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Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev Italian Open Final Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 21, 2017 16:10 GMT

Alexander Zverev beats Novak Djokovic 6-4, 6-3!


16:10 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

16:08 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

But wait... more news! Novak Djokovic has officially confirmed Andre Agassi will be his new coach. 

Joins him in Paris ahead of Roland Garros.

16:00 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Zverev is already considered a future World No. 1. 

Surely this confirms those suspicions. And then some.

15:51 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Come tomorrow, Alexander Zverev will be a top 10 player. The youngest of the lot, at only recently 20-years-old.

15:51 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

This match definitely felt like it was more than just three breaks of serve. Djokovic helps Zverev's win along with steady, and unnecessary errors - funnily enough for him, with his first and last games. 

15:49 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

And at 5-3, staring down championship point, Alexander Zverev holds his nerve. Djokovic doesn't hold his serve. His nerve shows. He faults, does Djokovic.

All Zverev does is stare straight down the line. And send a great forehand in. Djokovic returns. It's long.

And it's done.


15:44 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Winners to unforced error ratios!

Zverev: 16:11 

Djokovic: 13:23 

15:41 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

That was a whopper of a game. We've seen some brilliant shot variation from Alexander Zverev here. Down the line. Cross-court. And then back again. He's moving well across the baseline and throwing a couple of feints too. He's also trying out some gutsy drop shots, and although they're a bit hit and miss and he's returned/sent a few long, this is quite the match nevertheless.

That was a must-win game for Djokovic, though, and he's managed it. 3-4 to the Serbian, but Zverev still here with the upper hand.

15:32 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Whew. We can't keep up! Djokovic is managing quicker service games but it's not proving enough here and he's really not able to get those breaks back. Zverev, Meanwhile, is breezing through his own service games with utter ease.

Scores are at 2 - 4 Djokovic! 

15:31 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

A hold of serve for Djokovic, but he's clearly at a disadvantage here in terms of the stats for this match - and the energy, we'd like to believe! The former No. 1 hasn't really been bad bar that opening game, but Zverev is absolutely on top here. 2-3 Djokovic.

15:27 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

A moment of tribute here to Zverev's double-handed backhand. Some absolutely phenomenal hitting from the youngster here, and Djokovic can't help but just watch them go past. 

15:26 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Djokovic isn't playing badly here so much as Zverev is steamrolling through this match. He looks very much like he's wanting to finish this off in this set, and with his level, that's quite the possibility.

15:21 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

WOW. Zverev is serving like an absolute monster here. And consistently. And then some. 

15:21 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

And 2-1! Zverev gets the break here and HOW! Some lovely drop volleys from the young German here and he's quickly become an all-surface player. 

15:15 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Zverev's excellent at the baseline and he's making sure we know! He's leading on points from the baseline now, and he's firmly planted there. With some big shots from the German, Djokovic is being forced to go far behind to return and he's reaching and then some! 

1 - 1 in the second set. Do you think Djokovic can come back here?

15:09 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

These two are treating fans to some great rallies! Although he doesn't quite hold serve there, Zverev holds something just as important now. Nerve. Djokovic leads 1-0 in the second.

15:02 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Alexander Zverev wins the first set 6-4! 

15:02 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Not doing much wrong is Novak Djokovic. That first game really didn't go his way as he peppered the court with unforced errors. Zverev quickly kept onto that break of serve and that's what's happened here. Two set points, and it's THE FIRST SET TO ALEXANDER ZVEREV! 

14:57 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Another shot just about looks long, but he's done it! Zverev stands in the centre of the court to take that one and he HOLDS! 5-3 now to Zverev with Djokovic still not having returned the break of serve, and now it's the Serb who will serve to stay in the set.

Not how mostwould have predicted this going...

14:51 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

That one was quite the toughie! Zverev takes Djokovic to deuce in his service game, but by the skin of his teeth, Djokovic holds serve. 4-3 lead to Zverev here in the Italian capital. 

14:45 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Whatever Djokovic can do, so can Zverev! As if to send a firm message, the young and agile German sends an exquisite drop shot in Djoko-esque fashion. Great stuff. 

He holds for a 4-2 lead in this set. 

14:42 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

A top rally between the two right there, let us tell you that! Great stuff from both as Zverev slide-runs into the net as Nadal so often does, and with anyone else (except maybe Nadal), that would've worked. But Djokovic bisects the court with that forehand drop shot and holds. Still behind 2-3, though.

14:40 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

He's doing everything right is Zverev. Heavy, precise groundstrokes - like Dominic Thiem before him - and Zverev holds for 3-1. He's up a break here in Set 1 and can't put a foot wrong. Helped along by a generous bunch of unforced errors courtesy Djokovic, the young German is lapping it all up.

He's up a break to lead 3-1! 

14:36 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Djokovic finds his mojo again. He's hitting fast hard serves down the line but was not great on his first serves to start here. He gets stuck in, however, to hold a service game for 1-2.

14:31 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

And he consolidates! The young German hammers on through to go up 2-0 now, firmly standing his ground. He's quite flighty and light today, and getting some good body on his shots.

Djokovic 0 - 1 Zverev

14:28 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Zverev BREAKS to begin the match! Shaky from Djokovic to start and Zverev doesn't do much wrong apart from one forehand sent long. 

Djokovic 0 - 1 Zverev! 

14:25 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Djokovic starts the match! World No. 2 on serve here but Zverev kicks off with a solid couple of points. THREE unforced errors from Djokovic! 

14:23 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

This is the first time Djokovic and Zverev will face off professionally.

14:21 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

It's World No. 2 vs World No. 17 here in Rome as the players gear up to plaaaay! 

14:15 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Perhaps the most surprising loss in the tournament though, was top favourite Rafael Nadal being ousted in straight sets by clay court sensation Dominic Thiem.

14:14 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

The youngest player in the top 50, Alexander Zverev's all of 20 years old and already in the BIGGEST time! A win here could push him into the top 10. 

14:14 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

After quite the low run of form, Djokovic played a whopper of a match against Dominic Thiem yesterday, one that catapulted him not only into the finals but also to the top of the list as another favourite for the French Open title! 

14:13 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

This is the first Masters final for Alexander Zverev, who is fresh off his debut clay court title in Bavaria. 

14:06 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Djokovic has got through the entire tournament without dropping a set. This is a huge comeback from some really low form for the Serbian ace.

14:06 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

It's the eighth final for Novak Djokovic here in Rome - and he's now vying for his 31st Masters title! 

14:06 (GMT)21 MAY 2017

Welcome to our coverage of the Internazionali BNL d'Italia today! 
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