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Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 27, 2017 18:33 IST

We're live as teams battle it out for pole at the prestigious Monaco GP!


18:33 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Sebastian Vettel will be in P2 for the Monaco GP! It's his first pole in 128 races - quite the stat for someone of Kimi's caliber! 

18:32 (IST)27 MAY 2017


18:31 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Vettel faster than Raikkonen on Sector 1, but Vettel qualifies in SECOND! 

18:30 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Vettel down in P4 and looking to move up to front row - ideally for Ferrari. Right now it's Bottas, though.

18:30 (IST)27 MAY 2017

KIMI, KIMI! He goes 1:12.178 - even faster than his own previous time! With only 40 seconds to go he'll be lock-in for pole we think. 

18:27 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Kimi Raikkonen of the 2000s is back. Cometh the hour.....cometh the iceman (??) We've gone and done quite the mashup of titles there - but he's really killing it. And we've got 3:45 to go in qualifying with Kimi strong and then some! 

18:23 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Yellow flags in sectors 1 and 2 - but Vettel just escapes them and he could yet go fastest in this session! 

18:23 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Verstappen goes P2 0.840 behind Kimi and Ricciardo up on him now. Raikkonen has quite the lead.

18:22 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Sainz sets first pace here. Vandoorne won't run this session post that crash but he's still top 10. Button not out yet, with Bottas setting an early lap. 

Raikkonen comes out and sets another FLIER of a lap only a few hundredths slower than his Q2 record.

18:20 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Good for Toro Rosso today as well - Sainz is in top 10, with Kvyat JUST missing out in P11. It's Sainz' first time in the top 10. 

18:18 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Valtteri Bottas sets off to start Q3. He'll be the only Mercedes in the session!

18:17 (IST)27 MAY 2017

18:13 (IST)27 MAY 2017

McLaren's troubles continue. Although both cars qualify into Q3, Vandoorne has a last minute shunt and won't finish the session - while Button has a fifteen-place grid penalty. 

18:11 (IST)27 MAY 2017

A bunch of grid penalties ahead of HAM but he still won't be in the Top 10 here.

18:11 (IST)27 MAY 2017

WHAT?? Lewis Hamilton misses out on Q3 - he qualifies in FOURTEENTH spot after a Stoffel Vandoorne shunt into the barriers. 

18:10 (IST)27 MAY 2017

"Something's wrong with the car," says Hamilton. He's clipped the kerb a couple of times - and his teammate Bottas is trumped by Verstappen who goes third fastest.

18:08 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Last 3 minutes for Lewis Hamilton to set a lap. Vettel improves on his own laptime - but he's still in P2 here behind that smasher of a session from Kimi! 

18:07 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Everyone on ultrasofts. Hulkenberg(REN), Sainz (TOR), Magnussen, Hamilton and Massa all in the drop zone with 3:20 to go.

18:07 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Kimi goes 1:12.231 here. It's the fastest ever laptime of this weekend so far.  He's already smashed the all-time qualifying record at this circuit -  1:13.5, set by his own teammate Sebastian Vettel! 

18:05 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Max Verstappen is one determined driver here and with Red Bull's a-spec back in action, he's only 0.008s behind Raikkonen. Eight thousandths. 

18:04 (IST)27 MAY 2017

HAM in P14 - and they've wheeled him back into the garage. Well well well, what's happening here? 

18:03 (IST)27 MAY 2017

"No grip whatsoever," says Hamilton, and he's complaining to his race engineer. He's in now.

18:03 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Both McLarens in Q2 and doing really well - but let's remind you that Button has 15 grid penalties for an engine change. We imagine even Alonso is frustrated now, and he's in the US of A driving in Indy.

18:01 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Hoo boy quite a bit of oversteer for Hamilton there but quick reflexes and HOW! He goes up on his time. Vettel sets a time now, 0.105 behind Raikkonen. Ferraris both doing well here, HAM in P8 and BOT in P9. Surprising. Drivers having not the easiest time with Mirabeau here.

17:59 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Bottas goes top on ultrasofts.

Kimi then goes faster than him. 

8.9 seconds faster. 

Not 0.89. 8.9.

17:58 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Verstappen, Ricciardo and Massa all on out laps right now . Just a quick reminder - Ricciardo's only career pole position so far came at the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix, but a last-minute tyre issue saw him lose victory from the brink. 

17:57 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Q2 now underway. Mercedes are surprisingly the underdogs here. Ferrari have looked brilliant this year - but who'd have thought Ferrari would be this dominating?

17:51 (IST)27 MAY 2017

17:50 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Oh no! Bad news for Force India after an immense amount of work to get Ocon out. He just misses out to his fellow Frenchman, Haas' Romain Grosjean 

17:49 (IST)27 MAY 2017

"Car is broken" says Marcus Ericsson. "Ok stop then." say Sauber. He's done for this session. Palmer of Renault improves his lap time but out in Q1 as is routine for the Briton.

17:48 (IST)27 MAY 2017

17:47 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Grosjean, Stroll, Palmer, Wehrlein and Ericsson all in the drop zone. Everyone on ultrasofts! 

17:46 (IST)27 MAY 2017

VER VET RAI now. Ferrari back in the fight here with 2:29 to go in Q1.

17:44 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Brief yellow flag as Romain Grosjean spins out in his Haas. Narrowly avoids spinning into the barrier and some brilliant swerving from Carlos Sainz to avoid. 

17:41 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Lewis Hamilton: "Rear's overheating". He's 9th fastest so far with just under 8 minutes in Q1. He'll likely improve - and even P9 should be okay to see him through to Q2, but it's not a great time really.

17:41 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Waaaaait...what? Red Bull's Ricciardo and Verstappen go P1 and P2 respectively  - RIC with 1:13.219, +0.059 for VER and Vettel +0.070. 

But another FLIER from Kimi. He goes top - and Verstappen takes a BRILLIANT middle sector to fight back. The margins are tiny and everyone's in for a fight. Red Bull. Ferrari. Mercedes. Force India. Absolutely everyone. 

17:39 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Mercedes going quickly as well - but just not enough at the moment! Grid position is very very important here in Monaco with some narrow straights and blind turns. Overtaking is not really du jour here, and so qualifying is more crucial than ever.

17:36 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Force India's Esteban Ocon not having the best time here - they're still working on his car and he only has 12 and a half minutes left! 

17:35 (IST)27 MAY 2017

And Vettel does another brilliant lap with a strong middle sector, to go fastest! 

17:35 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Hamilton goes third quickest early in Q1 - but Pascal Wehrlein goes even quicker! 

17:34 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Kimi sets a laptime - and so does Vettel! For a change it's Kimi who's ahead at 1:14.296, Vettel 0.070s behind. 

17:33 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Q1 is underway and Kimi Raikkonen is out on track! 

17:33 (IST)27 MAY 2017

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were P1 and P2 in third practice today respectively. Looks like quite the contest here. Red Bull too have appeared to recover from their problems last race and are finishing well. 
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