Manchester United vs Swansea City Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Manchester United 2 - 0 Swansea (Lukaku 5', Sanchez 20')


21:21 (IST)31 MAR 2018



United were very impressive in the first half, professional in the second - and they had David De Gea in goal - and that's a well deserved 3 points as they reclaim 2nd from Liverpool. 

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21:20 (IST)31 MAR 2018

92' Abraham tries to finagle his way past Smalling, but the Englishman sees it out for a corner. Which comes to nothing. Carlvahal and Mourinho exchange words of wisdom and  hugs on the touchline

21:18 (IST)31 MAR 2018

91' The corner comes to nothing, and Mourinho allows a rousing ovation for Juan Mata as he takes him for young Scott McTominay

21:18 (IST)31 MAR 2018

90' Nobody's told Rashford, though. Pogba steams forward and plays in Rashford - who clips it over a sliding van der Hoorn and almooost takes it around a flailing Fernandez and wins the corner. Two minutes to be added on. 

21:17 (IST)31 MAR 2018

89' Swansea and United are now just going through the motions. 

21:16 (IST)31 MAR 2018

88' Herrera invites Valencia to chase with an inviting ball in behind Olsson, but Fernandez reads it well and turns it away for a throw

21:15 (IST)31 MAR 2018

87' United are stroking it around with ease now, this has been a good afternoon for the men in red. 

21:13 (IST)31 MAR 2018

86' Olsson sweeps an interesting looking ball deep into the United area - where Rashford's present to sweep it clear

21:11 (IST)31 MAR 2018

83' A couple of sloppy passes creep into United's game and Mourinho's immediately out snapping at his lads. Tolerates no nonsense does the "Special One"

21:10 (IST)31 MAR 2018

81' Ayew plays a neat little ball out to Olsson, who lays it off to Carroll. The Swansea man picks out Abraham with a lovely ball - and in acres of space, the young man woefully overhits an attempted ball to Ayew - who's made his way into the box 

21:08 (IST)31 MAR 2018

80' OH! HO! OH! HO! Pogba lifts an absolutely delicious ball into the far post where Lukaku chests it, handles it, and smashes the ball straight at Fabianski. The refs hadn't spotted the handball, so that goes down as a missed chance

21:06 (IST)31 MAR 2018

79' They do not succeed in their endeavour as Matic intercepts and says enough is enough. Ayew then steams into Pogba and takes his shoe off. Literally

21:05 (IST)31 MAR 2018

78' Herrera's all bite and snarl and tackle... he smashes into Naughton and Swansea will take the opportunity to play it out from the back. 

21:04 (IST)31 MAR 2018

77' Pogba looks to zip one into Rashford's feet but woefully overhits it

21:04 (IST)31 MAR 2018

76' Herrera's back and he's already sliding around. What a hero that Basque is. 

21:03 (IST)31 MAR 2018

74' Mata wins a freekick and Sanchez pumps it in, but Smalling's offside. That's his last contribution as he gets taken off for Rashford and the ever-impressive Jesse Lingard is taken off for Ander Herrera. More freedom for Pogba, then. 

21:01 (IST)31 MAR 2018

73' Carroll and Pogba - rabbit and rhino - are at it again. it's really quite funny. Lingard ends up getting the ball and tries to slip it into Lukaku, but Fernandez holds his ground

21:00 (IST)31 MAR 2018

72' OH, HO! Olsson skips past three challenges as he runs onto a delightful through ball from Abraham, but Lindelof blocks it. The ball bounces out and Abraham has a pop, Lindelof blocks it again. Swansea, though, have been given a boost and romp forward again - Abraham shoots at goal, but De Gea catches it as if it;s the most routine thing in the world. 

20:58 (IST)31 MAR 2018

71' OH! Sanchez intercepts a King ball, plays it out to Lingard - who looks to return the favour but Fernandez reads it superbly

20:57 (IST)31 MAR 2018

70' Carroll tries to ping a ball out to Olsson as Swansea push their wingbacks higher, way higher, up the field - but it's just got too much oomph on it. 

20:57 (IST)31 MAR 2018

69' Victor 'Beckenbauer' Lindelof romps forward, charges straight, and tries to play in Sanchez, but the pass has little of the confidence the run had and van der Hoorn hacks it clear

20:55 (IST)31 MAR 2018

68' Tom Carroll looks to outmuscle Paul Pogba. It's like a rabbit trying to push away a rhino, funny, cute, and entirely ineffective 

20:54 (IST)31 MAR 2018

66' Swansea are finally playing some good football of their own - Tom Carroll at the heart of it all - but Alfie Mawson kills this particular move by hoicking it uselessly at De Gea 

20:53 (IST)31 MAR 2018

65' Swansea come back, though, and they win a corner off Valencia... the ball's deep and Van Der Hoorn's header back into the box is headed out by Young - but the Dutchman recovers. He, though, runs it out of play under pressure from Matic

20:52 (IST)31 MAR 2018

64' Swansea immediately look to release Ayew in behind the United backline - but Lindelof beats him in a straight foot race

20:51 (IST)31 MAR 2018

63' OH! Some superb passing from United sees Mata, Matic, Sanchez, Lukaku, and Pogba one-touch their way into the Swansea box... but Pogba's final ball into Lingard is well read by Fernandez

20:50 (IST)31 MAR 2018

61' The commentators on Star cry "where has this Swansea been all day" - couldn't agree more. United, though, are also guilty of a touch of complacency

20:49 (IST)31 MAR 2018

60' From the corner, Swansea give it away as Mawson gets penalised for a foul. Young, though, gives it away... Carroll does ever so well to lift a lovely pass into the box; where Olsson pushes Valencia to get to the ball and smack it into the net... the ref's not letting the Swede get away with that

20:48 (IST)31 MAR 2018

59' OH MY DE GEA! OH. MY. WHAT A BLOODY GENIUS THAT MAN IS! A hopeless clearance from him allowed Carroll to play a ball into Abraham who whipped a superb shot at goal that De Gea somehow clawed away. with his right hand.. the reactions are incredible... before Abraham gets another pop and De Gea pulls out another lovely save low down to his left. 

20:46 (IST)31 MAR 2018

58' Old Trafford is still recovering from that miss - United meanwhile, are calmly passing it between themselves at the back

20:45 (IST)31 MAR 2018

57' OH MY GOOD LORD! What an absolutely impeccable ball that is from Paul Pogba. With his left foot, he lifts the best ball he possibly could into the feet of Mata who spins and volleys it into row Z from 2 and a half yards out. The Spaniard really ought to have scored that. 

20:44 (IST)31 MAR 2018

56' Routledge chases a long ball into the box, and under pressure Young does well to hoick it upfield and away from danger... at the other end Sanchez draws yet another freekick, this time off Naughton. 

20:43 (IST)31 MAR 2018

55' OH! OH! OH! Pogba, Valencia and Pogba keep the ball between themselves for a while before Mata picks out a curler into the box. Lukaku easily wins it - and he cushions it to Sanchez, who's not expecting it and ends up pushing his header over the bar. 

20:42 (IST)31 MAR 2018

54' Pogba's enjoying his football today - and when he's having fun, we're having fun. He lays off a lazy, lovely, ball to Sanchez who picks out Lukaku via the head of Alfie Mawson... Lukaku tries to play in Lingard but Fernandez is first to it. United keep the ball... 

20:41 (IST)31 MAR 2018

52' Clucas looks like he's in severe pain - and requires medical attention again. Having made two changes already, Carvalhal is forced into a third seven minutes into the second half as Wayne Routledge strips down to replace Clucas - who's limping down the tunnel. 

20:39 (IST)31 MAR 2018

51' Lukaku does ever so well to hold up play, hold off Mawson and play it back to Pogba. The Frenchman starts off a move that goes from one side to the other before he himself kills it with a useless backheel. Swansea, though, still have no out-ball and immediately end up losing it

20:36 (IST)31 MAR 2018

49' OOO LUKAKU! He glides past a couple of players before looking to leather it - but Tom Carroll does ever so well to keep track of him and rob him off his toes. 

20:35 (IST)31 MAR 2018

48' Sanchez gets upended, Mata takes a clever freekick and Fernandez needs to be on his toes to head it off the forehead of Smalling. 

20:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

46' Ki and Dyer have gone off by the by, as Carvalhal looks to avoid a fourth defeat of his tenure with the Swans. 

20:33 (IST)31 MAR 2018


20:33 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Double change for Swansea as Tom Carroll and Tammy Abraham jog on for... I'll tell you who exactly in a minute

20:31 (IST)31 MAR 2018

20:18 (IST)31 MAR 2018



Alexis Sanchez has scored, Lukaku's smacked in his 100th... life, right now, is pretty good for the average United sympathiser. Carvalhal, though, needs to move his entire unit a good ten-fifteen yards up the pitch if they are to have a prayer

20:17 (IST)31 MAR 2018

47' Dyer looks to push and run behind Valencia. Haha. Aiyyo. 

20:17 (IST)31 MAR 2018

46' Sanchez and Pogba play a delightful series of one-twos that ends with Pogba being upended at the edge of the box. The ref waves play on as Lingard runs onto it, but he can only win a corner. Which comes to naught. 

20:15 (IST)31 MAR 2018

45' Pogba has a smack from 30 yards - why not - but Fernandez stops it by throwing himself at it... Mata looks to put it back into the box, but Mawson heads it away. There'll be two minutes of time added on

20:14 (IST)31 MAR 2018

44' OH! Pogba splits Young and Sanchez with an ambitious long ball that does not impress Jose Mourinho in the least as it runs out of play

20:13 (IST)31 MAR 2018

43' OOOO! Lovely, lovely, ball in from Kyle Naughton down the right and Valencia does superbly to rise high and guide a header just ahead of a waiting Andre Ayew. 

20:12 (IST)31 MAR 2018

41' OH GOAL! OH, NO OFFSIDE! Sanchez eschews the safe pass to Pogba, picks out Lukaku with a chip who in turn squares it to Lingard - who slides it in... but Lukaku's a mile and a half offside

20:11 (IST)31 MAR 2018

40' OH ALEXIS!!!! Lukaku floats in a lovely teaser that looks to be too deep, but Young keeps it in and his header finds Sanchez - who swipes at thin air. 
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