Marin Cilic vs Sam Querrey live tennis score, Wimbledon 2017 Semi Finals

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Marin Cilic 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 6-5 *Sam Querrey (*denotes server)


15:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

So that concludes our coverage for the first semi-final. We have another semi-final coming up between Federer and Berdych soon.

15:08 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Querrey tried hard but in the end, CIlic's service, cross court play, and court coverage got him through to his first Wimbledon final and second Grand Slam final.

15:06 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And Cilic becomes the first Croat to reach a Wimbledon final since his former coach Goran Ivanisevic in 2001.

15:05 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Two Match Points to Cilic. Querrey saves the first.

15:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Sensational service from Cilic once again as he restores the lead. 6-5 to Cilic now. Querrey serving once again to stay in the match.

15:00 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Querrey manages to hold on. Fine service from the 24th seed while the Croat lacked composure in this game. 5-5 now

14:58 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic holds on to lead 5-4. A break away from entering his second Grand Slam final.

14:54 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And Cilic makes the break to make it 4 games apiece in this fourth set. Querrey making some errors here.

14:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic holds on with an ace. 4-3 to Querrey now.

14:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

The 24th seed holds on to take a 4-2 lead in the fourth set. 

14:43 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Brilliant groundstrokes from CIlic in this game as he holds his serve to love to narrow the gap to 2-3.

14:42 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Great resilience being shown from Querrey there. Saves two break points before two sensational serves to extend his lead to 3-1.

14:37 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And Querrey makes the first break of the set to lead 2-1.

14:32 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Both players hold their opening games of the fourth set. 1-1 now.

14:25 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A sensational cross-court forehand winner to clinch the tie-break and Cilic takes the lead in the match. One set away from a second Grand Slam final.

14:24 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Set Point to Cilic now. 6-3 in the tie-break

14:22 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Brilliant athleticism being shown from both players.

14:15 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

This set is turning out to be a pretty exciting one as Querrey holds again to lead 6-5. Can he break for a second time in this set or are we going to see another tie-breaker?

14:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

The Croat holds on and make it 5-5. Do we have another tie-break on the cards?

14:10 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

In other news, last year's Women's Doubles runners-up and second seeds Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina are through to the final after defeating the 12th seeded German-Czech pair of Anna-Lena Gronefeld and Kveta Peschke

14:08 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A very long backhand from Cilic hands the lead back to Sam Querrey who needs to break to lead in the match.

14:05 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic continues to impress in his service as he levels the third set at 4-4.

14:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Querrey's banking on his serve and it's not letting him down as he restores his lead; 4-3 to the American now

14:00 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic serves well to level the third set at three games all

13:55 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Looks like the break in the previous game boosted Querrey's morale significantly as he holds his serve to lead 3-2 in the third set.

13:53 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Great play from Sam Querrey as he breaks for the first time in this match through a brilliant cross-court backhand winner. 2-2 now in the third set.

13:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

The 7th seed makes the first break of the set. Sensational groundstrokes being played by the Croat. Querrey will have to improve significantly on his groundstrokes and backhands if he is to come back in this set. Since both players have been serving well so far, one break can prove to be a deciding factor.

13:45 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic continues to be dominant in his serve, groundstrokes, and athleticism as he levels the third set at 1 game apiece.

13:43 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A pretty topsy-turvy game to kick off the third set but Querrey manages to save a few break points before holding his serve to take the opening game of the third set.

13:35 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And it's all-square now. Cilic holds his serve to love to take the second set 6-4.

13:32 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Querrey holds his nerve as well as his serve to stay in the set. Cilic leading 5-4 and will be serving to square off the match.

13:30 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic serves out to lead 5-3. A break away from leveling the match.

13:29 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And the Croat makes the first break of the match. Brilliant groundstrokes being played from Cilic as he serves to take a 5-3 lead in the second set.

13:23 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic holds his serve with a 10th ace of the match. 3-3 now in the second set.

13:19 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Sensational service from Querrey towards the end of the game as he manages to hold his serve to lead 3-2 in the second set.

13:12 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Things have evened out here despite the tiniest of ups and downs.

Cilic with an easy hold here and his routine forehand winners.

1-1 in set 2.

13:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Break?? Almost!!! Marin Cilic brings up the first BP of the match and looks dangerous.

Querrey takes the next three points in rapid succession.

We're staying on serve here, folks.


13:07 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

A couple of surprising errors from Marin Cilic there and Sam Querrey's confidence is on a high...

13:01 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Sam Querrey brings up a second set point - AND WINS!!! 

First set 7-6 to Sam Querrey courtesy a bum forehand return from Marin Cilic.

12:57 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

12:55 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Sam Querrey absolutely FLUSH to the net here and there's some gutsy shots. He takes a big swipe and brings up set point! 

12:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Beautiful positioning there from Marin Cilic as he slots a great quick forehand winner in and Querrey can't reach it in time.

4-3 to Cilic in the TB

12:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

We're headed to tiebreak!!!

12:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

SIX aces already for Marin Cilic. That's what you get in a battle of big servers. Looks like this is headed to tiebreak...

6-5 to Cilic! 

12:42 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

How fast are these serves? 

And it's raining aces down on Centre Court. Don't think anyone's surprised by that I reckon.

5-5 in the set.

12:39 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Cilic has held for 5-4 with a couple of textbook aces down the line as the American tries to pull it back a little. 

28 minutes and we're 10 games in.

12:38 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Lightning fast serves from Querrey here to stay in it to .. maybe win it. Despite being off consecutive five-setters, he's showing no signs of fatigue.

12:35 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

And Querrey is firing back. After Federer's 'weak backhand' became his weapon this year, it looks like Querrey's followed suit. Some great shots from the American and he's going level now in the first set.


12:34 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Neck and neck here. Big forehand winners and a bit of running at the baseline, a couple of net tries by Cilic but mostly these two are sticking to a standard game.

And their games are quite similar, too. 

4-3 Cilic, who's ever so slightly better on first serve.

12:28 (GMT)14 JUL 2017

Querrey, who's had three 5-set matches in a row, is fleet of foot today and bouncing around the baseline to give Cilic a bit of exercise.

It's proving effective and a great forehand down the line is out of Cilic's reach.

3 games all in the first set! 
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