Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18 (MUN vs TOT)

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Man United 1-0 Tottenham (Martial 82')


18:55 (IST)28 OCT 2017



A proper ol' route-one goal from Martial, knocked down a Lukaku header off a De Gea goalkick sees United steer clear of Spurs at second place and continue to remain in touching distance from Manchester City. 

That's all for me, thanks for reading... Anirudh Menon signing out.


18:52 (IST)28 OCT 2017

92' Young smashes into a superb tackle that stops another Spurs attack before he's substituted for Matteo Darmian. The Englishman has been excellent today. 

18:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

91' Three minutes added on, Alderweireld attempts a cross, but it's hopeless and Jones punts it clear. 

18:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017


18:49 (IST)28 OCT 2017

89' Lukaku tries to play in Lingard but Vertonghen stands in his way before the away side move forward and press forward

18:46 (IST)28 OCT 2017

86' Alderweireld and Lukaku tussle once again in the middle - and the earth trembles as the two titans duke it out - United are taking any bit of pace out of the game now. 

18:45 (IST)28 OCT 2017

84' Spurs press higher and higher up the pitch before Aurier sends in a cross that flies over everyone in red, and white. 

18:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

83' Alli leans into Bailly - in slow motion - and the ref tells him that simply is not allowed. 

18:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

OOO LA LA LA LA! Lukaku heads on a De Gea ball brilliantly into Martial's path and the Frenchman races past Dier and steers it into the corner

18:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017


18:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

81' Dier does a sublime give and go with Llorente before he passes it on to Winks who finds Aurier but the Ivorian is offside. 

18:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

79' OH GOOD LORD! WHAT A HEADER! Lingard skips past Dembele before crossing it into the box and Lukaku hammers a superb header onto post

18:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

77' OH MY DAYS! OH. MY. DAYS! Christian Eriksen plays a supremely brilliant ball... that takes Smalling and De Gea out of the game but Alli - flying in five yards out toe-punts it out

18:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

75' Eriksen gets on to the ball at the edge of the box and smashes it into row Z

18:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

73' OH LUKAKU! He races into the box, flying past Alderweireld and smashes it at goal, Lloris clears acrobatically - United pile the pressure on and Dembele smashes into both Matic and Valencia inside the Spurs box, but the Ecuadorian gets a yellow for what the ref considers a dive

18:33 (IST)28 OCT 2017

72' AIY! A silly foul from Lingard on Eriksen takes the sting off United's attacking momentum and Llorente heads down the ball to Alli - only for Smalling to clear it

18:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

71' Young curls in a teasing cross that's just too high for Lukaku, Valencia recovers and plays it back in - where Martial tries a flying bicycle kick that connects, but rather poorly

18:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

70' The one guaranteed substitution of the day - Rashford off Martial on 

18:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

69' Dembele slide-tackles Herrera and get into his face for insinuating that he fouled the Spaniard... Rashford then tries to play in Lukaku but the ball curls away from Lukaku's toes

18:27 (IST)28 OCT 2017

68' Aurier tries to curl one into the path of Eriksen but all he manages to do is bounce the ball toward De Gea's arms

18:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

66' Dembele goes shoulder to shoulder with Smalling and the Englishman walks away with it before the Belgian's pride gets prickled and pulls him down. 

18:25 (IST)28 OCT 2017

65' Lingard on and Mkhitaryan off and the Englishman's first contribution is to force Dier into a hurried pass that foes out of play. 

18:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

64' United win a corner, Mkhitaryan's near post delivery is met by Llorente but the second one drops to Valencia who LEATHERS ONE JUST OVER THE BAR!

18:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

63' Spurs are pressing United back now, but Rashford starts a counter by skipping past Alderweireld and tries to play in Lukaku - but Vertonghen reads it and gets to it ahead of his compatriot

18:21 (IST)28 OCT 2017

61' Spurs mount their first serious attack of the half, but Jones heads it out - Pochettino then takes off Son for the formidable Fernando Llorente and Moussa Sissoko for Moussa Dembele

18:19 (IST)28 OCT 2017

60' Lukaku curls a lovely ball into the box after drifting out wide to the right, but Vertonghen heads it clear before it gets to Rashford

18:19 (IST)28 OCT 2017

59' Attempt one is headed out by Son at the near post, attempt two is horrible and it doesn't leave the floor. 

18:18 (IST)28 OCT 2017

58' Rashford now comes screaming at Dier and the defender does well to makes sure it's just a corner

18:17 (IST)28 OCT 2017

56' Mkhitaryan is at the centre of everything now and tries to find Young, but the ball's got a bit too much oomph for the Englishman

18:16 (IST)28 OCT 2017

55' Mkhitaryan then find Lukaku who's spectacular scissors kick smashes off Alderweireld's head... Valencia then larrumps one at Lloris but Ben Davies puts his body on the line and blocks the shot

18:15 (IST)28 OCT 2017

54' Mkhitaryan works out an inch of space inside the Spurs box where there ought to be none and his curler is parried away by Lloris into Rashford's feet - but Davies puts in a wondrous tackle-cum-clearance. Young then flies into the box and smashes one past the six-yard box that flicks Lloris' and toes and passes an inch past the waiting Lukaku's boots. 

18:13 (IST)28 OCT 2017

53' Eriksen tries a cross-cum-shot that ends up being neither and floats well outside De Gea's far post. Old Trafford breaks into their beloved Tony Martial song as the United get a bit bogged down

18:11 (IST)28 OCT 2017

51' OI! Lukaku bullies Aurier in the air and plays in Ashley Young who races into the box and plays it into the box where Lloris gathers rather comfortably., 

18:09 (IST)28 OCT 2017

50' Young tries to play in Lukaku behind Alderweireld but the Spurs defender does so very well to shepherd the ball away from his compatriot and out for a goal-kick. What a defender that man is

18:08 (IST)28 OCT 2017

48' Herrera and Rashford try to combine down the right but the Spaniard's ball is a touch too heavy. 

18:07 (IST)28 OCT 2017

47' Mkhitaryan's freekick - aimed at the far post for Lukaku - is pure filth

18:06 (IST)28 OCT 2017

46' Valencia drifts down the right (can anything that big actually 'drift'?) but his ball into the box is cut off... it comes back to him, though, and Davies obligingly gives away a cheap foul

18:04 (IST)28 OCT 2017


17:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017


A spirited first-half with plenty of endeavour and attacking purpose from both sides has lacked the one thing that we were all hoping for - quality. 

Let's hope for some in the second half

17:49 (IST)28 OCT 2017

46' Nothing vicious about the delivery, but United keep the ball and Rashford channels his inner Rory Delap and finds Matic inside the box who gets rugby tackled by Vertonghen but the ref waves play on

17:47 (IST)28 OCT 2017

45' Son and Herrera get together in the middle of the park and Rashford will look to swing in one of his vicious deliveries. One minute to be added on. 

17:46 (IST)28 OCT 2017

43' Alli dives, no other way to put it, next to Jones and naturally wins the freekick. Erikesn's ball is thumped clear and Young does superbly to win a freekick under extreme pressure from Aurier and Alli

17:44 (IST)28 OCT 2017

41' Spurs win a corner off Bailly, and as always create a flutter of panic int he United box, but an acrobatic Dier effort is straight at De Gea

17:43 (IST)28 OCT 2017

40' UFF! First, a smashing Smalling tackle stops Sissoko from countering into a promising position - before Lukaku hurries Lloris into a clearance that Rashford almost squeezes off Vertonghen

17:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

39' Valencia steams Alli with the kind of full-blooded challenge that has Old Trafford roaring in appreciation. 

17:41 (IST)28 OCT 2017

38' At the other end, Rashford smashes it into the box and Alderweireld can do naught but concede a corner. From which nothing happens

17:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

37' Mkhitaryan and Herrera start a counter and the Armenian looks to have been fouled by Winks, but the ref waves play on. Delle Alli wastest the opportunity by passing the ball back to De Gea

17:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

36' Vertonghen meanders past a lazy-looking Mkhitaryan before Bailly shoulder-charges him out of danger for a corner.... the corner is connected well by Alli, but his header smashes into a wall of players

17:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

35' Young sends in a fizzing cross off a throw-in but its straight at Alderweireld, United press high before Lukaku barges into Davies - who doesn't need an invitation to fall down

17:36 (IST)28 OCT 2017

34' OH! Young! Aurier and Young get in a foot-race and the Englishman does superbly to cut the faster man off and shepherd the ball back to De Gea
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