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  • Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev 2021 LIVE score, updates and commentary - Djokovic leads Zverev 6-1, 3-6, 1-6

Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev 2021 LIVE score, updates and commentary - Djokovic leads Zverev 6-1, 3-6, 1-6

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 30, 2021 09:56 GMT

Djokovic leads Zverev 6-1, 3-6, 1-6


09:56 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Meanwhile, this has been a superb Olympics debut for Zverev, who has advanced to the gold medal match dropping just one set thus far.

09:56 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic will still have his chance of winning his first gold medal though, when he takes the court with Nina Stojanovic to face Russia's Aslan Karatsev and Elina Vesnina.

09:55 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic also committed 7 unforced errors in that final set, which was one of the reasons behind him coming undone.

09:54 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic was completely dominated by Zverev in the third set, and saw 12 winners punted past him by the 6'6" German.

09:53 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Heartbreaking stuff for Djokovic, who yet again fails to win the Olympic gold medal in men's singles. He will have to wait for Paris 2024.

09:52 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

AND ZVEREV DOES IT!! Hits another backhand winner to reign victorious, upsetting the World No. 1 6-1, 3-6, 1-6.

09:52 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic saves one of them, two more to go.

09:51 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

A terrible volley from Djokovic brings up 3 MATCH POINTS for Zverev!

09:51 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

0-30, is it all over for Djokovic?

09:50 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

0-15, Djokovic just can't win any freebies on his serve anymore, strangely.

09:50 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

And Zverev takes the game with another big, big forehand winner!

09:49 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Game point for Zverev to go 5-1 up in the third!

09:49 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

40-30, Djokovic's lob ends up too short as Zverev puts away with little to no difficulty.

09:48 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

It's 30-30, make or break for Djokovic.

09:48 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

WOAH! Is Djokovic coming back to life? Brilliant, brilliant point construction from the Serb before finishing with a well disguised dropper!

09:47 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

30-15, Djokovic pulls Zverev wide on his forehand side, prompting Zverev to pull the trigger too early.

09:46 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

30-0, Zverev with another big serve.

09:46 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-0, Djokovic has now hit 15 unforced errors in the match as per charted data.

09:44 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev will serve at 4-1 next.

09:44 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic FINALLY holds for the first time since the second set, although he still trails by a double break.

09:43 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

40-30, game point for Djokovic.

09:43 (GMT)30 JUL 2021


09:42 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-15, Djokovic playing absolutely bizarre tennis.

09:40 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

A sensational choke from Djokovic though, who has failed to hold serve in his last 4 service games.

09:40 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

40-30, game point for Zverev.

09:40 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

30-30 now.

09:40 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic gets ahead 30-15 on Zverev's serve but the German erases that deficit with another winner!

09:38 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-15, Zverev still in it.

09:38 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic with bizarre tactics right now, just came into the net off a Zverev second serve.

09:36 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev now leads 3-0.

09:35 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic with a terrible serve and volley attempt there but gets passed by Zverev, who leads by double break now.

09:35 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev playing some BIG, BIG TENNIS from the baseline, now has 2 BREAKPOINTS to go up double break.

09:34 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-30, that drop shot by Djokovic just found the lines!

09:33 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic in real big trouble, down 0-30 on his serve!

09:32 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev takes it, leads 2-0 in the decider.

09:32 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Advantage Zverev, Djokovic seems flustered already.

09:31 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Advantage Zverev, who blasted another ace past a hapless Djokovic.

09:30 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev hits another shot long to give Djokovic yet another BREAKPOINT!

09:29 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Deuce again.

09:28 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

ACE! Zverev comes up with a game point of his own at long last.

09:28 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Deuce, Zverev with some more magnificent play as he passes Djokovic yet again!!

09:27 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

BREAKPOINT for Djokovic as Zverev hits a backhand long! Can he even things in this third set?

09:26 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

This is some tennis!! Djokovic dives to make a volley but Zverev ultimately passes him at the net. Deuce.

09:25 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Djokovic with 2 BREAKPOINTS after Zverev challenges his shot unsuccessfully.

09:23 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev breaks!! Leads 1-0 in the decider, can the German end Djokovic's hopes of a Calendar Grand Slam?

09:22 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Woah, that was close. Djokovic comes up with the good at the net and Zverev misses a backhand pass just by some!

09:21 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-40, Zverev generates 2 BREAKPOINTS!

09:20 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

15-30, Djokovic still staying strong on serve.

09:19 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

Zverev with another forehand winner to go up 30-0. Can he break Djokovic for a third consecutive time?

09:11 (GMT)30 JUL 2021

And we're going 3 sets! Zverev takes the second set with a forehand cross-court winner.
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