Mohun Bagan vs Maziya S&RC, Live Score and Commentary, AFC Cup 2017

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Mohun Bagan 2-5 Maziya Full-time


18:22 (IST)3 MAY 2017

That's all from here then. Until next time, goodbye!

18:21 (IST)3 MAY 2017

It's full time here at the National Stadium in Male as Maziya thrash Mohun Bagan 5-2 to keep their hopes of progressing into the next round intact. Bagan, however, are out of the AFC Cup this season. 

18:19 (IST)3 MAY 2017

90+1' Great chance for Rakic to score his hattrick here but Pawan pulls off a stunning save from point blank range. 

18:18 (IST)3 MAY 2017

90+1' 3 minutes of time added on. 

18:16 (IST)3 MAY 2017

89' The game is slowly petering out as a limited Bagan side strive to get another goal back. 

18:14 (IST)3 MAY 2017

85' We are into the final 5 minutes of the game. Bagan try to switch the ball across the pitch but Maziya have been better than them the whole game. 

18:10 (IST)3 MAY 2017

81' Bagan string a few passes together before switching play to the far post but they dally before taking the shot and the opportunity goes begging. 

18:06 (IST)3 MAY 2017

77' It's been a goalfest here but there hasn't been much to enjoy for Bagan fans so far. Here they have another freekick but the Maziya defence clears it before springing a counterattack. 

18:05 (IST)3 MAY 2017

76' Jeje scores from the spot to reduce the deficit. It's still very much Maziya's game. 

18:04 (IST)3 MAY 2017

75' Penalty for Bagan!

18:01 (IST)3 MAY 2017

71' A bit of trickery from Kean there but that is probably the only good thing Bagan have done today. However, his cross is hit into no man's land which sums up Bagan's game. 

17:56 (IST)3 MAY 2017

68' As Maziya run rings around Bagan here, Bikramjit takes down the home side's furthest man forward. 

17:51 (IST)3 MAY 2017

63' Bagan have looked listless this afternoon as they can't seem to even control a simple pass. Maziya are all over the Mariners and the scoreline reflects that. 

17:48 (IST)3 MAY 2017

60' Rakic scores another as his attempt from outside the box goes underneath Bagan's keeper Kumar Pawan. It's getting embarrassing now for the Mariners. 

17:47 (IST)3 MAY 2017

60' GOAL!

17:45 (IST)3 MAY 2017

56' Bikramjit's shot is deflected behind for a corner. That has been their best chance after the goal in this half as Maziya have come back strong after conceding the goal. 

17:42 (IST)3 MAY 2017

53' Abdullah scores from the penalty spot to restore Maziya's 3-goal lead. 

17:41 (IST)3 MAY 2017

52' Mohamed Umair is fouled inside the box by Bagan's keeper Kumar Pawan. Things are back to square one for the Mariners. 

17:40 (IST)3 MAY 2017

52' Penalty to Maziya!

17:39 (IST)3 MAY 2017

52' Bagan have got their tail up but Azharuddin's foul breaks an attack down. 

17:37 (IST)3 MAY 2017

48' Comical bit of defending by Maziya here as a defending earned Bagan a corner. The resulting corner is headed/handled on by Jeje and Kingshuk gives the final touch to net from close range. Is a comeback on now?

17:35 (IST)3 MAY 2017

48' GOAL!

17:32 (IST)3 MAY 2017

46' We kick off with Bagan in the 2nd half. 

17:29 (IST)3 MAY 2017

17:18 (IST)3 MAY 2017

It's half-time here at the National Stadium. Maziya lead 3-0 at the break. It's probably over for Bagan now. 

17:16 (IST)3 MAY 2017

45' Maziya score another goal. They are cruising now. Rakic finishes a sweeping move that started with a throw-in and finished with Umair finding him with a perfect through ball, which the experienced forward tucked home into the far corner. The home side have deserved their 3-0 lead.

17:15 (IST)3 MAY 2017

45' GOAL!

17:14 (IST)3 MAY 2017

43' Maziya are allowing Bagan to have time on the ball​ but denying them space. The home side are happy to sit on their 2-goal lead for now and hit on the break. 

17:11 (IST)3 MAY 2017

40' Katsumi Yusa is replaced by Azharuddin. First substitution from Bagan and their captain's off injured. 

17:09 (IST)3 MAY 2017

39' Another Bagan attack breaks down after a poor pass from Bikramjit seeking to put Raynier through. Maziya collect the ball and go on an attack themselves, but Abdulla's shot is blocked. 

17:05 (IST)3 MAY 2017

35' Maziya have played out from the back well, denying Bagan any openings and bypassing their isolated pressing moves. Sanjoy Sen must change things quickly. 

17:03 (IST)3 MAY 2017

32' A frustrated Raju Gaikwad takes down Maziya's left-back as he fails to get past him. It is been a pretty poor display from the Federation Cup winners. 

16:59 (IST)3 MAY 2017

28' Mohamed Umair doubles Maziya's lead here. It's been a fine display by the home side. Bagan's hopes of staying in the AFC Cup are fading fast now. 

16:57 (IST)3 MAY 2017

28' GOAL!!!

16:57 (IST)3 MAY 2017

27' Good opening created by Bagan here but Souvik's cross is held well by the Maziya keeper. 

16:54 (IST)3 MAY 2017

25' Maziya are opening up Bagan's final line with ease. However, the home side haven't made their openings count apart from the goal. 

16:53 (IST)3 MAY 2017

23' Bagan finally earn a corner after an attack is stopped by Samooh. The resulting corner ends with a goalline clearance. Maziya survive.

16:49 (IST)3 MAY 2017

18' Maziya almost score another as the Bagan defence is at sixes and sevens. It's been pretty poor from Sanjoy Sen's men. 

16:45 (IST)3 MAY 2017

13' Maziya score the opening goal through Yasfaad Haseeb. The home side have been better in the opening exchanges and have got their reward. 

16:44 (IST)3 MAY 2017

13' GOAL!

16:41 (IST)3 MAY 2017

12' Most of the play is happening inside the Bagan half so far with Maziya being clearly the better side so far. 

16:40 (IST)3 MAY 2017

10' Raju tries a cheeky trick but his intentions are known to Rakic, who fouls the fullback. It's been pretty cagey so far from the Mariners. 

16:37 (IST)3 MAY 2017

7' Maziya ping the ball around Bagan's defence but they just can't take the final shot. The Maldivian side are dominating this second string Bagan side. 

16:35 (IST)3 MAY 2017

4' Jeje attempts a chipped finish from outside the box but his effort is so tame that Maziya keeper Pavel catches is comfortably. Maziya have been patient in early buildup but Bagan are yet to settle. 

16:32 (IST)3 MAY 2017

2' Early pressure from Maziya leads to a corner. But Bagan deal with it pretty well. 

16:30 (IST)3 MAY 2017

1' Maziya kick off from left to right. 

16:23 (IST)3 MAY 2017

We are minutes away from kickoff at the National Stadium in Male. 

15:38 (IST)3 MAY 2017

09:32 (IST)3 MAY 2017

Hello and welcome to our continuous coverage of the AFC Cup 2017.

Today, Mohun Bagan take on Maziya of Maldives in what is a crucial group stage fixture for both clubs. Sanjoy Sen’s Mariners are on the back of a final day title defeat at the hands of Aizawl FC and will be looking for redemption after a difficult week.

They lost the reverse fixture at home 1–0 to Maziya a fortnight ago, which was followed by a league loss at Aizawl which effectively out paid to their I-League hopes. The Mariners are six points behind group leaders Bengaluru FC, and anything other than a win today will end their hopes of progressing past the group stage.

Maziya, meanwhile, have looked good on the continent so far this season. Their only loss, to Bengaluru, came about after they conceded a stoppage time goal, but in their other group matches against Bagan and Abahani, the champions of Maldives have won whilst keeping clean sheets.

It promises to be another cracking tie, which kicks off at 4.30 PM Indian Standard Time at the National Stadium in Male.
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