NBA Finals 2019: Raptors vs Warriors Game 6 - Live Scores & Updates

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FINAL: Raptors 114-110 Warriors; Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors 4-2 and win NBA Finals!


03:55 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:55 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:53 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:52 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:51 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors 114-110 and win the NBA Finals 2019! 
As Mike Breen aptly sums it up, the journey from #WeTheNorth to #WeTheChampions is now complete!

03:48 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

The foul is given and Kawhi gets two free throws. He makes both free throws and it's over!

03:47 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Leonard scores the resultant free throw and is apparently fouled on the last inbound.

03:45 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Draymond gets the lose possession but calls a timeout and the Warriors are out of timeouts. That's a technical!

03:44 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Draymond Green gets the inbound, the ball gets to Curry and he misses his 3-point attempt!

03:40 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Warriors call time. 1-point game with 9.6 seconds to go!

03:40 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

The Warriors defense makes the Raptors turn the ball over!

03:38 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Lowry is unable to inbound the ball and Nick Nurse calls the final timeout for Toronto.

03:38 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Curry is tripped on the other end by Siakam and makes both free throws.

03:36 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Siakam makes a big bucket as Raptors lead again by 3!

03:36 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Raptors call timeout.

03:35 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Leonard misses a 3-point attempt. Warriors move the ball around and the ball falls into the hand of Cousins. He makes his way through the traffic from the left and finishes with the finger roll. Big play from Cousins!

03:33 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Cousins get fouled by Lowry. He goes one for two again. 

03:33 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Siakam is fouled on the other end and makes only one of the two resultant free throws. 

03:31 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Draymond gets a wide open look on the left wing and he drains it. A 3-point game now.

03:31 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Lowry makes another shot from mid-range. Raps up by 6!

03:30 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Cousins is fouled while going for the offensive board by Ibaka. He will shoot free throws as the Raptors are in the penalty.. Cousins can only make one free throw to go.

03:29 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Green turns it over as Ibaka gets it to go on the other end inside the paint. Raptors lead by 5 now.

03:27 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

VanVleet has 22 points now! He has 12 out of the 18 points for Raptors in the 4th quarter.

03:27 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

VanVleet gets a wide-open step back trey to fall from outside the key! Raptors gain the advantage as Warriors call time.

03:25 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Curry misses a shot from downtown.

03:25 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Gasol is fouled on the fastbreak. He makes both free throws. It's tied again.

03:24 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Iguodala crosses over and makes a long mid-ranger!

03:23 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Livingston fouls VanVleet on a 3-point shot attempt. He makes all three and the game is tied again.

03:22 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Curry gets inside the paint again and gets a jumper to go.

03:21 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Lowry drives, fakes and hands off the ball to Siakam who lays it in from under the rim.

03:19 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:19 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

On the other end, Lowry is stripped by Looney who finds an open Livingston on the fastbreak and he flushes it home. Warriors lead by 3 again. Timeout Toronto.

03:18 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Livingston makes a tough shot to fall after several bounces.

03:17 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Fred VanVleet is trapped in the corner but he still makes the trey!

03:15 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Livingston gets it to go on the pull-up jumper from mid-range coming out of the timeout.

03:14 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Injury Update: Klay Thompson will not return for the rest of the game as the knee injury keeps him away.

03:13 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:12 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Warriors call time, most likely to get Steph Curry on the field again who had been resting so far in the 4th quarter.

03:11 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

VanVleet uses a Marc Gasol screen and pulls up from the left wing to drain the trey! It's all tied up again!

03:09 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Quinn Cook gets into the paint and floats it in.

03:08 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Norman Powell turns the ball over but Kyle Lowry steals Draymond's pass to get the ball back. He then hands off the ball to Ibaka who makes a floater from inside the paint.

03:07 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

The 4th quarter begins as Ibaka misses a shot. Cousins is fouled on the other end in the act of shooting. DeMarcus goes 1 of 2.

03:06 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

03:05 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Quarter 3 ends with the Warriors leading by 2.

03:04 (GMT)14 JUN 2019

Leonard tips in a bucket to end the third quarter. However, replays suggest that the ball was still on his fingertips before the clock expired and thus the bucket is waived off.
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