Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem French Open 2017 Quarterfinals Live Score Match Updates

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Dominic Thiem beats Novak Djokovic 6- 3, 7-6, 6-0


11:35 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

He'll now play Rafael Nadal will Dominic Thiem. 

That would be scary for anyone else, but not Thiem. He's the only player to have beat Nadal on clay all season. And in straight sets, too, at the Rome Masters.

11:29 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


11:28 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


11:27 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

TRIPLE BREAK of serve? You'd better believe it! 

11:24 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

4-0!!!!!! Thiem only two games way from the biggest upset of the tournament so far. 

11:20 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

And 2-0 becomes 3-0. Thiem has a double break of serve. Crazy stuff here, and Djokovic is sliding and going into athlete-attack mode. It's not helping. Thiem concentrating quite singularly on the job at hand.

11:15 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

He sends a few backhands all over the place - and skies a couple. Thiem's even committed more UE. But Djokovic is netting easy shots.

1-0 to Thiem in the third set.

11:15 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

AND THE BREAK OF SERVE IN SET 3! What's stopping Dominic Thiem? Nothing, it appears. 

11:06 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

THERE'S THE SET! DOMINIC THIEM WINS THE SECOND SET 6-3 for a two sets to love lead! 

11:05 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

A brilliant backhand winner down the tramlines from Dominic Thiem and he refuses to tire out! 

11:05 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


11:04 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

An easy service hold for Djokovic - to love! 5-3 to Thiem now though, and he's serving for the set.

11:00 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Couple of break points for Novak Djokovic ...but Thiem pulls it back in to deuce - and WINS the game! He's leading 5-2 now and only one game away from leading Novak Djokovic two sets to love. WHAT? 

10:56 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Djokovic holds a service game. But this lag will have got to him. And the signs of tiredness (mentally, perhaps not so much physically), are showing! Dokovic sends a routine return into the net and he looks..disappointed, for lack of a better word.

10:53 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

10:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Superb stuff and he slides into the net with a stunning backhand drop shot. Djokovic goes running to retrieve it and takes a spill there. He's okay.

But Thiem has the early break of serve! 

10:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Dominic Thiem breaks in set 2 to lead 2-0!!!!!!

10:42 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

What is this? Usually once the adrenaline's worn down, players lose momentum. Thiem appears to be gaining it. He slots a forehand BEAUTIFULLY down the line and this is BREAK POINT #3. 

10:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Some great forehands from Thiem here and he seals the first game of the second set quickly. 1-0

10:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

18 W:UE for Thiem, 11 W: 17UE for Djokovic. Not much separating them.

10:27 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

This is obviously about the game to a large extent. But it's not just about the game. Dominic Thiem has exhibited singular mental fortitude here and he seals out the tiebreak 7-5. 

Dominic Thiem takes the first set 7-6. Are we witnessing the makings of an upset?

10:26 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


10:25 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

6-5 Thiem now. Another set point awaits...

10:25 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


10:24 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Djokovic misses the line backhand now. Immediately, too. Thiem leads TB 5-4! 

10:23 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

4-4 now as Thiem sends one near-identical to Djokovic past the tramlines. GAH! 

10:23 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


10:21 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

This could be the game changer. Who knows. Nobody wants to be the one to call the result here. Not even for this game specifically.

10:20 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Thiem's no stranger to long tiebreaks and he's beaten Djokovic there before. In tiebreaks. Unfortunately not in a match just yet.

10:20 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

2-1 in the tiebreak.

10:18 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Point No. 1 


Djokovic goes DEEP behind the baseline and returns at full stretch. Skies it somewhere. Mini-break early on for Thiem! 

He leads the TB 1-0

10:17 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

WOAH! Thiem sends some blazing ones in. Even Djokovic laughs - he can't believe where . that shot has landed.


10:15 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Djokovic's service games are going far quicker than Thiem's and he's up now, but even he can't help but grin at just how good some of Thiem's shots have been.

10:08 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Down 15-40, Thiem is absolutely not fazed. He's committed a few unnecessary errors and struck in the wrong direction needlessly. Djokovic could well have had the set a few points ago.

But his precision is unreal here, and mentally he's as checked in as Novak Djokovic


10:04 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

As Djokovic breezes in with a not-so-difficult hold of serve, Thiem is pushed to serve to stay in the set. 5-4 to the World No. 2 now, but a STUNNING winner down the line from Dominic Thiem! 

10:00 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

We're back from 4-2 to 4-4. Really good response for Thiem. 

09:55 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

And here's an error from DJOKOVIC! He sends it somewhere between 'just a little bit' and 'where was that going?' wide, it's past the tramlines, and Thiem brings scores to 3-4.

09:54 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Thiem manages to build up break point again - and AGAIN sends it long. 

09:52 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Thiem's unforced error count is mounting and then some... and that's gifted Djokovic another break of serve! 

He leads 4-2 now, and this is one big break.

09:50 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Thiem's shots getting a bit wild now and spinning a bit out of control. 

09:48 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

It's almost over as Thiem appears to send one juuuust long. Because we don't have HawkEye here, James Keothavong comes down to check. Djokovic reckons it's long, Keothavong reckons it's clipped the line.

It goes on.

Then an ace from Nole. 

Finally, he holds! 


09:47 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Wow. This game will go the end and then some! Every time you think Thiem is struggling even a little bit - and he's not, he pulls it right back. When every single game goes to the edge like this, we're really in for a good one! 

09:43 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Already ten unforced errors from Dominic Thiem. Really feisty today but he would've had more, or earlier breaks of serve had that count been under control. 

Ah well.

We're at our THIRD deuce of this game alone! Buckle up, folks. Looks like this'll be a long ride.

09:32 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

On the edge? Never for Djokovic. Anyone else might have broken a sweat.


No chance. He breaks right back. 


09:28 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Dominic Thiem is up a break of serve on Novak Djokovic, 2-1! 

09:28 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Holy goodness me... what a rally! Back, forth, back forth, and the ball spinning like crazy here and keeping low. Low enough that I thought it would go right into the net. 

It doesn't. 

Some really feisty work from Thiem here - and Djokovic sends it the tiniest bit long! 


09:23 (GMT)7 JUN 2017


09:22 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

A great start for Thiem too! He holds serve putting his favourite cross-court forehand to great use and although he nets a couple, he's aiming really well - and these shots are landing really in the sweet spot! It's not just a show of power here from him but some great strategic tennis.


09:19 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

And it's a service hold for Novak Djokovic! The 2nd seed is looking aggressive and mentally 100% there - and more, but a bit too much aggression has sent a couple of his shots into the net. A 40-15 lead ends up at deuce, but not without a couple of brilliant aces from the Serb down the line.

Thiem playing well but sends one just a touch long, and that's GAME DJOKOVIC! 


09:13 (GMT)7 JUN 2017

Djokovic with intent, runs into the net. Straight down the line. Pummels it. He's clearly in it to win it. Nadal or no Nadal, Djokovic fully intends to defend his title.
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