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Olympics 2021 LIVE: Novak Djokovic vs Kei Nishikori LIVE score, updates and commentary: Djokovic won 6-2 6-0

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 29, 2021 10:33 GMT

Novak Djokovic won 6-2 6-0


10:33 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic is now only two wins away from winning his maiden Olympic Gold. With a win over either Zverev or Chardy in the semi-final, he will ensure his trip to Tokyo does not end without a medal.

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10:31 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic's next opponent will be the winner of the match between Alexander Zverev and Jeremy Chardy, which is to take place later today. 

10:29 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic made uncharacteristically high number of unforced than we are used to from the Serb, at 13. But that was a result of Djokovic turning up the aggression in a bid to not let Kei Nishikori take control of the rallies. The World No. 1 was flawless in all other aspects, winning 92% of the points he played at the net, convert 5/10 opportunities to break and winning 85% of his first serve points. His first serve percentage was also down a bit at 48%, but the Serb made up for it by winning a high 82% of his second serve points.

10:24 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Novak Djokovic thrashes Kei Nishikori to win 6-2 6-0 in a completely dominant fashion which would send a chill down the spine of his next opponent.

10:23 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game, Set, Match Novak Djokovic

10:21 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-40. Two Match Points for Novak Djokovic.

10:20 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-30. Djokovic is two point away.

10:20 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-15 on Nishikori's serve. Can he avoid a bagel?

10:17 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Djokovic holds to 15 to lead 6-2 5-0. He is one game away from a semifinal berth.

10:15 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0 on Djokovic's serve. Nishikori has no answers for Djokovic's backhand down the line. Frankly, no one does!

10:14 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Djokovic breaks again, after another double fault from Nishikori, to all but seal the match. Leads 6-2 4-0.

10:13 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-40. Two Break points for Djokovic to get a double break in the 2nd set.

10:12 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-30. Flawless tennis again from the Serb.

10:11 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0. Nishikori plays a patient rally and wins the point after an unforced error from Djokovic.

10:09 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Kei Nishikori cuts a helpless figure at the changeover as Novak Djokovic is not giving him a moment's respite. The match could be over soon save for an unusual turnaround.

10:07 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic. A hold to love as the Serb races to a 6-2 3-0 lead.

10:07 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

30-0. Yet another belter of a backhand down the line from Novak Djokovic.

10:06 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0 on Djokovic's serve

10:05 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic. He breaks early in the second set for a 6-2 2-0 lead in the match.

10:04 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

30-40. First of the two break points saved as Nishikori rips a cross court backhand to draw the error off Djokovic.

10:04 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-40. Two break points for Djokovic

10:03 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-30. Opportunity for Djokovic to break early in the 2nd set and run away with the match here.

10:02 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-15. Double fault from Nishikori.

10:02 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0 on Nishikori's serve. A big first serve opens up the court for a winner from Nishikori.

10:01 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Some superb all court play from Novak Djokovic in that game to dig himself out of trouble. 

10:00 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! A huge opportunity missed for Nishikori as the Serb holds at the start of the 2nd set. 

Djokovic leads 6-2 1-0.

09:59 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Deuce. Nishikori tries to open up the court early on the break point to strike the winner, but pays the price as Djokovic turns it up.

09:58 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Break point for Nishikori to take the lead in the 2nd set.

09:58 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

30-30. Two double faults in the opening game from Djokovic.

09:57 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

30-15 on Djokovic's serve in the opening game of the 2nd set.

09:56 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

You cannot play tennis better than Novak Djokovic is playing at the moment. The Serb did everything right in the 1st set.
He will also serve ahead in the 2nd set.

09:53 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game and 1st set Novak Djokovic. Masterful display from the Serb as he breaks Nishikori twice to win the opening set 6-2 and take the lead in the match. 

09:52 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Two Set points for Novak Djokovic after another perfect point played from the baseline.

09:51 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-30. Expert anticipation and passing shot from Djokovic.

09:51 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-15. A double fault from Nishikori.

09:50 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Nishikori has started unloading on his backhand down the line on every opportunity he gets. Seems he has realized that's the only way to stay close with Novak Djokovic.

09:48 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! A tough game point, but Djokovic rises to the occasion. Holds for a 5-2 lead in the 1st set.

09:47 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

40-30. Djokovic shuts the door on Nishikori's half-chance with a big first serve.

09:46 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

30-30. Another amazing backhand down the line from Nishikori gives him a look at breaking back.

09:45 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-15. Djokovic stays alive in the point despite an incredible backhand down the line by Nishikori, but the Japanese does enough to win the point.

09:44 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0. Flawless baseline tennis from Djokovic once again.

09:42 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Nishikori! He holds with a combination of big first serves at deuce. Stays close in the opening set at 2-4.

09:42 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Deuce. Deep groundstrokes from Djokovic continue to draw errors off Nishikori.

09:41 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Advantage Nishikori. Big serve brings up Game point for the Japanese.

09:41 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Deuce. Djokovic wastes a break point with a rare unforced error.

09:39 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Break point for Djokovic for a 5-1 lead in the opening set. Some superb play from the back.

09:39 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Deuce. Djokovic gives no let off to Nishikori as he looks for another double break.

09:38 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

40-15. A chance for an easy hold for Nishikori.

09:36 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

15-0. Some good work from Nishikori from the back of the court as he belts a backhand down the line winner.

09:34 (GMT)29 JUL 2021

Game Djokovic! He lets no room for Nishikori to break back. Leads 4-1 in the opening set.

Nishikori will serve after the changeover.
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