Odisha FC vs Mumbai City FC - ISL 2019-20

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Odisha FC vs Mumbai City FC - ISL 2019-20


21:35 (IST)11 JAN 2020

This brings an end to today's coverage of this entertaning ISL match as we look forward to the forthcoming matches in the business end of the tournament. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda's coverage of the ISL in the form of live text commentary and also our post match pieces. This is Karthik Raj, signing off. Adios people.

21:31 (IST)11 JAN 2020

FULL TIME! Odisha FC 2-0 Mumbai City FC
Odisha FC end the match with a well-deserved three points as they exhibited more energy and quality on the day. After playing out a drab first 45 minutes, Odisha FC came back after the break as a completely different side with Aridane Santana and Xisco Hernandez combining to score the home side's two goals. This win ensures that Odisha FC maintain their perfect home record and more importantly move into a the Top 4 as Mumbai City FC drop down to the fifth spot. 

With Mumbai being pretty static in defense while also failing to threaten Odisha's back-line, this result is a pretty fair one. Manager Jorge Costa has a lot of work to do to turn around Mumbai's fortunes with the side giving away too much space on the wings. Also, star player Paulo Machado continues to be a big miss for Mumbai as he can both hold up play and also inject creativity into the side.

21:24 (IST)11 JAN 2020

90+4' End to end football with both sides testing each other's defense. After Santana's cross for cleared, Mumbai started a counter with Mohamed Larbi driving the ball out to Bipin Singh but the youngster's left-footed shot is saved comfortably by Dorronsoro.

21:22 (IST)11 JAN 2020

90+3' A completed cross from Narayan Das and Odisha almost add another one to their tally as Chhuantea's header just goes slightly away from the far post. 

21:20 (IST)11 JAN 2020

90+1' Sarthak Golui brings down Narayan Das after the Odisha FC left-back tried to get ahead in order to whip in a cross.

21:19 (IST)11 JAN 2020

90' Four minutes have been added on in the game but Mumbai will feel it might not be enough to mount a comeback.

21:18 (IST)11 JAN 2020

87' The industrious Vinit Rai is now replaced for Bikramjit Singh's physical presence in mid-field.

21:17 (IST)11 JAN 2020

86' Another yellow card and this time it is Aridane Santana as he tried to stop Mumbai from a potential counter-attacking move.

21:16 (IST)11 JAN 2020

84' Yellow card for Vinit Rai and he shabbily brings down Mohamed Larbi. After surviving a card early on, Vinit Rai will take this yellow on his chin as Odisha fight to maintain a clean sheet.

21:14 (IST)11 JAN 2020

83' A minute later, Odisha FC make their second change as Chhuantea comes on for Jerry. Earlier, the seemingly tired Xisco was pulled off for Martin Perez Guedes.

21:12 (IST)11 JAN 2020

82' The ineffective Serge Kevyn is finally replaced by the energetic Bipin Singh.

21:10 (IST)11 JAN 2020

82' A risky back-pass from Pratik Chaudhari puts Amrinder Singh in a lot of pressure as Jerry was pressing hard but the goal-keeper kicks the ball out of trouble.

21:09 (IST)11 JAN 2020

79' Sarthak Golui gets forward and tries to twist Narayan Das inside and out to finally get in a cross. The ball is also met by Rowllin Borges but his shot sails way over. A decent chance spurned by Mumbai.

21:05 (IST)11 JAN 2020

74' GOOOOALLL. A throw-in from Shubham Sarangi is flicked on by Aridane Santana which is then met by Xisco Hernandez with a lazy yet elegant left-footed strike into the bottom left-corner of the goal. When you leave Xisco unmarked, you are going to pay heavily for it and Mumbai are two goals down now, It will be an uphill task to even get a point from here on.

21:01 (IST)11 JAN 2020

72'  Raynier Fernandes is off as Mumbai try to bring in some creativity in the form of Bidyananda Singh.

20:59 (IST)11 JAN 2020

69' An amazing turn of pace helps Jerry drive the ball from mid-field to the final third and this results in substitute Valpuia making a professional foul to help his side get out of trouble. Srikrishna brandishes another yellow card for a Mumbai player as the visitors are suffering a meltdown of sorts.

20:57 (IST)11 JAN 2020

67' Yellow card for another Mumbai player and this time it is Serge Kevyn. Kevyn brought down Xisco Hernandez near the right flank and the Spaniard fell down with a lot of pain. Nailed on yellow card for Kevyn with him finding himself isolated in the last few minutes.

20:53 (IST)11 JAN 2020

64' The game has turned scrappy once again with both teams making a number of fouls while also playing erratic passes. This time Marcos Tebar plays the ball out under no pressure.

20:51 (IST)11 JAN 2020

62' Yellow card to Dorronsoro for time-wasting.

20:51 (IST)11 JAN 2020

61' Valpuia comes on in place of Subhasish Bose as Mumbai City FC make their first change. The left-back was pretty uncomfortable after injuring his ribs in a duel with Shubham Sarangi.

20:48 (IST)11 JAN 2020

59' Mumbai are increasingly becoming frustrated with Rowllin Borges bringing down Aridane Santana and the referee Srikrishna stops the play for a foul.

20:47 (IST)11 JAN 2020

56' Oh what a costly miss this could turn out to be from Jerry. In the first place, he young winger made an intelligent run to get behind the defense and create an one-on-one opportunity against Amrinder Singh. However, the shot was poor as Jerry's strike came at the right height for Amrinder to make a comfortable save on his right side.

20:43 (IST)11 JAN 2020

53' A poor challenge from Subhasish Bose to stop Shubham Sarangi who trying to drive forward with the ball. Both come out of the duel badly as they find themselves on the ground grimacing in pain.

20:41 (IST)11 JAN 2020

51' Mumbai try to strike back with Serge Kevyn but his chancey shot falls kindly for Fransisco Dorronsoro to save it. No trouble for the goal-keeper from such a ineffective strike.

20:39 (IST)11 JAN 2020

47' GOOOOALLLL! Time and again, Mumbai City have let Odisha FC use the wings freely and this time Mato Grgic who was dragged wide by Xisco lets the forward to tug the touchline and make a run into the box. Xisco eventually sends in a low cross which isn't cleared by any Mumbai defender and this meant that another Spaniard in the form of Aridane Santana made an intelligent run and finishes off the move with a neat strike into the back of the net.  6th goal for Santana in the season and a much needed one at that.

20:35 (IST)11 JAN 2020

46' An yellow card to Pratik Chaudhari in the first thirty seconds of the match as he kicks Aridane Santana with the Spaniard going down to earn a foul and an yellow card for the Mumbai center-back.

20:21 (IST)11 JAN 2020

HALF TIME - Odisha FC 0-0 Mumbai City FC
Odisha FC will be frustrated as their ventures from the wings and the numerous corner-kicks weren't converted into proper chances while Mumbai City FC's tactic of attacking the hosts on the counter also didn't reap major rewards. However, they would arguably be the happier side after limiting Jerry and Nandakumar's threats. 

The game should eventually open up in the second-half as the players from both sides get tired. So, join us in about 15 minutes to follow a hopefully intriguing end to this cagey match.

20:18 (IST)11 JAN 2020

45' A minute later Odisha FC get their best opportunity of the game too as Mumbai make a mess while clearing Xisco Hernandez's cross. Eventually Nandakumar Sekar tries to power a shot but the shot lacks the same and it goes straight to Amrinder Singh who has no trouble stopping it.

20:17 (IST)11 JAN 2020

44' Best chance of the match as Modou Sougou's shot swings just a tad bit away from the far post. The ball fell to him after Serge Kevyn's shot from the middle was blocked.

20:15 (IST)11 JAN 2020

42' Sougou whips in a cross but he doesn't have a lot of men in the box to test Odisha. The cross evades the onrushing Amine Chermiti too.

20:13 (IST)11 JAN 2020

40' Referee Srikrishna has noticed some infringement from Gaurav Bora and has a small talk with him. Bora isn't penalised though as it wasn't anything major.

20:11 (IST)11 JAN 2020

38' At the threat of sounding like a broken record, Mumbai once again give too much space for Odisha on the wings. The only difference is that it was Xisco's attempted cross which got deflected for a corner-kick. Xisco's kick is however underwhelming as Mumbai clear the danger.

20:09 (IST)11 JAN 2020

36' Mohamed Larbi tries to pick out Raynier Fernandes' run into the box but the local lad couldn't get any contact on the ball as Odisha survive a dangerous move.

20:07 (IST)11 JAN 2020

34' Mumbai City fail to properly deal with a long-throw as Odisha try a series of poorly directed shots but the ball falls to Narayan Das who earns another corner with his decent cross.

20:03 (IST)11 JAN 2020

30' Amrinder Singh is on the ground after being brought down while punching the corner-kick from Xisco Hernandez. The goal-keeper doesn't seem to be in too much discomfort though.

20:01 (IST)11 JAN 2020

29' Corners galore as Odisha FC test the Mumbai back-line with yet another cross. Mato Grgic clears the ball for a corner in a very haphazard manner. 

20:00 (IST)11 JAN 2020

27' Yet again Jerry causes some trouble from the right wing with a cross but it is too deep for the strong Aridane Santana. He somehow keeps the ball in play but the move withers away once again with the Spaniard sending in tame shot.

19:58 (IST)11 JAN 2020

26' Narayan Das and Nandakumar both get in a cross as Sarthak Golui is giving a lot of space for the two Odisha FC players on the left side of the pitch. The central defenders are however solid to clear the ball for Mumbai's good.

19:56 (IST)11 JAN 2020

23' Odisha FC are just moving the ball very slowly in the middle and the laboured pace of the game means that the hosts aren't able to create any substantial opportunity.

19:54 (IST)11 JAN 2020

22' A bit of head football is followed by a series of passes between the Mumbai City FC players but Rowllin Borges brings an end to the move with a wayward diagonal cross to Serge Kevyn on the left flank. 

19:52 (IST)11 JAN 2020

18' Fourth corner for Odisha FC and this time Xisco delivers a testing ball. This puts Subhasish Bose under pressure who headed the ball back to the danger area but both Gaurav Bora and Nandakumar couldn't get a clean strike when the chances propped up.

19:49 (IST)11 JAN 2020

16' Jerry loses the ball in the final third but it falls kindly to Aridane Santana who then provides a pass to Nandakumar Sekar. Nanda delivers another decent cross but it falls in no man's land.

19:47 (IST)11 JAN 2020

14' Odisha FC are constantly putting themselves under pressure by dwelling too much with the ball and this results in Moudou Sougou delivering two dangerous crosses into the box. Nothing comes out of it however with Mumbai's forwards not attacking the ball.

19:46 (IST)11 JAN 2020

12' Carlos Delgado takes too much time while being in possession but his center-back partner Gaurav Bora bails him out of pressure by clearing the ball.

19:44 (IST)11 JAN 2020

10' Third corner for Odisha as Jerry's attempted cross is played out for a corner by Serge Kevyn. But once again, Odisha FC fail to make the most of the set-piece as the ball can be met only at the edge of the box by Marcos Tebar.

19:42 (IST)11 JAN 2020

10' As usual Aridane Santana drops deep to play the ball out to Jerry but Mumbai's Serge Kevyn intercepts very well and puts the ball out for a throw-in.

19:41 (IST)11 JAN 2020

8' A deep cross from Nandakumar Sekar falls to Jerry but the right-winger slashes the ball over the post. A half-chance goes begging for Odisha FC.

19:40 (IST)11 JAN 2020

7' With Marcos Tebar taking too much time to pass the ball, Mumbai's medios press hard to earn the ball but Raynier's poor touch results in Mumbai losing possession once again.

19:37 (IST)11 JAN 2020

4' A very positive start from Odisha FC with Nandakumar Sekar earning the team''s second corner. Yet again, the set-piece isn't delivered well but Shubham Sarangi tries to make something out of it with a long-range shot. The young right-back gets it radar wrong as the ball flies way over the goal-post.

19:35 (IST)11 JAN 2020

3' Xisco's corner-kick isn't good enough with the ball not even clearing the first man Moudou Sougou.  A potential opportunity breaks down.
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