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NBA Playoffs 2018 Conference Finals Live: Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Game 5 Live Score

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 25, 2018 03:47 GMT

FINAL WHISTLE: Rockets win 98-94. They lead the series 3-2!


03:47 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

03:47 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

A HUGE WIN for the Houston Rockets. 

What a game though. This was the series that everybody was promised. Even without Andre Iguodala, the Warriors put up a tough fight but turnovers came back to bite them. They committed 16 of them, one too many in the final period and now for the first time since the 2016 Western Conference Finals, the Warriors trail in a Playoff series. 

It might not be over though. In the final minute of the game, Chris Paul came up hobbling. He didn't play any possession after that and seemed in some obvious discomfort. 

How much will he be able to recover before Game 6 on Saturday in Oakland at the Oracle Arena? Only time will tell. 

03:33 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

03:30 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

03:29 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Curry makes the advanced pass to Green and he bobbles the ball. The Warriors turn it over for the 17th time!

They foul Gordon. He makes both and the game is over!

03:27 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors call a TIMEOUT!

With 6.7 second left, the Warriors will advance the ball but that is their last timeout. 

Correction: They can't advance the ball!

03:27 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Curry misses a bank runner. Trevor Ariza gets the rebound and he's fouled by Green. 

Pressure FT's coming. He makes 1-of-2

03:25 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors with 22.4 seconds, final possession and one point down!

03:25 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

22.4 seconds left and Rockets ball. 

But refs change the call on a review. It's now Warriors ball.

03:24 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden steps back again and misses a 3 again but the Rockets gets the offensive rebound.

03:23 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

CP3 misses his layup but the Rockets catch a break with a missed 3 via Cook!

03:23 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Refs called Harden for a travel but on the review they cancel that call. 

03:22 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

A 1-point game!

03:22 (GMT)25 MAY 2018


03:20 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

1:21 left and now the Rockets lead by 4!

03:20 (GMT)25 MAY 2018


03:20 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Draymond fakes the hand-off and drives to the rim for the layup. He misses but gets the offensive rebound and puts it in. 

03:19 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Now, the Rockets with a 24-second violation. 

Warriors with some defense now. KD with the block on the rotation on CP3

03:18 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

And a 24-second violation by the Warriors! 

This was their chance to cut the lead to 1 or nothing. 

03:18 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden misses his layup attempt over Curry as KD came with the help!

03:17 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Klay makes all 3!

03:16 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Refs are reviewing if the Klay's attempt was a 3 or not. 

It's a 3 so 3 FT's coming.

03:15 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

KD was going for another iso in the next possession but he passes it off to Klay and he gets fouled on the 3-point attempt.

03:15 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors iso with Durant and he misses over a tough contest. 

Harden misses on the other end on yet another step-back. 

03:13 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

03:12 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden miss a 3 again but with the offensive rebound, CP3 banks a runner over Looney. 

It's now a 6-point Rockets lead with 4:06 remaining. Warriors call TIMEOUT!

03:11 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Gordon gets a layup to fall over a tough contest. Rockets by 6 now. 

Curry, on the other end, gets a friendly roll and cuts the lead back to 4 on a layup. 

03:11 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors with some Warriors ball. Green to Looney for the dunk! Rockets with a 4-point lead.

03:10 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Out of the timeout, Warriors had to score but Harden steals it from KD and dunks it in transition.

03:06 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

KD with the tough jumper from the post. No foul called there. 

Rockets can't score either after Tucker misses his corner 3!

03:06 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden makes both. Warriors need to start making buckets as they now trail by 4.

03:05 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden drives again, misses but gets fouled again. 

03:04 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

He makes 1-of-2

03:04 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

On the other end, Tucker fouls KD. Two FT's coming.

03:03 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Gordon makes all 3. Rockets lead at 4 now.

03:02 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Eric Gordon gets fouled by KD. Three FT's coming.

03:02 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Even KD misses his 3 from straight. Shots drying up now. It's all about defense.

03:02 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Curry misses a straight 3!

Harden drives again and he misses. This time, no foul. 

03:01 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden makes both. Now, Rockets lead by 1.

03:01 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Harden drives again, which is the better decision for him, and he gets fouled by Curry. 

03:00 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors now leading by 1 without actually making a bucket.

03:00 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

02:58 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

02:57 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

CP3 with another tough attempt but can't make it this time. 

Klay answers with a 3 and now the Warriors only down by 1. 

02:56 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors can't score again!

02:56 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Rockets have a 4-point lead and the Warriors foul Paul to get David West out of the game, who was getting murdered by CP3!

02:55 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Warriors fail to score!

02:54 (GMT)25 MAY 2018


02:54 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Early 2 minutes, the Rockets have three field goals (6 points) but Curry has 5 points himself. 

02:53 (GMT)25 MAY 2018

Both teams trading buckets here too. It's going to come down to defense here.
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