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Maria Sharapova vs Kristina Mladenovic Porsche Tennis Stuttgart 2017 Live Score Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 29, 2017 16:51 GMT

Wildcard Maria Sharapova plays Kristina Mladenovic for a spot at the finals of the Stuttgart Open.


16:51 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Final score: Mladenovic wins 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 in 2 hours 38 minutes

16:51 (GMT)29 APR 2017

And Mladenovic FINISHES IT OFF!! The World No. 19 comes back from a set and a break down to KNOCK OUT the three-time champion!

16:49 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Great volley by Mladenovic for Match Point!

16:48 (GMT)29 APR 2017

What a FABULOUS FOREHAND RETURN by Mladenovic to force a deuce on the Sharapova serve!

16:43 (GMT)29 APR 2017

A POOR service game from Mladenovic right when she was serving for the match keeps Sharapova alive! The former World No.1 will serve to make it 5-5. Nerves from the Frenchwoman?

16:39 (GMT)29 APR 2017

The Russian HOLDS to trail 3-5. Can she produce some of her famous fighting spirit here?

16:37 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova MISSES yet another inside-out forehand and it's DEUCE!

16:36 (GMT)29 APR 2017

And Sharapova is in BIG TROUBLE now! 30-30 on her serve with 2 points away from a defeat

16:33 (GMT)29 APR 2017

And Mladenovic CONVERTS! She leads 5-2. Does this signal the end of the Sharapova comeback at Stuttgart or does the three-time champion have something left in the tank to stretch this match further?

16:31 (GMT)29 APR 2017

But what mental fortitude from the Frenchwoman here! She saves ALL THREE break points to have a game point of her own. 

16:30 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova has upped her intensity on the return and has got rich dividends with 3 break point opportunities.

16:28 (GMT)29 APR 2017

And it's at BREAK POINT NUMBER 4 that Kristina Mladenovic finally capitalizes! A jubilant roar from the Frenchwoman indicates that she believes this one is in the bag. 

4-2 with the break to Kristina Mladenovic, who won the second 7-5. Something had to give!

16:24 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Mladenovic is looming in on that break! 

16:13 (GMT)29 APR 2017

It seems now as though both players aren't trying to outplay the other so much as wait for their rival to make errors. And right now, it's Mladenovic who sends one into the top of the net. 2-2 on serve in the decider.

16:09 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Quite the bouncy backhand from Kristina Mladenovic! It spins a bit, does the ball, and lands so close to the net Sharapova was never going to make that. Sublime shot.

16:04 (GMT)29 APR 2017

As predicted, the momentum has slowed somewhat. Some rudimentary errors from both players, but Mladenovic looking marginally better here in Stuttgart. 1-1.

16:00 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Service hold from Kiki Mladenovic to begin set 3. 1-0 to the Frenchwoman. Although there's a fight from both ends the momentum of the match has slowed significantly - but it's either's match still...

15:58 (GMT)29 APR 2017

15:52 (GMT)29 APR 2017

We're going to set No. 3! Mladenovic comes back and then some to take it 7-5. 

15:47 (GMT)29 APR 2017

That took long enough! And it's Kiki Mladenovic who leads 6-5 with a LONG, long, long hold of serve. Sharapova will want to serve this out and take it to tiebreak...

15:44 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Another chance to break, another wasted...and we're at deuce No. FIVE of this set. Hmmmm...

15:39 (GMT)29 APR 2017

This game has been quite the fight. Sharapova takes Mladenovic to break point. Then ad Mlad. And now we're back to deuce.

15:35 (GMT)29 APR 2017

And we'll go on for another couple of games at least! Sharapova holds on and we're at 5-5. No end in sight just yet...

15:29 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Maria Sharapova * 4  -  5 Kristina Mladenovic

15:29 (GMT)29 APR 2017

All looked a bit hit and miss there, and literally, with both players putting in some slides - someone's been practising their skiing!

Just joking... but this set is nowhere near as one-sided as the first. Mladenovic isn't having the most consistent time of it, but luckily for her, Sharapova's being just as patchy.

15:22 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Mladenovic puts her all into that return, with Sharapova standing at 40-15, with a couple of chinks in the armour nevertheless. Unfortunately, the Frenchwoman puts a bit too much into that forehand, and we're still on serve... 

Maria Sharapova 4 - 4 Kristina Mladenovic

15:21 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Fairly routine rally - and then Mladenovic sends that quite wide. 

15:19 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova* 3 - 4 Mladenovic in set 2.

15:18 (GMT)29 APR 2017

As it stands, that break back appears to have given Mladenovic some much-needed confidence and she's about to hold.

But wait, it's not over yet. Sharapova brings it back to deuce, but sends a shot long by a fraction of an inch - or so it seems! Advantage Mladenovic - and she grabs it with both hands. There's no second break here, and Mladenovic leads 4-3 on serve.

15:13 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Mladenovic has five double faults to Sharapova's one. Yet it's the Russian who's playing surprisingly like her French rival did in set 1, sending routine forehands into the top of the net. 

15:09 (GMT)29 APR 2017

....and she holds! 3-2 to KiKi Mladenovic on serve and we've got a match on our hands! 

15:05 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Fist pump! I thought she was coming back, and now Mladenovic has done it in the best way possible. Her reactions - and returns - are getting better and less loopy - and she breaks back! We're back on even ground..

15:01 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Finally, there's a service hold from the Frenchwoman. 2-1 to Sharapova, though, and the Russian is up a break still. 

14:58 (GMT)29 APR 2017

2-0. Sharapova running away with this, not so much running on the court though. It would appear she's really kept her fitness these past few months.

14:55 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Opening of the second set and Mladenovic looks to have got some rhythm back. She's looking more comfortable on the court now, rather than a fish out of, er, clay, as she did for much of set 1. She almost starts set 2 off clean, but Sharapova breaks. 

Crowds clapping along with Sharapova, it would seem.

1-0 to Sharapova in set 2.

14:47 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Maria Sharapova wins the first set 6-3.

14:47 (GMT)29 APR 2017

After three set points, a fault and a few hundred decibels, Maria Sharapova, who has by far looked the superior player in this match, wins the first set 6-3 with a hold to love.

14:45 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Maria Sharapova * 5 - 3 Kristina Mladenovic

14:44 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova is absolutely running away with this match right now. She's been better on the serves, returns and generally, her movement on the surface. 

14:39 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova is athletic and how! The Russian spins, pirouettes, turns and then some. Dance-routine like, almost. But Mladenovic, whose returns have been a bit loopy today, runs into the net and seals the point -  and the game!

14:38 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Mladenovic is struggling with her first serves, and can't find a rhythm here. The Frenchwoman looks visibly annoyed.

14:34 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova's forehands are fast as ever and precisely placed - and she's making the most of her momentum! Mladenovic is sending some simple returns into the top of the net, and Sharapova's up 4-1 already. 

We've got a short time out on our hands as Dzenita Mladenovic, the mother and coach of Slam winner Kristina, consults with her charge.

14:28 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova draws first blood! She leads Mladenovic 3-1 with a break of serve.

14:27 (GMT)29 APR 2017

Sharapova starts off with a bang and how! We've raced away to 2-1 to the Russian on serve, and she's really attacking the backhand of her French rival! 
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