Olympics 2021 Boxing LIVE updates: Mary Kom's extraordinary story continues, defeats Miguelina Hernandez in first round

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13:48 (IST)25 JUL 2021

It was a strong performance from Mary Kom. She started slowly in the initial seconds of the first round but picked up pace as the bout progressed. The boxer in red dominated the fixtures with some impressive counters. She won the fight 4-1 on split decision.

Mary Kom will now face Colombia's Valence Victoria Ingrit Lorena on July 29.

13:44 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Final Result:


13:43 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom's extraordinary story continus.

13:43 (IST)25 JUL 2021

By split decision,
Mary Kom wins

13:43 (IST)25 JUL 2021

It wasnt the most tidiest of bouts but it had its own action.

13:42 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Who won?

13:42 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Third Round Ends

Waiting for the results

13:41 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Last 15 seconds.

13:41 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Can Garcia find something in the last 30 seconds?

13:41 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom keeping her distance and looking for opening.

13:41 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Garcia gets warning. NO HOLD

13:40 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Last 1 minute

13:40 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Last round. Mary Kom is connecting every punch now.

13:40 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Kom is going all out now.

13:39 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Third Round begins

13:38 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Second Round Ends

Mary Kom leads 3-2.

13:38 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Final seconds of Round 2.

13:37 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom gives right and then left and then an upper cut. She is going strong against Garcia, who is 15-year her junior.

13:36 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Its an even-steven bout so far. Kom is slowly picking up the pace.

13:35 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Second Round

13:35 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Round 1 ends

The Judges score the opener as 3-2.

13:34 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Final eight seconds

13:33 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom lands a good right hand

13:32 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Shaky Start

Mary Kom stats defensively in round 1. The Indian boxer is moving around to take the feel of the ring. Her head guard is certainly posing some problem.

13:31 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Its on!

Both the boxers shake hands and the bell rings.

13:27 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom - The Legend

The boxer has been one of the finest athletes produced by India. But her journey to the top was not easy. From taking hiatus after marriage, to returning to the ring after giving birth to her son, her journey has been inspiring.

Read more about it here. 

13:25 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Facts about Mary Kom's opponent

13:19 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Looks yummy!!

13:19 (IST)25 JUL 2021

13:16 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Mary Kom will be the favourite to win today. She will be riding on the back of her 2021 Asian Championship silver medal win. The seasoned boxer had been training in Italy and is accompanied by her personal coach, Chhote Lal Yadav.

13:10 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Can Mary Kom start on a winning note?

The legendary Indian boxer will want to change the colour of her 2012 London Olympics bronze medal to gold. But can she do it?

12:59 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live blog of today's boxing singles match between India's Mary Kom and Dominica's Miguelina Hernandez.

The match is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM IST.
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