As it happened: Men's Javelin Throw F46, Rinku & Sundar Singh Gurjar, World Para Athletics Championships 2017 London

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The action has started!


01:45 (IST)15 JUL 2017

That's all from us tonight! A great start for India to the World Para Athletics Championships 2017 as Sundar Singh Gurjar takes home the gold medal in the men's javelin throw F46 event. Rinku, the second Indian in the fray, also recorded a strong fourth place finish.

01:44 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Here are the final standings!

01:44 (IST)15 JUL 2017

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01:43 (IST)15 JUL 2017

He finishes in style with a personal best.

01:43 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Nevertheless, a dominant performance by the Indian!

01:42 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Gurjar final throw lands at 60.36m, short of the Championship record!

01:41 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Sundar Singh Gurjar is assured of a gold medal! Can he go further and break a record?

01:41 (IST)15 JUL 2017


01:40 (IST)15 JUL 2017

We're into the final two throws now! Can Herath take the gold away from Gurjar?

01:38 (IST)15 JUL 2017

No, he can't! A final throw of 54.11m is not his best of the night and not sufficient to ensure a medal.

01:36 (IST)15 JUL 2017

The last throw coming up for Rinku. Can he make it into the top 3?

01:34 (IST)15 JUL 2017

In his second last effort, Gurjar throws 57.87m, which is slightly less than a silver medal spot and quite less than his best on the day.

01:33 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Herath, who is still in second place, comes up with a foul throw!

01:31 (IST)15 JUL 2017

With his penultimate effort, Rinku remains in fourth place. His effort of 53.98m well short of his best effort of 55.12m!

01:27 (IST)15 JUL 2017

60m crossed! Gurjar, with yet another fine effort, crosses the 60m mark with a 60.36m throw. Two throws left now for all the participants!

01:24 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Rinku remains in fourth place, with an effort of 54.19m - a little less than his previous effort of 55.12m!

01:22 (IST)15 JUL 2017

The throwers in the bottom half of the standings have made their efforts but they're not enough to break into the top half.

01:16 (IST)15 JUL 2017

The third round of throws is nearing its end and honestly, the action has just started. The fight for the top 3 spots is going to be incredible as only three throws remain with each athlete.

01:14 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Herath with a stunner! The Lankan comes up with an effort of 57.84 to cement second place and is now almost a metre-and-a-half behind Gurjar.

01:12 (IST)15 JUL 2017

NOOO! It's a foul throw by Gurjar. It won't count!

01:11 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Gurjar is up now once again. Can he raise the bar further?

01:10 (IST)15 JUL 2017

The third series of throws is underway and Rinku continues to improve his distances. He adds a further two metres to his score and now sits at third with 55.12m.

01:09 (IST)15 JUL 2017

We are done with two rounds of throws and it is Sundar Singh Gurjar in the lead. Rinku isn't too far from the medals places and sits in fourth place.

01:05 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Closing the gap in second place is Sri Lanka's Dinesh Herath, who registers an effort of 56.28m on his second throw.

01:05 (IST)15 JUL 2017

A huge, huge improvement by Gurjar as he increases the distance by five-and-a-half metres! He now stands atop the standings with an effort of 59.42m!

01:03 (IST)15 JUL 2017


01:02 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Gurjar is now up for his second throw. Can he improve upon his previous one?

01:01 (IST)15 JUL 2017

A strong throw by Rinku! An effort of 53.26 sees him jump into third place behind Yamazaki.

01:00 (IST)15 JUL 2017

All the athletes are through with their first attempts!

00:59 (IST)15 JUL 2017

Rinku begins with an effort of 50.86, which sees him in fifth place.

00:58 (IST)15 JUL 2017

A few centimetres behind him are Japan's Akihiro Yamazaki and China's Chuliang Guo.

00:58 (IST)15 JUL 2017

It is Sundar Singh Gurjar who is in the lead so far, with an effort of 53.92m.

21:27 (IST)14 JUL 2017

The Indian duo of Rinku and Sundar Singh Gurjar, who suffered a cruel heartbreak at the Rio Paralympics last year, will be a part of a field of nine athletes in the event. The world record holder Devendra Jhajaria, who also hails from India, is not competing this time around.

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