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Novak Djokovic vs Jan-Lennard Struff tennis Olympics 2021 LIVE scores, updates & commentary: Djokovic won 6-4 6-3

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 26, 2021 09:20 GMT

Novak Djokovic won 6-4 6-3


09:20 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic is now just three wins away from another historic achievement - the Olympic Gold Medal.

09:18 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic will next face the winner of the match between home hero Kei Nishikori and American Marcos Giron.

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09:17 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

A clean match from top seed Novak Djokovic. He hit a total of 14 aces, compared to the big-server Struff's 3, won 44% of the receiving points, converted 3/3 break points and maintained a high rate of 1st serves at 71%.

09:13 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game, Set, Match Novak Djokovic! An Ace seals the World No.1's place in the last eight of the Tokyo Olympics. He wins 6-4 6-3. 

09:13 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

40-15. Struff saves one match point, two more to go.

09:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

40-0. Three Match Points for Novak Djokovic.

09:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-0. Another big serve and a simple volley at the net puts Djokovic within two points of the win.

09:11 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-0. A big serve from Djokovic sets up a winner.

09:11 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Struff holds at 40. Novak Djokovic will now serve for the match at 6-4 5-3.

09:10 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Deuce. Djokovic two points away from winning the match.

09:07 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Jan-Lennard Struff will serve to stay in the match at the change of ends

09:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Djokovic holds at 30. The Serb is one game away from making the quarterfinals.

09:05 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-15 on Djokovic's serve

09:03 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Struff. The German holds at 15 to stay alive in the 2nd set. Djokovic to serve at 6-4 4-2.

08:59 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! The World No. 1 is on course for a routine win, leads 6-4 4-1.

08:59 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

40-30. A fluffed return from Struff gives Djokovic game point for a 4-1 lead.

08:58 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-30. A well played point from Struff draws an error from Djokovic at the net.

08:57 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-15. Brilliant point construction from the top seed.

08:56 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-15 on Djokovic's serve after a forehand winner from Struff

08:55 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Djokovic breaks again. Leads 3-1 in the 2nd set.

08:54 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-40. Two Break points for Djokovic to regain his advantage. 

08:53 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

0-30. An opening for Djokovic to break Struff's serve once again.

08:50 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Struff Breaks back! A brilliant attacking point from the German which ends with a forehand down the line winner. The second is back on serve.

08:49 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-40. Break Point for Struff

08:48 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-30. Not to be for Jan-Lennard Struff.

08:47 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-30 on Djokovic's serve. A small window for Struff to break back.

08:45 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Djokovic breaks! Leads 2-0 in the 2nd set

08:44 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-40. Break point for Djokovic!

08:43 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-30. A brilliant defensive lob from Djokovic but he can't finish the point and lets Struff off the hook.

08:41 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-15 on Struff's serve. Djokovic looking to break early in the 2nd set, he's locked in.

08:39 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Djokovic leads 6-4 1-0. Struff to serve.

08:38 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-15 on Djokovic's serve

08:37 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Djokovic serves ahead in the 2nd set

08:34 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Set Djokovic. The Serb breaks Struff to love at the best possible time to take the opening set 6-4. 

08:33 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

0-40. Three Set points for Djokovic!

08:32 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

0-30. Djokovic stamps authority with a brilliant passing winner on the return.

08:32 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

0-15. A bad start for Struff in a crucial service game.

08:30 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Struff will serve after the changeover in a Sudden Death situation in the 1st set.

08:30 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic. The Serb holds at 15 for a 5-4 lead.

08:28 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-0 on Djokovic's serve. The two players are trading big serves every game.

08:27 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Struff! The German holds at 30 to level the 1st set 4-4.

08:26 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-0. A strong start to his serve game by Struff.

08:24 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Struff will serve after the changeover 

08:23 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! The Serb wastes no time in regaining his advantage with a hold to love. He leads 4-3 in the opening set.

08:22 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-0.  A masterful volley from Djokovic.

08:21 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Game Struff. Yet another strong hold from the German. 3-3 in the opening set.

08:21 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

40-15. Another Ace!

08:20 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-15. Struff hits his first Ace of the match.

08:20 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

15-15 on Struff's serve

08:18 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Crucial service game coming up for Struff. This is where Djokovic usually strikes his blow.
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