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NBA Playoffs 2018 Conference Finals Live: Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Game 2 Live Score

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 17, 2018 03:40 GMT

FINAL WHISTLE: Rockets win 127-105. Series tied at 1-1


03:40 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

A better Rockets team showed up in Game 2 and the result was basically what they did to rest of the league all through the season. Just that, now they handed the defending champs a 22-point drubbing.

Game 2 suddenly makes the series interesting again but it's got a lot to do with how the Rockets play. They need to run-and-gun, move the ball rather than iso Harden and Paul to win games. Meanwhile, for the Warriors, it's back to the drawing board. They were thoroughly outplayed in Game 2 and need to make serious adjustments to Game 2 with the biggest being intensity. Maybe they took their foot of the pedal having already gotten the split.

Either way, Game 3 is Sunday night in Oracle Arena and with so many days in between, the build up to that game is going to be epic. Anyways, this is Yash Matange signing off. Do stay locked on to Sportskeeda for the latest and in-depth coverage of the 2018 NBA Playoffs.  

03:23 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:17 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:13 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:49 left in the fourth quarter, Warriors 93-119 Rockets

03:13 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Rockets call TIMEOUT, probably the get all of their starters out once and for all.

03:10 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:09 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

This is the largest point differential for the Warriors in the 2018 Playoffs.

03:09 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Ariza makes both FT's. The lead is now 28!

03:08 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

So we now have 5:18 of garbage time.

03:08 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Golden State have thrown out the towel!

03:08 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

The refs are reviewing the play. They call it a common foul. 

A 26-point lead right now for the Rockets as the Warriors sit all their starters!

03:07 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Frustration setting in for the Warriors! 

Draymond Green just shoves Ariza on the fastbreak. 

03:06 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Harden was pushed out of bounds by KD. A technical too!

Harden makes the technical free-throw!

03:05 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

KD gets a bucket back, he has 38 for the night. 

but Gordon comes right back with another 3! It's now a 23-point lead!

03:04 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Klay Thompson airballs a mid-range jumper!

NOW HARDEN KNOCKS DOWN A 3! A 22-point lead, and a 11-0 run

03:02 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:01 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

It was down to 11 but within a minute, the Rockets extend it to 19 with a 8-0 run!

03:01 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

03:01 (GMT)17 MAY 2018


Consecutive terrible possession on both ends for the Warriors. Steve Kerr calls TIMEOUT!

02:59 (GMT)17 MAY 2018


He can't get anything on Draymond by dancing on him so he just steps back and knocks it down!

02:58 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Iguodala makes 1-of-2. 11-point lead now.

02:58 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Chris Paul can't get his mid-range J to fall and the Warriors run with Iggy. 

Iguodala gets fouled by CP3. That's Paul's 5th foul and he sits. 

02:57 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Green gets fouled by Tucker. Warriors are still within striking distance, down by 12 after Green makes both of his FT's.

02:56 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Nick Young misses a 3 on one end but he fouls CP3 on the other end. 

Now, Harden played by Young and he airballs it!

02:55 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Chris Paul gets a layup to fall past Nick Young. 

02:54 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Rockets turn it over and now it's Curry to Livingston for the dunk!

02:53 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Eric Gordon responds right back with a 3 of his own. 

Curry comes right back and gets a leftie scoop to go. 

02:53 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Both teams couldn't buy a bucket in the first minute of the final quarter. 

FINALLY! Curry gets his first 3 of the game to fall. 

02:52 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Fourth quarter underway!

02:48 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

02:48 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

End of the third quarter, Warriors 79-95 Rockets

02:48 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Chris Paul misses the last shot of the quarter but still, the Rockets outscore the Warriors 31-29 in the period and now hold a dominating 16-point lead!

02:47 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Nick Young gets a 3 to fall, cuts the lead to 16. 

02:46 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Gordon runs down the floor and gets a foul call on KD. He makes both and it's now a 19-point lead!

02:46 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Warriors just can't get a bucket! 

First KD tries then on multiple attempts on Looney!

02:45 (GMT)17 MAY 2018


He drives to the rim, gets into Looney and banks in the layup. He completes the 3-point play with the made free-throw. 

02:44 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

What looks like a clean steal by Ariza, KD still gets two FT's. 

He makes both. That is now 18 for the quarter for KD

02:43 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Gerald Green makes 1-of-2 FT's after he gets fouled by Nick Young.

02:43 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Rockets turn it over on some great work by Looney but the Warriors end up with a Nick Young 3 for the possession and he can't make it. 

Not a bad shot though. 

02:42 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

He completes the 3-point play. 

KD shoots another tough one over Ariza. He now has 16 for the quarter!

02:41 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

KD knocks down both. 

With Harden on the bench, Eric Gordon now attacks the rim. He gets a leftie running hook and gets fouled!

02:40 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

02:38 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

KD trying to do it by himself, gets fouled. Foul on Harden and two FT's coming. 

Steve Kerr calls TIMEOUT! 

02:37 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Curry trying a fancy layup, can't get it to fall. 

Gordon missed his dunk but Capela tipped it in. 

02:36 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Draymond gets to the rim, on the roll and gets it to fall. 

Rockets with a turnover of their own with a Capela travel. 

02:35 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Harden gets fouled on the other end. He makes both

03:36 left in the third quarter, Warriors 68-84 Rockets

02:34 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

KD now has 30 (12 in this quarter) after the Rockets come up empty on their possession.  

02:34 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

15 turnovers now for the Warriors!

02:33 (GMT)17 MAY 2018

Horrible possession for the Warriors. It ends with a long Draymond 3.

Rockets turn it over, though. An offensive foul on Gerald Green.
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