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NBA Playoffs 2018 Live Score - Golden State Warriors through to Western Conference finals after beating New Orleans Pelicans 4-1

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 09, 2018 04:55 GMT

FT: Warriors beat Pelicans 113-104 and advance to Conference Finals where they will face Houston.


04:55 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

And that's it from us. Join us again for the Conference Finals as No.1 takes on No.2 in the West. Houston vs Golden State. The matchup that everyone wanted is finally here.

04:53 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

04:52 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Golden State Warriors beat New Orleans Pelicans 113-104. Warriors advance to their fourth-straight Western Conference Finals. They will now face Houston Rockets and with that win, they equal Bulls' NBA record of 15 consecutive home playoff wins.

04:51 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

And Warriors take a shot clock violation and Pelicans have the ball with 5.4 seconds left. And they play out time.

04:50 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors lead by 9 with under 30 seconds to go.

04:50 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

The clock is winding down and it looks like Green won't get his triple-double. Misses out by an assist. So close.

04:49 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green drives down and gets another layup. Where is the assist, Draymond? 

04:48 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Mirotic splits the free throws and the lead is now at 10.

04:48 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors lead by 11 and just like that it is looking more comfortable again. Looney fouls Mirotic and Looney is fouled out.

04:47 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green with a huge basket with the clock winding down. Holiday misses a wide open three and Looney taps it in.

04:47 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors have gone cold. COLD. Warriors have six on the clock after the ball goes out of bounds.

04:45 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Another Warriors turnover and AD scores and the Pelicans on a 18-2 run in the last six and a half minutes has the lead down to 7.

04:44 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Pelicans are on a 16-2 run. Just over 2 minutes left, lead down to 9.

04:43 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Durant left wide open and he MISSES. On the back of a Mirotic layup, the lead is down to 11.

04:43 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green ends the run with a floater in the paint. Lead up to 15. Green went for the assist but got the basket instead.

04:42 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

The lead is down to 13. JUST 13. Surely the Pelicans can't. Surely.

04:42 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

AD posts up Looney and is fouled on the shot. Two more free throws coming up.

04:41 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

AD has 31 points and he splits the free throws as he brings the lead down to 14. Warriors scoreless in the last three minutes.

04:39 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

04:37 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Kerr is unhappy once again and he calls for another time-out. He is bailing out Gentry big time with these time-outs.

04:36 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Pelicans go on a 8-0 run on the back of some open three misses from the Warriors and nice drives from Holiday.

04:30 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Kerr is not happy with an easy two for AD and with the leave down to just 21, he calls for a time-out.

04:29 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

After a Mirotic miss, Curry just hits a teardrop after going up for a normal jump shot. Oh, Steph.

04:28 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

What a play from the Warriors. What a play. Excellent ball movement from the Warriors. Curry drives, gives it to Green who gives it back to him and then Curry gives it to Livingston who cuts and drains the deuce.

04:27 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Mirotic drills a three to get the lead down under 20. Curry misses a triple and then Pelicans get an easy two.

04:26 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

AD steps back and drills a deuce over Looney. Livingston then beats the buzzer after a scrappy possession for the Warriors punctuated by an AD block.

04:25 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

AD begins the fourth with a miss. Excellent defence from Green. Livingston hits with a floater.

04:23 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

04:21 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors outscore the Pelicans 36-19 in the third quarter. End of third quarter, Warriors lead by 20.

04:21 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green is left all alone from deep and he drains that. AD goes down the other end and wants three of his own but he misses.

04:19 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green has been phenomenal on the boards. That is 13 boards already. He gets the putback as well.

04:19 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

But just as I say that Bell punctures one in. 

04:18 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors have cooled down. Too many turnovers and missed shots.

04:16 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Looney goes out with two points and FOUR FOULS.

04:16 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

04:16 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

No where is too far for Steph. Would you look at this?

04:16 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Miller gets a step and lays it in. Pelicans get the lead down to under 20. YESSSSS.

04:14 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors take a time-out. Kerr calls time. Why should Gentry have all the fun, eh?

04:14 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

So many taps and eventually Warriors come away with the ball on the defensive end. But a turnover leads to an easy layup.

04:12 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Holiday gets fouled on a floater. KD with some good defence but Holiday with even better offence. That three-point play gets the lead down to under 25. YAYY?

04:11 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Both teams have cooled down. So many missed threes. SO MANY. Steph gets fouled and that means two points. The lead is up to 26.

04:10 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

AD rains in on that parade with a couple. KD answers back with a deuce of his own.

04:09 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors on a 25-4 run in this quarter.

04:07 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors lead up to 24 and what do you know, it is a time-out. BUT WAITTTT! Warriors call time. Not Gentry.

04:06 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

OH STEPH. YOU BEAUTY! Curry drives then kicks to Iggy and gets it back from the three-point line. He misses but he is fouled. He gets three shots, you might as well just give him three points.

04:05 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Curry just hits a three from way downtown. Warriors now on a 22-4 run. The lead is up to 21.

04:04 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Green goes to the rim and Pelicans part like the red sea and Green just lays it in.

04:04 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

WHAT A PLAY! Klay gets an open layup. OPEN. He is HOT. Don't leave him open.

04:03 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Davis beats the buzzer with a tough floater and that gets him to 20 points and the lead is down to 14  points.

04:02 (GMT)9 MAY 2018

Warriors are on a 15-2 run in the second half and Pelicans have just one made shot this quarter.
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