New Zealand Open 2018, Men's Singles Quarterfinal: Sameer Verma vs Lin Dan, Live Updates

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Lin Dan wraps it up 21-19, 21-9 to enter the semi-finals.


13:53 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And that brings us to the end of this live coverage. Do join us tomorrow for the live updates from Sai Praneeth's semi-final.

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13:51 (IST)4 MAY 2018

With Verma's loss, third seed Sai Praneeth remains the only Indian still alive in the draw. Sai faces the second seed Jonatan Christie in the semi-finals.

13:49 (IST)4 MAY 2018

While the first game was up and down as the lead kept on switching sides, the second game was a one-man show. Lin Dan was utterly dominant throughout Game 2 and blew away all hopes of a comeback for Verma.

13:47 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Lin Dan wraps this up 21-19, 21-9 to enter the semi-finals.

13:46 (IST)4 MAY 2018

20-9 to Dan now

13:46 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 19-9 to Dan now as he inches closer to the finish line

13:46 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sameer is fluffing whatever little chance he has been getting.

Dan slips and falls, leaving the court wide open...still Verma failed to put away the shuttle

13:45 (IST)4 MAY 2018

A long rally ends on a Dan lob that lands the shuttle right on the backline.

17-9 to Dan

13:43 (IST)4 MAY 2018

One point for the Indian, but by now the Chinese has gone up to 16-7

13:42 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Verma can't find his range at all in this game..yet another time he dumps the shuttle into the net.

He trails 6-13

13:41 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Still 6 points difference between the two as Dan leads 12-6

13:39 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 11-5 to Dan heading into the mid-game interval.

13:38 (IST)4 MAY 2018

A couple of errors from Dan now

Sameer trails 5-10

13:37 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Remember Verma made a great comeback in Game 1 from this point. Can he do a repeat?

13:37 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sameer tried to prolong the rallies but Dan kept on attacking his backhand.

It's 10-3 to Dan

13:36 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 8-3 to the Chinese now...totally in control of this game at the moment

13:35 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Verma finally stops the Dan march and gets a couple of points.

He trails 3-6

13:34 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Dan has gone up 6-1. Verma is left searching frantically for a Plan B.

13:33 (IST)4 MAY 2018

4-1 to the Chinese

13:33 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Lin Dan is now relentless! Going for body smashes!

13:32 (IST)4 MAY 2018

2 points in a row for the Chinese and he is up 2-1

13:31 (IST)4 MAY 2018

First point to Sameer in Game 2

13:29 (IST)4 MAY 2018

He had a huge lead and then relinquished it to Sameer, but the Chinese showed in the end why he is one of the greats of the game.

13:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Dan showed his huge experience as he takes the first game 21-19 with a delicate drop.

13:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Game point for the Chinese!


13:27 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's a down the line winner from the Indian!


13:26 (IST)4 MAY 2018

5 points on the trot for the Chinese!


13:26 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sameer attempted a dropshot off his backhand at the net but failed.

It's all level!


13:25 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Now the former World No. 1 gets a couple of points to reduce the deficit.

He trails 16-18

13:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sameer increases the gap between them further.


13:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Another point goes to the Indian and he leads 17-14

13:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

This has been a very good recovery from the Indian so far. He trailed 4-10 at one point.

13:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

And he extends his lead further to 16-13

13:21 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Verma keeps hold of his two-point advantage over the Chinese!


13:20 (IST)4 MAY 2018

What a deadly drop by Verma from the back-court!

Sameer up 14-12

13:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

A sharp smash down the line by Lin Dan!

They are back to being even!


13:17 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Verma still keeps his nose in front.


13:25 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 11-10 to Verma going into the midgame break.

13:24 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Verma has levelled matters now!


13:24 (IST)4 MAY 2018

His variation is putting Lin Dan off guard!

Verma 9-10

13:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Sameer is finding the corners very well now.


13:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

A few errors continue to trouble the Chinese.

Sameer now trails 6-10

13:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Another point goes to the Indian.


13:21 (IST)4 MAY 2018

A long rally goes in favour of the Indian.

Verma 4-10 now

13:19 (IST)4 MAY 2018

9-3 to Dan.

He is firmly in control of the proceedings now.

13:19 (IST)4 MAY 2018

7-3 now

Dan looks to have found his touch and poise.

13:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 6-3 to Lin Dan

13:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Again 2 points go in favour of the Chinese and he is up 5-3

13:17 (IST)4 MAY 2018

It's 3-3

13:17 (IST)4 MAY 2018

3 points on the trot for the Chinese and he snatches the lead.

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