NXT TakeOver In Your House Live Results: In Your House Updates & Highlights (16th May 2021)

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Catch all the live results from NXT TakeOver: In Your House


02:39 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Thanks for following along for TakeOver: In Your House!! This is Matt Serocki, signing off!

02:38 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Full Results for NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021
MSK/Bronson Reed defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pin.
Xia Li defeats Mercedes Martinez by pin.
LA Knight defeats Cameron Grimes by claiming the Million Dollar Briefcase.
Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon by pin.
Karrion Kross defeats Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, and Kyle O'Reilly by choking out O'Reilly.

02:34 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:34 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

After TakeOver concludes, William Regal hints that it might be time for a change in NXT. Is he stepping down as GM?

02:31 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:28 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:25 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:20 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Kross and Scarlett celebrate in the ring after a hell of a match. EVERYONE DELIVERED.

02:18 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

With Cole in the leglock, Kross locks in the Kross Jacket on KOR, and KOR is out for the count.
Result: Karrion Kross retains NXT Championship by submitting Kyle O'Reilly, defeats KOR, Gargano, Dunne and Cole.

02:17 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole hits the Last Shot on Kross and then KOR hits Kross. He hits a flying knee off the top before Cole breaks up the pin. He hits everyone with a kick and goes for another Last Shot before KOR counters it into a leg lock.

02:15 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

It's Dunne and Kross left in the middle as Kross locks in the Kross Jacket. Dunne almost fades but hits Kross with the finger locks. Kross grabs Gargs and locks him in the sub

02:15 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

I would have no voice left. Dunne then stomps on fingers and snaps Cole's before Kross hits a double Saito on Dunne/Cole. He hits Cole with a forearm to the back.

02:14 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne waits for Kross to get back into the ring. Dunne hits Kross with a bunch of palm strikes and Kross suplexes him. Dunne hits another few moves, including the Bitter End but gets a near fall. Dunne then locks in a sub but it's broken up by the other three. I'm glad I'm not talking this all out for you guys :)

02:13 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

KOR and Gargs are left in the ring and battle it out. KOR goes to the top but Cole pushes him off he lands the Panama Sunrise and pins KOR before Dunne pulls him out of the ring. He hits Cole with a brainbuster. He turns to see Kross standing back up from the announce table.

02:12 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:11 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne goes for a moonsault but is double super-kicked by Gargs and Cole. Cole goes for the pin but is stopped. Gargs locks both Dunne and Cole into his submission before KOR breaks it up.

02:10 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

KOR and Dunne go for stereo subs before going at it head to head. They trade sub attempts as Dunne is speared by Gargs. Cole tosses Gargs out of the ring and hits a shoulder breaker on KOR. He gets a near fall.

02:09 (GMT)14 JUN 2021


02:08 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

He tries to do the same to Dunne but Dunne lands on his feet. The two guys kick Kross onto the ring apron. Cole lands a Superkick to Kross on the apron before he and KOR Powerbomb Kross onto the announce table.

02:08 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Kross hits a German Suplex on KOR and Cole and Gargs and bears oh my!

02:07 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

KOR lands a double clothesline on Gargs and Dunne before getting obliterated by a Kross clothesline.

02:06 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Kross gets back into the ring and lands a shot on each competitor in the corner. Each guy lands a clothesline to the chest of Kross as he finally falls over.

02:05 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Everyone but Kross trade moves as Gargano gets another near fall. Chaotic is an understatement.

02:04 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole gets back into the ring but Gargs hits everyone with a move. He struggles to get to his feet as Cole superkicks him twice. He locks in the GargaNO Escape but Cole counters. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise again but Gargs counters into another near fall. Phew!

02:03 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

02:02 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne is also tossed over the barricade as Kross brings Gargs back into the ring He hits a Tornado F-5 for a near fall.

02:02 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

The crowd literally cheers for Cole and boos KOR as they trade shots. Kross comes back and takes KOR out of the ring by tossing him over the open barricade. He does the same with Cole and then slams Gargs neck first into the ring apron.

02:01 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

I bet the bookers send the guy that's out of the match back with the second-half-of-the-match playbook. Like when someone gets attacked during a Rumble and heads backstage only to come back out.

02:00 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne goes for the Bitter End but is countered into a DDT. He gets a near fall before tossing Dunne into the stacked men in the corner. Gargs pins Dunne but gets a two count.

01:59 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole lines up for his Panama Sunrise move but Gargs stops it. Gargs stacks Cole/KOR and goes for a move but is stopped by Dunne.

01:58 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole and KOR are left in the ring and Cole hits a few moves on KOR. He gets a near fall.

01:58 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

01:57 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole, Dunne and Gargs all attack Kross up the ramp and they shove him through the front door of the set.

01:57 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne then locks both Gargs and KOR in a fingerlock before Kross ends things by suplexing Dunne on to both men. Cole is left on the ramp and Kross pursues.

01:56 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

KOR goes for a move and some kicks but Kross drops him with a Judo throw. Kross eventually gets knocked off his feet before Dunne and Cole come in. KOR dispatches of Dunne before locking a cross arm sub on Cole. Dunne comes over and locks his own armbar onto KOR. 

01:55 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Kross lands a suplex on Dunne but Dunne holds on. Gargs and Dunne try to suplex him but he hits them with a double plex. KOR tries his hand and gets nearly pinned.

01:54 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole comes in net and decks Kross in the face a few times. He lands an enzuguri before getting pulled out of the ring. All three men attack Cole before Kross brings him back into the ring.

01:53 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Kross simply stands up and suplexes KOR. Gargs comes in and tries to lock in his finisher. He clips Kross by the knee and lands a Hurricanrana. Kross catches him again and tosses him.

01:52 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Dunne lands some kicks and attempts a Guillotine but Kross counters it into a suplex. KOR comes in next and the two engage in a Muay Thai fight. They kick each other in the head a few times before KOR rolls it into a leg lock.

01:51 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

After some early skirmishes, we are left with Dunne and Kross in the ring.

01:50 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Here we go with the chaos!!

01:50 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

01:49 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Cole can say whatever he wants about Kross, but there's something to be said for playing a character and having aspects of your presentation that reflect that.

01:46 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Wow. Dunne is wearing white and not his traditional maroon.

01:45 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Out first for the main event is Gargs, followed by Kyle O'Reilly. For the sake of my sanity, I'll be abbreviating O'Reilly as KOR and Gargano as Gargs. The rest will be by their last names. Enjoy!

01:44 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

01:39 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Looks like the Great American Bash will take place on July 6th!

01:39 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Back to Pettengill backstage and he's going to play a game with Dexter Lumis. He asks Lumis how the women are treating him these days. Lumis stops and grabs Todd's figure before leaving.

01:36 (GMT)14 JUN 2021

Moon goes to the top again but Gonzo counters out of the Eclipse. After a few more counters, Gonzo hits her finishers for the win.
Result: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon by pin.
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