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  • Olympics 2021: Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Carreno Busta 2021 LIVE score, updates and commentary: Djokovic loses the bronze medal to Pablo Carreno Busta

Olympics 2021: Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Carreno Busta 2021 LIVE score, updates and commentary: Djokovic loses the bronze medal to Pablo Carreno Busta

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 31, 2021 09:12 GMT

Novak Djokovic lost 4-6 7-6 (6) 3-6 to Pablo Carreno Busta


09:12 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

An emotional Pablo Carreno Busta after his win over Novak Djokovic and sealing the Bronze Medal for Spain!
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09:06 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

All is not over at the Tokyo Olympics for Novak Djokovic though. He still has a chance to go home with a medal as he features in the Mixed Doubles bronze medal match which will begin soon on Court 1.

However, with a third consecutive loss in a match that would've ensured a medal, the past 24 hours have been rough for the Serbinator.

09:04 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Pablo Carreno Busta also went unbroken on serve throughout the match - a mountainous feat in over 2.5 hours against Novak Djokoivic, the best returner of all time.

09:00 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Amazing display of aggression from Pablo Carreno Busta! His new style of play helps him smack 32 winners from the ground against the best defensive player in the world - Novak Djokovic. 
The Spaniard also showed immense mental strength to recover from failure to convert a Match Point in the 2nd set to play a near perfect deciding set. He got it done on his 6th Match point to win the Men's singles Bronze Medal for Spain.

08:56 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

He's done it. Pablo Carreno Busta beats Novak Djokovic 6-4 6-7 6-3 for the Olympic bronze medal!

08:55 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Match Point No. 6 for Carreno Busta

08:54 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce again! Carreno Busta just cannot seem to get it done. Djokovic hangs on after a huge cross court winner.

08:54 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Yet another big serve on the deuce brings up yet another Match Point for Carreno Busta, his 5th of the day!

08:53 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce. Short balls from Carreno Busta on Match points allow Djokovic to pounce.

08:52 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Another Ace brings up another Match Point

08:52 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce again. Carreno Busta is very nervous on match points.

08:51 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Another Match Point after an Ace from Carreno Busta

08:51 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce. Djokovic won't let go so easily, he smacks a backhand down the line winner to save the match point.

08:50 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Match Point for Carreno Busta

08:49 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-30. Big serve from Carreno Busta.

08:49 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-30. Here comes Novak Djokovic. He turns up the aggression to create an opportunity to break back.

08:48 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-15. Djokovic with an incredible lob on the stretch passing Carreno Busta.

08:47 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-0. Carreno Busta nails the serve out wide to win the first point.

08:46 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Pablo Carreno Busta to serve for the bronze medal

08:46 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! He stays alive in the match.

08:44 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Pablo Carreo Busta failed to convert a match point in the 2nd set Tiebreak. He is not one game away from winning the bronze medal in the deciding set. Leads 5-2.

08:43 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Carreno Busta! One of the best games of the entire tournament as the Spaniard holds without trouble at a crucial stage.

08:42 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

40-0. Unreal! Carreno Busta makes an amazing dig to pass Djokovic at the net.

08:41 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-0. Ridiculous hitting again from Carreno Busta. A flat backhand down the line winner this time after a tiring rally. 

08:40 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-0. Brutal, brutal hitting from Carreno Busta at the moment. His forehand is peaking!

08:39 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! Easy hold for the Serb to stay in alive in the match.

Carreno Busta will serve at 4-2 in the deciding set.

08:37 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Djokovic has a big deficit to make up as he serves trailing 1-4 in the deciding set.

08:36 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Carreno Busta! The Spaniard is two games away from the bronze medal. Leads 4-1 in the deciding set.

08:35 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

40-15. Game point to Carreno Busta for a 4-1 lead.

08:34 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-15. A defensive lob from Djokovic puts Carreno Busta in nervous waters, but the Spaniard resets brilliantly to smack a forehand winner.

08:33 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-15 on Carreno Busta's serve

08:32 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! The World No. 1 gets on the scoreboard in the deciding set with a hold at 30.

He still trails 1-3.

08:31 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

40-30. A net dash from Djokovic forces an error from Carreno Busta. Game point for the Serb.

08:31 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-30. A precise defensive lob from Carreno Busta neutralizes Djokovic's early advantage in the rally as the Serb then makes an unforced error.

08:30 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-15. Errors continue to come off Djokovic's racket but big serving is coming to his rescue.

08:28 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Djokovic serves with a 0-3 deficit in the deciding set

08:26 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Carreno Busta! The Spaniard races to a 3-0 lead in the decider as Djokovic smashes his racket in frustration.

08:25 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

40-15. Deep groundstrokes from Carreno Busta still doing their job to draw errors from Djokovic.

08:24 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-15. This time Djokovic pounces on a 2nd serve and controls the rally from start to finish.

08:23 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-0. A big 2nd serve from Carreno Busta.

08:22 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Carreno Busta breaks! Relentless aggression from the Spaniard as he draws the first blood in the deciding set. Leads 2-0.

08:21 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

30-40. First of the two break points saved by Djokovic with a big 1st serve.

08:21 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-40. Two break points for Carreno Busta after he smashes a return winner.

08:20 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-30. A half-chance for Carreno Busta to break.

08:19 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

15-15 after a big 1st serve from Djokovic.

08:19 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

0-15 on Djokovic's serve

08:18 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Game Carreno Busta! The Spaniard comes off a tough opening the game in the deciding set to hold after 3 deuces. Leads 1-0. 

08:17 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Advantage Carreno Busta. Djokovic hurls his racket into the stands in frustration.

08:15 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce again. An incredible get from Djokovic forces an error from Carreno Busta.

08:13 (GMT)31 JUL 2021

Deuce. Break point bravely saved by Carreno Busta.
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