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  • NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho, Okada vs Naito, January 4th, 2018

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho, Okada vs Naito, January 4th, 2018

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 04, 2018 13:13 GMT

Wrestle Kingdom 12 looks to possibly be one of the greatest events in pro-wrestling history!


13:13 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Thank you for joining us at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in what was an absolutely spectacular! Kazuchika Okada stands tall for the third year in a row! 

13:10 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:09 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:08 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:07 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:07 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:06 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:06 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

13:01 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada goes for a Rainmaker. He hits it! 1 - 2 - 3! That's it. Okada beats Naito. What a match. We have a match of the year contender 4 days in....again.

13:00 (GMT)4 JAN 2018


13:00 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada senses the end is near. He nonchalantly hits a Tombstone and signals for the Rainmaker.

13:00 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito hits a step up Enzeguiri.Okada Irish Whips him to hit his trademark dropkick.

12:59 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada has Naito back on his feet. He goes for a Rainmaker. Naito reverses it and hits the Destino! Another nearfall!

12:58 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito goes for the Destino but Okada reverses it to hit a Rainmaker!

12:58 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito is poised to strike. Naito goes for a splash but Okada reverses it. Naito reverses the reversal. Nearfall!

12:57 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito just slaps Okada across the face. Okada is down! 

12:56 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

We've passed the 30 minute mark now. Both men look dead on their feet as they trade strikes, each strike leaving them more tired than the last. The crowd are counting along.

12:54 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:53 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito is down. He tries a step up enzeguiri but Okada dodhes it and Naito is down again. Okada goes for the sleeper hold again. Naito reverses it and hits the Destino! Naito can't make the cover!

12:51 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada goes for a dropkick from the top rope but Naito sidesteps him. Naito now heads to  the top rope but Okada  hits him with a German Suplex. A nasty landing. It looked like Naito landed right on his neck. Okada goes for a Rainmaker. Naito dodges. He tries it a second time and hits it. NAITO KICKS OUT!

12:48 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Running Pele Kick from Naito as Okada replies with a dropkick. Okada is on his feet as he whips Naito into the ropes. Naito replies with a flying forearm. This match has been back and forth since the beginning.

12:47 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Both men are down as the fans cheer them both on. A wave of sound inside the Tokyo Dome. Okada and Naito trade strikes.

12:45 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito is back on top. Leverages Okada against the top rope and hits another neckbreaker. Naito clearly has a game plan as he repeatedly goes for Okada's injured neck. Top rope reverse hurracanrana to Okada!

12:43 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada still has the sleeper locked in. The fans are getting louder as Naito reaches the ropes.

12:42 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada signals for the Rainmaker. Naito hits a back elbow to break freee. He goes for the Tornado DDT but Okada reverses. Okada has  sleeper hold locked in.

12:39 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

The action heads back into the ring as Naito leverages Okada on the ropes and hits a neckbreaker.

12:38 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada sends Naito inside out at ringside. He follows it up with a draping DDT from the barricade.

12:37 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:37 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:37 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:36 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:36 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:33 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito rolls Okada inside the ring and hits a missile dropkick. Lazy cover for a 2 count from Naito. He follows it up with a couple of nasty elbows.

12:31 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito uses his environment to good effect and hits Okada with a neckbreaker against the barricade. Wow.

12:30 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Okada hits Naito with a dropkick and sends him crashing out of the ring. Okada follows Naito out and sends him crashing into the steel barricade. A boot from Okada sends Naito tumbling over.

12:29 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito walks out of the ring to take a breather. Okada does't look happy. He stomps Naito as soon as the latter comes in.

12:28 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Naito sees the leapfrog coming and hits a low dropkick. The pace has picked up as both men dodge each other's offence before Naito hits hsi trademark pose. Tranquilo!

12:27 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:27 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:26 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

The crowd is split. Maybe 55 to 45 for Naito. The two men are still feeling each other out. Feels like the calm before a storm.

12:24 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

IWGP Heavyweight Championship - Kazuchika Okada (C) vs Tetsuya Naito
It's time for the main event. Both Okada and Naito are in the ring and ready. Okada's wearing long pants instead of his usual tights.

12:10 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:10 (GMT)4 JAN 2018


12:09 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Omega connects with One Winged Angel on a steel and chair and FINALLY picks up the win!!!

12:08 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Jericho connects with a codebreaker!!! Omega kicks out yet again and Jericho can not believe it

12:08 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:07 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Jericho goes face first into the turnbuckle 

12:06 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:06 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

12:05 (GMT)4 JAN 2018

Happened again! Is there rope break in a NO DQ match suddenly?
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