pogba and Rashford releases the latter into the box, but its just a corner...

23:26 (IST)26 AUG 2017

69' Lukaku finally wins a header against Morgan and Maguire - but his lay off is into emptiness and Fuchs hacks it hastily clear. 

23:25 (IST)26 AUG 2017

68' A superb Vardy challenge dispossess Martial just as the jet-skied Frenchman looked set to careen into the box. 

23:24 (IST)26 AUG 2017

67' Mourinho hooks the unfortunate Juan Mata, who had been stellar in the first half but had dropped off in this one, and throws on the sheer pace and raw talent of Marcus Rashford. 

23:24 (IST)26 AUG 2017

66' OHOHOHO! Vardy twists Blind's blood and leaves his gasping for air as he cuts on on his right foot - before lashing a tantalising ball that somehow escapes everyone! Why did Vardy not take a gamble on that!

23:23 (IST)26 AUG 2017

65' Blind pings one into Lukaku, but Harry Maguire plows through the Belgian to win back the ball. Those two have had a mighty tussle today, and till now it's the Englishman who's come up on top. 

23:21 (IST)26 AUG 2017

64' UFF! Leicester City counter at supreme pace again - Gray plays in Mahrez into the six yard box but Jones reads him like he's... erm, Shakespeare... and the Englishman sees off the danger. 

23:20 (IST)26 AUG 2017

63' Martial tries to nutmeg Morgan inside the box - if he had, he'd have been 1 v 1 vs the keeper - but the Leicester captain holds strong. As his old, beloved, Nottingham Forest fans used to sing - Nothing gets past Wes Morgan!

23:19 (IST)26 AUG 2017

62' It's whipped in at pace by Martial, but once again that Goliath - Wes Morgan - is on hand to head it away. Mourinho must be thinking changes by now. If nothing, to freshen things up and introduce a degree of change to the challenge that Leicester have stared down all day

23:18 (IST)26 AUG 2017

61' Another pacy United counter, another chance for Martial to square up Simpson, another corner for the home side. 

23:17 (IST)26 AUG 2017

59' WOAHOHO! Mahrez does tremendously well to turn Jones inside out and run into the box - but the Defender does even  better to recover and and put the Algerian off - he shanks the chance into touch. Shakespeare uses the break to bring on Demarai Gray and Andy King for Marc Albrighton and Shinji Okazaki

23:16 (IST)26 AUG 2017

58' Silky, silky feet from Martial and Mata lead to Mkhitaryan running into a rare patch of space inside the Leicester box, but inexplicably, the Armenian tries a fancy trick and the ball rolls out of danger. 

23:15 (IST)26 AUG 2017

57' Blind puts in another useful looking ball that Pogba gets his noggin' to, but Simpson steals in ahead of Mata as he looked for the ball to drop down. 

23:14 (IST)26 AUG 2017

56' ... which is cleared well enough by Leicester. The Foxes counter - in numbers, for once - and Mahrez does magnificently to nutmeg Blind and get past the Dutchman - his cross/shot, though is punched away by De Gea and United take control of the ball again. 

23:13 (IST)26 AUG 2017

55' The ball into the box is cleared away easily enough, and United have back possession of the ball - Lukaku still looks like he's furious with himself, but he's got to put it behind him. Martial races at Simpson and harasses him into giving away a corner...

23:12 (IST)26 AUG 2017

54' Mkhitaryan swings in a useful looking ball but Morgan heads it away from just in front of Pogba... United increase the pressure, but Pogba is  pickpocketed by the ever-useful Shinji Okazaki - and Mkhitaryan goes into the book for pulling back Mahrez as the Algerian hopped onto his scooter

23:10 (IST)26 AUG 2017

53' PENALTY SAVED!!! WHAT A SAVE SCHMEICHEL!!! Lukaku smashes an okay penalty too close to the Dane and he flies to the right to make an outstanding save. How are United not leading in this match!

23:09 (IST)26 AUG 2017

52' PENALTY!!!!! Simpson gets penalised for putting his hand in the way of a Martial cross. As clear a handball as any you'll see this weekend

23:08 (IST)26 AUG 2017

50' Shouts of "penalty" resonate out of Stretford End as Lukaku cleverly turns Maguire in an attempt to run onto a Martial ball and falls in the process, but the big man himself wasn't asking for one - and that's enough for Michael Oliver to wave play on. 

23:07 (IST)26 AUG 2017

49' Pogba attempts one from the other flank,the right, but it's cut off before it reaches Lukaku. Bailly recovers the ball almost immediately, though, and United move purposefully fo'ard once again...

23:06 (IST)26 AUG 2017

48' Manchester United continue their slow strangulation of Leicester and Mata attempts a cross in that is blocked off by Morgan. Lukaku salvages the situation though and United attack again...

23:04 (IST)26 AUG 2017

46' United start off a touch calmer as they pass the ball around - hoping to stretch out a tight, tight, Leicester defence. Blind sweeps in behind Simpson with a lovely little one-two with Martial before curling a ball in. Inexplicably, Lukaku lays it off instead of holding it, turning, and shooting - and his lay off is off the mark!!

23:02 (IST)26 AUG 2017

PEEP! We're off again!

22:49 (IST)26 AUG 2017

PEEP! PEEP! HALFTIME! Manchester United 0 (somehow) - 0 Leicester

Despite the incessant, almost painful, pressure Manchester United have exerted on the Leicester City goal, neither the Blues' defence, nor their keeper have been in any mood to relent. There's been plenty of meaty challenges, a controversially overruled goal, and some sublime, sublime skill on show from the likes of Pogba and Mata especially.

Leicester have their doggedness - and their keeper - to thank for not being a bucket of goals down already. It's been an absolutely fascinating first 45.

 Here's hoping for more of the same in the next bit!   

22:46 (IST)26 AUG 2017

45' Vardy is almoooost released again by yet another early ball, but De Gea chests it just outside his area, and makes sure the Foxes don't steal into the lead. 
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