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Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur Live Score and Commentary, FA Cup Semifinal 2017-18

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 21, 2018 23:42 IST

Man United 2 - 1 Tottenham (Sanchez 24', Herrera 62' ; Alli 10')


23:42 (IST)21 APR 2018

and so he does...


That was a stunning game of football, and a richly deserved win for Jose Mourinho and his Manchester United team. 29th major domestic final for United - the most any English side has gotten to - and Wembley's still buzzing. 

That's all for me... Anirudh Menon signing off, thank you for reading!


23:40 (IST)21 APR 2018

97' Vorm hoicks it forwad, Fellaini wins the header.. Eriksen then chips the ball put of play. Jose Mourinho is FURIOUS with the ref for not blowing the whistle

23:39 (IST)21 APR 2018

96' Added time on added time now

23:39 (IST)21 APR 2018

95' Sanchez off, Fellaini on as De Gea prepares to take a goalkick. The Chilean gets a roaring, standing, ovation from the Reds. 

23:38 (IST)21 APR 2018

94' Wanyama smacks the ball into a crowd of players, Smalling gets it to Pogba - who hoicks it brilliantly forward for Lukaku... but Vorm does ever so well to charge forward and get to it ahead of the Belgian

23:37 (IST)21 APR 2018

93' Sanchez wins a throw in, and United take 30 seconds to even get ready to throw it in. 

23:37 (IST)21 APR 2018

92' OH RASHFORD! The Englishman is played one-on-two with Dier and Vorm after superb, superb hold-up play and pass from Lukaku... but Dier does well to keep up with him, and slide in front of him to stop the youngsters shot. Unusually hesitant from Rashford and that was a golden chance to kill the game

23:35 (IST)21 APR 2018

91' Vertonghen lifts a teasing ball into the box where Jones is on hand to smack it clear with that  big noggin' of his

23:34 (IST)21 APR 2018

90' Lamela lifts one into the box - where Davinson Sanchez is, don't ask me why, and he can only lift it into De Gea's arms. There's five minutes of stoppage time

23:32 (IST)21 APR 2018

89' Lamela pings it in, Wanyama looks at Young like he would a armchair, sits on him, and pumps it into row Z!

23:31 (IST)21 APR 2018

88' United have parked themselves at the edge of the box... Spurs look to play around him, and Sanchez takes Vertonghen down on the left. Lamela will look to lift one in. 

23:30 (IST)21 APR 2018

87' Pochettino takes off Son for Lamela.  Lucas Moura, who's weirdly playing through the middle, has a pop from forty yards - and it's nestling in row Z now

23:29 (IST)21 APR 2018

86' Anthony Taylor gives Marcus Rashford a yellow for avoiding a Davinson tackle... he sees it as a dive; THE YOUNG MAN DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR A FOUL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

23:28 (IST)21 APR 2018

85' The corner flashes across the box where Rashford keeps it for a bit, but is bullied off it by a combination of Trippier and Son

23:27 (IST)21 APR 2018

84' The tireless Sanchez charges down the right flank and wins a corner off Vertonghen. 

23:26 (IST)21 APR 2018

82' Another sub for United - no Wembley goal this time for Lingard as he takes him off for Marcus Rashford. 

23:25 (IST)21 APR 2018

81' Herrera plays Lingard down the line with a lovely ball... the Englishman then does superbly to win a foul off Dier. 

23:23 (IST)21 APR 2018

80' The captain limps off now to be replaced by Matteo Darmian - handing the band to Young.

23:22 (IST)21 APR 2018

79' OH! Valencia's gone down - that tackle with Alli took more out of him than we'd have thought! 

23:22 (IST)21 APR 2018

78' They take a short freekick... which Dier sends into orbit. 

23:21 (IST)21 APR 2018

76' United are sitting deeper and deeper now, and that's a risk... after intricate play around the United box, Son lifts it into the box where Kane is just beaten to it by Valencia. Spurs come roaring back... and Alli wins a foul off Valencia. Pochettino takes off the insipid Dembele for Victor Wanyama

23:19 (IST)21 APR 2018

75' Smalling sends an interesting looking header just high!

23:19 (IST)21 APR 2018

74' Jones steps into to reads lazily and stomps out with the ball. He plays it to Pogba, who sends Dembele to fetch a pail of water... before motoring forward. After a bit of playing it around a bit, Pogba has a pop which Vorm turns away for a corner. 

23:17 (IST)21 APR 2018

73' WOOF! Eriksen has a pop at goal, and it whistles so close to De Gea's left hand post that it knocks out his water bottles

23:16 (IST)21 APR 2018

72' UFF! This United on the counter! Pogba plays in Lukaku with a gorgeous ball that beseeches Lukaku to put in an extra burst of pace. The Belgian obliges, runs onto it, and smashes it straight at Vorm. 

23:15 (IST)21 APR 2018

71' Yellow for Ashley Young for time wasting as he dawdles over taking a freekick deep in his own half - United then throw it away by kicking the ball out for a goalkick. 

23:14 (IST)21 APR 2018

70' FORMATION UPDATE! Looks like it's still 4 at the back, with Dier slipping in to centre-back with Vertonghen at left-back

23:13 (IST)21 APR 2018

69' Sanchez is dragged back, for the 9854th time, and United are furious by this cyclical fouling of their no. 7; Dembele with an arm across the Chilean's face this time. 

23:11 (IST)21 APR 2018

68' Pochettino is shuffling it up now as he throws on Lucas Moura for Ben Davies... looks like he's shifting to three at he back. 

23:10 (IST)21 APR 2018

67' Alexis does so well to charge back and win the ball off Dembele, but Eriksen does equally well to win it back off Lingard... he then moves forward and looks to slip in Kane... but Herrera gets to it with a superb, superb slide. Box to box, indeed!  

23:08 (IST)21 APR 2018

64' OH LUKAKU! Pogba releases the Belgian with a peach of a ball with his left - the big man takes it under control and squares up Vertonghen before trying to catch out Vorm at the near post... but he drags his shot wide off the frame of the goal

23:07 (IST)21 APR 2018

WHAT A COUNTER! WOOF! The ball's hoicked forward where Lukaku bullies the ball into Sanchez's path... the Chilean wins the ball off Vertonghen in a fifty-fifty and he plays it back to the Belgian. His first touch is rubbish but straight at Lingard. The Englishman does brilliantly to notice Herrera's run and leave it for him. The Basque arrives at a rate of knots and absolutely leathers it in! Did I say WOOF!

23:05 (IST)21 APR 2018


23:05 (IST)21 APR 2018

61' Eriksen looks to slip down the Spurs right again - but this time Pogba reads the Dane's run and follows him all the way through. Mourinho's bursting with pride isn't he?

23:04 (IST)21 APR 2018

60' Herrera nags Dembele all the way back to the edge of his own box; and the ref has had enough with this. Foul for Spurs and they'll look to build from the back again

23:03 (IST)21 APR 2018

59' Sanchez's delivery is ridiculously poor.

23:03 (IST)21 APR 2018

58' The corner comes to nothing, United counter through Pogba... who gallops forward with that absurdly languid stride of his - and wins a freekick off Vertonghen!

23:02 (IST)21 APR 2018

57' OH KANE! He gets played in by his mate Alli, takes a touch, squares up Smalling and smacks it at goal but the much maligned United man does superbly to get his considerable frame in the way and it bounces out for a corner

23:01 (IST)21 APR 2018

56' OH ERIKSEN! Again, he drifts behind Young with absurd ease - and whips in a lovely ball that misses Alli by this much!

23:00 (IST)21 APR 2018

55' Herrera explores the vastness of the United right flank, jogs all the way to the corner flag and cuts it back in - Lingard lashes it toward the six-yard box first time where Davinson is alert enough to hoick it clear. Spurs almost counter through Alli but Jones brilliantly cuts in in front of him and smashes the ball out of play

22:58 (IST)21 APR 2018

54' Young gets caught out again by a simple ball down the line, but Jones is alert to Eriksen's cut back this time. Lukaku then tries to push United forward by sheer force of - well, force - by Dier stops his charge with a superbly timed tackle

22:57 (IST)21 APR 2018

53' OH MY! Vertonghen pushes Lingard in the back - inside the six-yard box as the Mancunian tries to get himself at the end of a Sanchez chip in - but Taylor waves play and declines the option of going back to VAR to check it out

22:56 (IST)21 APR 2018

52' Young's who has had arguably the worst afternoon of all those in red, plays a ball straight back to Trippier; but the Englishman's ball into the box is well intercepted by Jones

22:54 (IST)21 APR 2018

51' Sanchez lifts it into the box... but Lukaku gets penalised for a push of some sort on his marker and that's that for that bit of play

22:54 (IST)21 APR 2018

50' Lingard, geed up by that, romps forward, runs a semicircle around the Spurs third and wins a cheap foul off Vertonghen

22:53 (IST)21 APR 2018

49' Dele Alli gets a mention in the ref's naughty book as he steps on Lingard's heel. Ugly, that, and a deserved yellow

22:52 (IST)21 APR 2018

48' After some concentrated Spurs pressure, Young looks to put Pogba clear on the charge but his ball out of the back is rubbish. 

22:51 (IST)21 APR 2018

47' OH! Trippier tries a header back to his goalie - it's woeful, and Sanchez latches on to it, but loses footing just as he looks to charge clear of the Spurs man and into the box

22:49 (IST)21 APR 2018

46' ... and immediately give up possession as Kane gets caught offside

22:49 (IST)21 APR 2018

PEEP! WE ARE OFF AGAIN! Spurs kick off...
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