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NBA Playoffs 2018 Conference Finals Live: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - Game 5 Live Score

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 24, 2018 03:27 GMT

FINAL: Boston Celtics win 96-83. They lead the series 3-2!


03:27 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron became LeTired by the end of the 2nd quarter, and he was lifeless, lackluster and haphazard for the most part on defense. The Celtics, buoyed by their home crowd, suffocated the Cavs with two halves of amazing defensive basketball conceding 42 and 41 points. They capitalized on their early 32-19 lead and preserved it for the rest of the game.
The Celtics will fight for a chance to reach in the NBA Finals in just 6 games at the Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday morning by IST and Friday night by ET. It will be a sight to behold if this young and fighting Celtics squad makes it past The King at his own palace.
It was nice to bring the game to y'all out there, we thank every one of you for hanging with us on this live ticker. This is Yash Matange and Amulya Shekhar signing off from the game, reach out to us at Sportskeeda Basketball on Facebook if you have something to talk to us about, or tweet me at tweet_amulya.

03:25 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

03:00 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

02:58 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Tatum was still on the floor and they find him as the shot clock expires for a great mid-ranger!

02:58 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Rodney Hood gets one to fall but it's in garbage time!

02:58 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

On the other end, Rozier drives past Green. He makes the layup and completes the 3-point play. 

Stevens now empties his bench!

02:57 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Hill gets fouled and he makes both FT's. 

02:56 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron is off the floor which basically means Tyronn Lue has waived the white flag. 

02:55 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron misses his 3 and Tatum gets the rebound. 

He runs down the floor and gets fouled. He makes 1-of-2

02:53 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Horford, a little over-agressive,  and gets called for a foul. 

02:52 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Horford for 3 and that might have been the dagger with the lead back to 17!

02:52 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Love misses his hook on the post-up!

02:52 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Rozier gets one to fall, FINALLY after 12 straight misses.

02:52 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron dances on Horford, and he makes the leftie layup!

02:51 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Celtics are shooting 35% from the field and they are up by 14!

02:51 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Another LeBron turnover!

02:51 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Tatum blocks a LeBron layup and Rozier collects it but he too turns it over!

Nobody wants to score over the past two minutes.

02:50 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

02:48 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

05:49 left in the fourth quarter, Celtics lead 85-71

02:47 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron misses his scoop layup and the Celtics run in transition. Boston gets an open Horford dunk on the great alley-oop pass from Rozier!

02:46 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

But Celtics turn it over as well, with an Al Horford travel.

02:46 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Clarkson misses again!

02:45 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Both teams missing open shots right now -add Brown and Clarkson to that list.

And now, a 24-second violation by the Celtics.

02:45 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Celtics can't score on their possession. A rare bad possession out of a timeout. 

On the other end, Tatum blocks Korver!

02:41 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Cavaliers have scored 9 straight to cut the lead down to 12!

02:40 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Rozier misses the layup on Green but the Cavaliers turn it over! 

Jayson Tatum also now misses a leftie layup but this time, the Cavs capitalizes. Jeff Green knocks down the corner 3!

02:39 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Jeff Green posts up on Jaylen Brown and Brown fouls him. 

Green makes 1-of-2, cuts the lead to 15.

02:38 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Rozier misses his 3 b and Baynes had a chance but mistimes his jump so he can't get the offensive rebound.

02:37 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Smart misses his 3 but even James misses his on the other end. 

02:36 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Korver comes off a screen and gets a 3 to fall!

02:36 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

On the other end, Jaylen gets fouled by JR and he makes both FT's. 

Now, a 21-point lead!

02:36 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

JR can't get one to fall after Cavaliers get the possession on the jumpball between Nance Jr. and Smart. 

02:35 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Both teams trade one bucket each and then Marcus Smart drills a 3!

But the quarter started with a Larry Nance Jr. turnover. He was set for a posterizing dunk but gets called for the offensive foul on Baynes. 

02:33 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Fourth quarter action underway!

02:30 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

02:29 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

And it stays like that over the last 20 seconds as well, as Brown gets blocked and Clarkson heaves one up to end the quarter!

02:28 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Nobody has scored since the last timeout! A LOT OF TURNOVERS!

02:28 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Morris can't score on the drive over Kevin Love but Cavaliers turn it right back with a bad pass!

02:28 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Cavaliers fail to score again, this time with a Jordan Clarkson turnover.

02:27 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Kevin Love gets a good look but can't knock down the corner 3!

Marcus Smart puts up a circus shot. He though he was fouled but no call. 

02:26 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Cavaliers turn it over again on the bad pass from Hill as he falls out of bounds. 

Celtics turn it over as well!

02:24 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

02:23 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Cavaliers force the issue but end up with a LeBron 3 which doesn't fall. 

Celtics had a chance to extend their lead to 18 but Brown turns it over.

02:22 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Jeff Green gets a bank shot to fall from the post.

Celtics come right back with an easy basket for Morris on the pass from Smart. 

02:21 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Kevin Love posts up again, the Celtics double-team him and the Cavaliers turn it over. Tatum with the steal and he gets a layup, beating LeBron in transition.

02:20 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Al Horford posts up on Tristan Thompson. He gets fouled and now, he makes both FT's.

02:19 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Love posts up on Tatum and now gets another one to fall. 

02:19 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

A 14-point lead now for Boston!

02:19 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

Tatum gets fouled by JR while trying to set a screen. Cavaliers are in the penalty so Tatum will shoot FT's, and he makes both. 

02:18 (GMT)24 MAY 2018

LeBron cuts to the basket and on the pass from Love makes the bucket. He completes the 3-point play with the FT.
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