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  • NFL Week 15 Sunday Night Football - Giants vs Commanders Live score: Latest injury updates, stats, how to watch, channel, standings, news and more

NFL Week 15 Sunday Night Football - Giants vs Commanders Live score: Latest injury updates, stats, how to watch, channel, standings, news and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 19, 2022 04:40 GMT

SNF Live Score: Joey Slye's 51-yard field goal cuts the Giants lead over the Commanders to 5. New York leads 17-12.


04:40 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Thank you for tuning in tonight!

We'll see you again tomorrow night when the Packers take on the Rams on Monday Night Football!

04:31 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


New York Giants 20-12 Washington Commanders

The Giants snap their four-game losing streak and build an effective two-game lead over the Commanders in the race for a playoff spot.

04:30 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

04:30 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


4th and goal from the six-yard and Taylor Heinicke launches a pass in the endzone to Curtis Samuel but it drops incomplete, courtesy of Darnay Holmes!

Giants in victory formation.

04:25 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

04:25 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


Curtis Samuel with an incredible sideline catch to keep the Commanders alive!

04:23 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Graham Gano converts from 50 yards out to extend the Giants' lead to 8 again!

03:55 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Joey Slye converts from 51 yards to cut the Giants' lead to 5!

03:54 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

03:45 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


Heinicke with a 14-yard run on 3rd and 1 to get the first down!

03:44 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The third quarter comes to an end.

03:28 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Graham Gano's 50-yard FG extends the Giants' lead to 8.

03:14 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

03:14 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


The QB finds the WR in a tight window for the TD!

The Commanders could not covert the PAT.


03:12 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

03:12 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


McLaurin catches a screen pass and the WR takes it 20 yards!

03:03 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The third quarter is underway!

The Giants receive the kickoff.

02:45 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Halftime at FedExField:

New York Giants 14-3 Washington Commanders

02:38 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

02:38 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


Saquon Barkley caps off an 18-play, 97-yard drive with a TD!


02:18 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

02:14 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Sensational stuff from the Commanders' special teams unit!

The Giants will begin their drive from the 1 yard line.

02:05 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

02:04 (GMT)19 DEC 2022


The Giants star strip sacks Taylor Heinicke and scoops the ball for the TD!


01:59 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The first quarter comes to an end.

01:50 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Commanders open the scoring courtesy of a 53-yard Joey Slye field goal.

01:25 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

We are underway in Washington!

The Commanders receive the opening kickoff!

01:10 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Fans can watch the game live on NBC Sports and live stream it on the NFL Gamepass App.

01:09 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The game will kickoff at FedExField at 8:20 PM EST.

01:09 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The two teams last met in Week 13 and played out a 20-20 tie. That result, and their identical records, makes tonight's contest worth two games, as the winner will have a one-game lead courtesy of the victory and will also hold the tiebreaker in playoff seeding.

01:07 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The Commanders are also 7-5-1 and have lost only 1 of their last five games. Head coach Ron Rivera's men are now in direct competition with their divisional rivals, Giants, for a spot in the playoffs. They are coming off a bye week and should be well-prepared for this game.

01:05 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

The Giants started the season 7-2 but are winless in their last four. They were prime position to secure a wildcard spot in the playoffs, but their grip is loosening and they need a win to suspend their run of four games without a win and also improve their playoff odds.

01:03 (GMT)19 DEC 2022

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE Coverage of the Sunday Night Football game between the New York Giants and Washington Commanders!
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