Mohun Bagan 5-1 Patha Chakra, CFL 2017, As it Happened

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Mohun Bagan 5 (Bayi Kamo x 4, Ansumana Kromah) beat Patha Chakra 2 (Nadong Bhutia, Joel Sunday)


19:02 (IST)21 AUG 2017

What a game Bayi Kamo had today. The Ivorian scored four goals in what was the best-attacking display of the season. Bagan, however, will drop to second in the table behind East Bengal ahead of the next round of fixture. That's all from us here. Until next time, goodbye!

19:00 (IST)21 AUG 2017

Full-time: Mohun Bagan 5-2 Patha Chakra

19:00 (IST)21 AUG 2017

90+4' Patha Chakra pull one back via Joel Sunday but it's too little too late now. Bagan, who had leapfrogged East Bengal in the CFL 2017 table with their fifth goal, have to settle for 2nd place after the late Patha Chakra goal.

18:58 (IST)21 AUG 2017


18:56 (IST)21 AUG 2017

90' What a fine display of attacking football by Bayi Kamo Stephan here as he becomes the first player to net four goals this CFL season. There was no saving his curling effort, as Ranjit faced the brunt of an in-form Kamo.

18:55 (IST)21 AUG 2017


And as soon as we talked up the entertainment factor, Kamo scores his fourth goal.

18:53 (IST)21 AUG 2017

88' This game has had the goals but the entertainment has been far lesser than what we had in Saturday's East Bengal vs Peerless game. The game is petering out as we reach the end of regulation time.

18:51 (IST)21 AUG 2017

86' Shilton has gone off to be replaced by Shibinraj.

18:49 (IST)21 AUG 2017

83' It's been a long wait but Patha Chakra finally take the spot kick and, would you believe it, they have missed it! What drama as an injured Shilton is swamped by his own teammates as MB's three-goal lead remains intact.

18:46 (IST)21 AUG 2017

80' There is some confusion here as Shilton Paul appears to have hit by a missile from the crowd as Sunday readied himself to take the penalty. 

18:44 (IST)21 AUG 2017

79' The 2nd half has been far from dramatic with just the two goals being the highlights of an otherwise damp half. However, there is a twist here as  Patha Chakra earn a penalty. Joel Sunday is standing on the ball and will hope to reduce the deficit.

18:41 (IST)21 AUG 2017

76' Patha Chakra with another meek attempt on the Bagan goal but it's all too comfortable for the Mariners. Shilton Paul has barely had anything to do today.

18:38 (IST)21 AUG 2017

72' Bagan are relaxing a bit here as they invite Patha Chakra on. A three-goal lead won't be enough for MB to overtake East Bengal in the table.

18:35 (IST)21 AUG 2017

70' Eric is waging a lone battle up front for Patha Chakra but his shot, as has been the case today, is wasteful and wide.

18:33 (IST)21 AUG 2017

67' The game is as good as over now with Patha Chakra not even hinting at scoring a goal. They have been fairly toothless ever since they opened the scoring and Nadong Bhutia's substitution at the break made goalscoring even more difficult for Patha Chakra. MB fully deserve their lead. What a day Kamo is having!

18:29 (IST)21 AUG 2017

65' Bikramjit Singh replaces Kinshuk Debnath for the remaining 15 minutes. This should be a stroll now for Bagan.

18:28 (IST)21 AUG 2017

62' Kamo scores his hat-trick and Bagan are on a rampage now. It's been a party for their electric duo of Kamo and Kromah.

18:27 (IST)21 AUG 2017


18:26 (IST)21 AUG 2017

61' Azharuddin Mullick goes off to be replaced by Pintu Mahata.

18:25 (IST)21 AUG 2017

60' Kromah scores an unstoppable goal to put MB two goals to the good here. There is nothing Ranjit could've done with the Liberian's fierce shot from a half-volley after another bit of comical defending from Patha Chakra.

18:24 (IST)21 AUG 2017


18:24 (IST)21 AUG 2017

59' Lots of possession turnovers in the early stages of the 2nd half. 

18:23 (IST)21 AUG 2017

57' MB with some defending to do here as Bagui clears the ball away for a corner after a Patha Chakra attack comes to nothing. However, Shilton Paul catches the ball well to avert any danger from the resulting corner.

18:19 (IST)21 AUG 2017

54' Kamo was nearly away after a sweeping ball from the back but Ranjit comes out and kicks the ball out of play. That was some decisive goalkeeping from the Patha Chakra man.

18:16 (IST)21 AUG 2017

52' Slow start to the 2nd half so far. Patha Chakra have made their 1st substitution early in the 2nd half.

18:15 (IST)21 AUG 2017

50' All the action at the moment is happening in the centre with neither team getting close to scoring. MB, with their superior quality, have the edge. 

18:12 (IST)21 AUG 2017

47' MB on the attack early in the 2nd half but Kromah's looping effort from way outside the box goes out for a Patha Chakra goalkick.

18:09 (IST)21 AUG 2017

46' We kick off the 2nd half proceedings with Mohun Bagan's Ansumana Kromah here.

17:52 (IST)21 AUG 2017

Mohun Bagan went behind early but came back strongly to lead by the odd goal at the break. The second half starts in a few minutes. Stay tuned for more live updates.

17:51 (IST)21 AUG 2017

Half-time: Mohun Bagan 2-1 Patha Chakra

17:50 (IST)21 AUG 2017

45+3' We are almost at the end of what has been an entertaining half of football. Bagan lead 2-1 as the referee blows his whistle.

17:49 (IST)21 AUG 2017

45+1' The duo of Kamo and Kromah has been the part in the match so far. Having gone behind, the African pair took matters into their own hands and Kamo's goals have now seen Bagan in the lead. They conceded their first goal in CFL 2017 today, but Patha Chakra's lead didn't last long as they stare at the half-time whistle one goal down.

17:48 (IST)21 AUG 2017

45+1' 3 minutes of time added on at the end of the 1st half.

17:47 (IST)21 AUG 2017

45' Kromah looks to get in on the goalscoring act here but his shot from  range flies well over the Patha Chakra goal.

17:46 (IST)21 AUG 2017

43' Kamo has got his brace!

It was far from a smooth move but some comical defending by Patha Chakra from a corner led to the Ivorian unattended inside the box. The I-League champion smashes his shot in beyond Ranjit Majumder's reach to give MB the lead right at the stroke of half-time.

17:45 (IST)21 AUG 2017


17:44 (IST)21 AUG 2017

40' Snehasish with space on the left flank for Patha Chakra but his cross is wayward and flies over everyone inside the MB box. MB have allowed their opponents very little time and space since conceding but that was an occasion when Patha Chakra had Bagan struggling but failed to take advantage.

17:40 (IST)21 AUG 2017

36' Mohun Bagan's high intensity after going behind has gradually petered out after they equalised but they are still in attack mode. Kamo here takes a shot but his effort goes over Ranjit's goal. Kamo, who has already scored, is looking the part today.

17:36 (IST)21 AUG 2017

34' Azharuddin with a shot but the youngster blazes the ball over.

17:35 (IST)21 AUG 2017

33' Patha Chakra enjoy some possession inside the MB half but the pressing from the Green and Maroons has been brilliant after the concession of the first goal.

17:33 (IST)21 AUG 2017

29' Mohun Bagan look the most likely to score another goal here. Patha Chakra can't even get out of their own half at the moment.

17:30 (IST)21 AUG 2017

27' It's all Kromah and Kamo at this stage. The latter is brought down by Victor which causes the Ivorian to lose his temper. Free kick to MB.

17:28 (IST)21 AUG 2017

At the end of 25 minutes, it's been an entertaining clash so far. Bagan have had most of the run of play after a slow start that saw Patha Chakra go ahead, but the Mariners have done well to level things up before the break.

17:27 (IST)21 AUG 2017

24' Kamo with the opening goal for  MB here as he combines again with Kromah to set up the opening. Ranjit had no chance there and Bagan equalise to send their vociferous supporters to raptures.

17:26 (IST)21 AUG 2017


17:26 (IST)21 AUG 2017

24' Kamo goes close!

The Ivorian has the ball on the right but shoots narrowly wide.

17:25 (IST)21 AUG 2017

22' What a save by Ranjit!

MB's foreign duo of Kromah and Kamo combine brilliantly in front of the Patha Chakra box to create a brilliant opening. The Liberian Kromah, however, blasts his effort straight at Ranjit who saves brilliantly to deny MB.

17:23 (IST)21 AUG 2017

21' MB are clearly in gung-ho mode now with tackles flying all around and they are mounting attack after another attack. Patha Chakra survive for now but how long will their resistance last? 

17:22 (IST)21 AUG 2017

19' Bagan are proving relentless now in attack after the early shock. Lyngdoh is picked well by Kromah along the right-hand channel but the winger's cross is deflected behind for a corner. MB can't do much with the corner, and it all peters out. 

17:20 (IST)21 AUG 2017

17' Bagan are immediately on the attack and they nearly score. Kamo has a fine shot on target from a corner but his effort is blocked on the goal line and Patha Chakra survive. The Mariners are ramping up the pressure.
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