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Mumbai City FC (MCFC) in ISL Auction Draft 2017 live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 23, 2017 15:16 IST

The biggest ISL draft ever


15:16 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Here are the players picked by Mumbai City today: Balwant Singh, Arindam Bhattacharya, Raju Gaikwad, Abinash Ruidas, Sahil Tavora, Aiborlang Khongjee, Sanju Pradhan, Zakeer Mundampara, Biswajit Saha, Pranjal Bhumij, Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Kunal Sawant, Lalchhawnkima.

15:02 (IST)23 JUL 2017

15:01 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The drafts for the India based players has been completed and what remains to be added are the overseas players who will add some flair and star value to the ISL.

14:59 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC have gone for a mix of youth and experience in the drafts and this should set them in good stead for the upcoming season.

14:54 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City make their final pick in the form of defender Lalchhawnkima, fondly known as Kimkima.

14:50 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:47 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC make their pick in the penultimate round of the ISL draft. They have chosen goalkeeper Kunal Sawant. The shotstopper demands a salary of Rs 15 Lakh and played for the Kerala Blasters last season.

14:35 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:35 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:31 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:29 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC kick off Round 13 by singing Mehrajuddin Wadoo, a national team player who plays as defender. The 32-year-old signs for a salary of Rs 45 Lakh

14:27 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:23 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City's Round 13 pick is developmental player Pranjal Bhumij. The 18-year old plays as a striker for I-League side DSK Shivajians.

14:21 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:11 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:10 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The third pick of Round 11 is Mumbai FC's. They go for Biswajit Saha. The 29-year old defender is available for a salary of Rs 6 lakhs and will be playing in the City of Dreams next season.

14:08 (IST)23 JUL 2017

14:06 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The lunch break is done and dusted; We will be returning with the live coverage of the drafts shortly.

14:04 (IST)23 JUL 2017

13:10 (IST)23 JUL 2017

There will now be a break for lunch and press conferences. The draft will resume at 2 PM for the final five rounds. Stay tuned.

13:10 (IST)23 JUL 2017

13:04 (IST)23 JUL 2017

13:02 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The Ranbir Kapoor owned side make their next pick in the form of Zakir Mundampara who previously played for Chennaiyin FC. The midfielder will be joining the Mumbai based side for a salary of Rs 18 Lakh

12:58 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Round 10 of the draft begins will begin with Kerala Blasters taking the first pick. This will be the final round before another strategy and press interaction break.

12:57 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC seem to be concentrating a lot on their attack. They have already signed two wingers and a striker. Their other additions being a right back, a goalkeeper and a midfielder.

12:54 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:53 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City make their pick for this round and it is in the form of Sanju Pradhan. The tricky winger has played for DSK Shivajians in the I-League and is one of India's brightest wing talents 

12:49 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A lot of reunions in the previous round with Reagan Singh, Aiborlang Khongjee and Seiminlen Dounglee returning to their ISL teams

12:48 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:46 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City have the last pick of this round. The defender is reunited with his previous ISL club. 

12:37 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The confusion is cleared and Jamshedpur have their man.

12:33 (IST)23 JUL 2017

The draft is heating up now and there has been a glitch. Jamshedpur FC go for Jerry Mawhmingthanga but the image projected on the screen is wrong, leading to confusion in the Jamshedpur ranks

12:31 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:26 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:24 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Round 7 starts with Mumbai City picking first. They go for Sahil Tavora, who switches from the beaches of Goa to the coastal city of Mumbai. He will command a salary of Rs 6 Lakh

12:22 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:20 (IST)23 JUL 2017

It's Mumbai City FC's pick and they go for winger Abinash Ruidas who commands a salary of Rs 18 Lakh

12:18 (IST)23 JUL 2017

12:04 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC go for full-back Raju Gaikwad who commands a salary of Rs 47 Lakh. The 26-year old will be going back to his hometown for the upcoming ISL season

12:01 (IST)23 JUL 2017

And after the break for press interactions and strategy discussions, the auctions are back with round five.

11:32 (IST)23 JUL 2017

There will be a break at the end of the 4th round for press interactions and strategy building. Stay tuned for important updates during the break and we will return with minute-by-minute coverage of the auctions shortly.

11:26 (IST)23 JUL 2017

These are Mumbai City: Balwant Singh,  Arindam Bhattacharya

11:22 (IST)23 JUL 2017

11:18 (IST)23 JUL 2017

11:12 (IST)23 JUL 2017

11:08 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City FC have their pick and they go for goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya who will play for them for a salary of Rs 64 Lakh

10:59 (IST)23 JUL 2017

10:51 (IST)23 JUL 2017

10:46 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mumbai City makes its first acquisition. 30-year old forward Balwant Singh, who scored the first ever ISL goal is a Mumbai City FC player for a salary of Rs 60 lakh.
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