Mohun Bagan 3-2 Shillong Lajong, Federation Cup 2017, As It Happened!

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Mohun Bagan 3-2 Shillong Lajong, FT Kotal 3' [OG], Kinowaki 80'; Duffy 5', Norde 27', Yusa 43'


20:55 (IST)10 MAY 2017

But that's it from us for today. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Join us again for more Federation Cup action. 

Till then, goodbye and good night.

20:54 (IST)10 MAY 2017

Meanwhile, this is the second game in a row Shillong has gone down 2-3. 

However, they still have a chance and are not out mathematically. If they are to get into the semis, they need to beat DSK in their last game of the group stage and hope Bagan beat Bengaluru.

20:53 (IST)10 MAY 2017


The referee blows the final whistle and that means Mohun Bagan virtually seal their place in the semi-finals of the tournament.

20:52 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90+4' - Ball over the top for Deory from Kinowaki. Great control from the forward. He makes space to get the shot away but he drags it wide.

20:51 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90+3' - Isaac with the delivery. But Bagan clear.

20:50 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90+3' - Kotal with a foul on Samuel. And now Shillong with a free kick in a dangerous area.

20:50 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90+2' - WHAT A CHANCE!

Balwant and Jeje combine and again. But Jeje with the weakest of finishes. And that really sums up his season. Disappointing.

20:48 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90+1' - Jeje with a shot from distance. But not anywhere near the target.

20:48 (IST)10 MAY 2017

90' -  Shillong looking for a way in. Three minutes added on.

20:47 (IST)10 MAY 2017

89' - Ball comes back to Nongrum on the right. Swings one in and but Debjit claims.

All Shillong now and Shadap this time with a dink to the middle. But Eduardo clears easily.

20:46 (IST)10 MAY 2017

88' -  Norde tries to get something going on the left. But he is double teamed and Nongrum in the end disposses him.

20:45 (IST)10 MAY 2017

87' -  Second yellow of the game.

High and studs showing from Deory. And thankfully Anas gets out of the way.

20:44 (IST)10 MAY 2017

86' -  SHOT!!

Katsumi with a some mazy dribbling on the right but can't get the better of his man. Cuts back to Sehnaj in the middle. First time shot from the midfielder. But that is blocked.

20:43 (IST)10 MAY 2017

85' - Another ball from Kinowaki looking for Bipin Singh. But that goes out for a corner.

20:42 (IST)10 MAY 2017

84' - SAVED!!

Isaac with a great ball into Bipin Singh on the right but Debjit is quickly off his line and gives him no angle.

20:42 (IST)10 MAY 2017

83' - Bipin Singh with a long ranger but off the mark.

20:41 (IST)10 MAY 2017

82' - Katsumi causing probelem again. Good ball in from the right. Low ball in from the skipper and that gets stuck in between the two defenders. But Shillong finally clear.

20:39 (IST)10 MAY 2017


Shillong get a goal back. Deory charges from the left and cuts it back for Kinowaki in the middle. His shot takes a wicked deflection off Prabir Das and nestles into the goal.

20:38 (IST)10 MAY 2017

80' - OFFSIDE!!

Sony Norde tries to play in Balwant. But he is way too early.

20:37 (IST)10 MAY 2017


From Anas this time. And Kinowaki gets on to it. Plays in Bipin Singh on the left. Shot comes in but wide of the mark and blocked by Eduardo.

20:36 (IST)10 MAY 2017

77' -  BRAINFADE!!

Balwant plays in Sony. He has a 1 on 1 with the keeper but he tries to be selfless and find Jeje in the middle. Rolls it towards him and is intercepted. That was a chance to lay the game to bed.

20:34 (IST)10 MAY 2017

76' -  Sony down the right and Kinowaki to contend with. Chips it to the centre but that one is overhit.

20:34 (IST)10 MAY 2017

75' - CHANCE!

Deory with a great ball from the left. Anas gets to it first but can't quite clear it. Falls to Nongrum on the farpost but he takes too much time and by the time he gets his shot off, he is crowded out.

20:32 (IST)10 MAY 2017


The Bagan skipper cuts back and fires with his left foot. Awkward for Kaith as the ball bounces right in front of him. He parries it and Shillong clear it for a corner.

20:31 (IST)10 MAY 2017

72' - OFF THE LINE!!

Shillong with another corner as Nongrum induces an error from Anas. The ball comes in and bounces around Shot in from Lajong but Prabir Das is the right man at the right place.

20:29 (IST)10 MAY 2017

71' - Poor from Isaac. But the ball comes back to him. However, Katsumi is there to thwart him.

20:28 (IST)10 MAY 2017

70' - Shillong with a corner. And that comes as Deory takes a shot and sees that getting deflected out.

20:27 (IST)10 MAY 2017

69' -  Katsumi plays in Kotal. But he shadowed down the line. And just as he is about to turn back Pritam Singh is there.

20:26 (IST)10 MAY 2017

68' -  SHOT!!

Anas with a long ball into Jeje. He wins the header and Balwant then returns the favour and lays it on for him. A snatch shot from 30 yards out. On target but no real venom on that.

20:24 (IST)10 MAY 2017

67' - Bagan with their second change as well.

Jeje comes on for Duffy.

20:24 (IST)10 MAY 2017

66' - Bipin Singh comes on for Redeem Tlang.

20:24 (IST)10 MAY 2017

65' - CHANCE!!!

Inch perfect cross from Pritam Kotal from the right as we have seen time and again. Balwant gets a free header but he can't get his header on target.

20:23 (IST)10 MAY 2017

64 ' - Sony Norde with a sudden burst of acceleration. Goes past a couple of hapless Shillong midfielder. Thrashes that one in. But wide of the mark!

20:21 (IST)10 MAY 2017

63' - Some clueless pass being played by Shillong. And that one goes out for a goalkick.

20:20 (IST)10 MAY 2017

62' - Souvik too tight to Kinowaki. And gives away a free kick there.

20:19 (IST)10 MAY 2017

60' - Katsumi goes down clutching his shin. A late tackle there from Tlang as the Japanese went to recover Anas' underplayed pass.

Tlang really lucky to get away with that without a card.

20:17 (IST)10 MAY 2017

59' -  Eduardo down at the moment holding his ribs. Can't see how he really got hurt. 

20:16 (IST)10 MAY 2017

58' - Shillong with another adventure in the final third. Deory plays in Tlang but that is just again too heavy as Debjit dives down to swoop the ball away.

20:15 (IST)10 MAY 2017

57' - Another great piece of skill from Samuel. A couple of dummies there from the youngster. Lays it off for Deori but straight at Debjit. He spills it but thankfully for him no Shillong player following up.

20:14 (IST)10 MAY 2017

55' - Short corner in from Sony to Duffy who plays it back to Sony. His cross into the box is poor though and Kinowaki comes out with it .

20:13 (IST)10 MAY 2017

54' - SAVE!!

Kaith with another save. Lovely give and go between Prabir Das and Balwant. Das gets behind the Shillong backline and fires with his left. But Kaith parries that out for a corner.

20:12 (IST)10 MAY 2017

52' - Sony tries to spring Bagan into action but the ball for Yusa is too way ahead of him.

20:11 (IST)10 MAY 2017

50' - Lajon trying to creat something at the middle of the park. It's been all Lajong in the second period. But just as we speak Duffy cuts in and intercepts.

20:10 (IST)10 MAY 2017

48' - Shillong with a free kick. Isaac slams it. Trying to score from the free kick but nowhere near the goal. 

The whistle also goes as a foul is called on them.

20:08 (IST)10 MAY 2017

46' - We have a change for Shillong at the beggining of the second half. 

Alen Deory IN, Fabio Pena OUT.

20:08 (IST)10 MAY 2017

And we are back underway.

19:51 (IST)10 MAY 2017

Mohun Bagan go into the half with a two-goal lead and deservedly so. 

They fell behind early owing to a Pritam Kotal own goal. But that was the last moment of joy for Lajong as the Mariners came storming back.

Darryl Duffy, Sony Norde and Yusa Katsumi on target for Bagan in a half they have overtly dominated.

19:49 (IST)10 MAY 2017

And that's it the referee blows the whistle for half-time.

19:49 (IST)10 MAY 2017

45' - Shillong enjoying possession in the final minutes of the game. But neither Pena nor Kinowaki can find a way through this defence.

19:47 (IST)10 MAY 2017

43' - GOAAALL!!

Sony Norde again at the centre of it. Balwant plays Sony in but a bit too late. But Sony finds space as he cuts back in and has a shot. His shot is wide but Katsumi is there at far post sliding in. 
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