New Zealand Open 2018, Men's Singles Quarterfinal: B Sai Praneeth vs Niluka Karunaratne, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 04, 2018 11:43 IST

Sai wraps it up 21-7, 21-9 in just 28 minutes!


11:43 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And that brings us to the end of this live coverage. Do join us during the live coverage of Sameer Verma vs Lin Dan, which will be in sometime.

11:40 (IST)4 MAY 2018

That was a show of brutal domination from Sai. He never relinquished control and absolutely stamped his authority throughout the match.

Sai thus advances to the semi-finals.

11:39 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai converts on his second match point and wraps this up 21-7, 21-9 in just 28 minutes!!

11:37 (IST)4 MAY 2018

One match point saved

11:37 (IST)4 MAY 2018

12 match points for the Indian!


11:36 (IST)4 MAY 2018

19-6 now

Sai needs 2 more points for the win

11:35 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 18-6 now

11:34 (IST)4 MAY 2018

17-6 to the Indian at present

11:34 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai is racing towards the finish line now!

11:33 (IST)4 MAY 2018

16-5 for the Indian now

11:32 (IST)4 MAY 2018

14-4 now after the Sri Lankan gets another point.

11:32 (IST)4 MAY 2018

No stopping Sai, who has looked in control of this match right from the start!

11:31 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 13-3 now for the Indian.

11:30 (IST)4 MAY 2018

11-3 to Sai going into the midgame interval

11:29 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Third point for the Sri Lankan in this game.

He now trails 3-9

11:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai adds a couple more points to lead 8-2

11:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

6-2 in favour of the Indian presently

11:27 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai is up 5-1

11:27 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Karunaratne gets a point here.


11:26 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Just like the first game, Sai is steadily building a big lead.


11:25 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai has simply picked up from where he left.

11:25 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 2-0 to the Indian in Game 2

11:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai wraps up the first game 21-7

11:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai has 14 game points now.


11:21 (IST)4 MAY 2018

12-point advantage for the Indian!


11:20 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And the momentum is firmly with Sai yet again.

It's 17-5 to the Indian

11:19 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai doesn't give him any chance to build a rhythm and makes it a 15-5 lead

11:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Yet another point for the Sri Lankan and he now trails 5-14

11:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

The Sri Lankan stops the Sai march and pulls back a couple of points.


11:16 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai adds 2 quick points after the break and extends his lead to 13-2

11:15 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai heads into the midgame interval with an 11-2 lead

11:14 (IST)4 MAY 2018

The Sri Lankan gets another point to trail 2-10

11:14 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 10-1 in Sai's favour

11:13 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Karunaratne is finally on the board!


11:12 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And 8-0 as well

11:12 (IST)4 MAY 2018

What a start for Sai!

He leads 7-0

11:11 (IST)4 MAY 2018

6-0 to the Indian

11:11 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And it's 5-0

11:11 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Points are coming fast to Sai!


11:10 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 3-0 to the Indian

11:10 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sai makes a strong start and leads 2-0

11:09 (IST)4 MAY 2018

First point to Sai Praneeth

11:08 (IST)4 MAY 2018

The match is about to begin!

11:05 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the New Zealand Open. Today, World No. 18 B Sai Praneeth will take on Niluka Karunaratne of Sri Lanka in the quarterfinal of men's singles.

Earlier, Sai Praneeth  had sailed through the first round, beating Israel’s Misha Zilberman 21-11, 21-19. Then, he needed just 46 minutes to see off World No. 42 Daren Liew 21-18, 21-17 in the pre-quarters. 

The Indian fifth seed today takes on World No. 129 Niluka Karunaratne. Sai should not have much of a problem in making it to the semis but the Lankan can prove to be a tricky customer. It promises to be an exciting contest. Stay tuned.
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