Oman vs India Live! Live Scores, Commentary, and Updates- 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

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The match will kick off at 8:30 p.m. IST.


22:24 (IST)19 NOV 2019

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22:23 (IST)19 NOV 2019

90+6' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, there is the full-time whistle. Oman win the match 1-0 courtesy of a goal from Muhsen Al Ghassani and India's quest to find a win in 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers under Igor Stimac continues. 

22:22 (IST)19 NOV 2019

90+5' Brandon swings a long ball trying to find Nishu Kumar but he can't rise high enough to win the header and the ball goes out for an Oman throw. 

22:21 (IST)19 NOV 2019

90+3' Brandon with a brilliant crossfield grounded pass to Ashique but Oman's defender Harib Al Saadi wins the ball inside the box. 

22:18 (IST)19 NOV 2019

90+2' Anas lobs a long ball from the centre circle looking for Manvir Singh but the assistant raises his flag. 

22:17 (IST)19 NOV 2019

90' 6 Minutes added on. Plenty of time for India to get an equalizer. 

22:16 (IST)19 NOV 2019

88' Oman make their final change. 

OFF- Muhsen Al Ghassani
ON- Abdulaziz Al Maqbali

22:14 (IST)19 NOV 2019

86' Ashique with a brilliant cross from the left flank and Oman's Ali Busaidi almost scored an own goal. But, the ball trickles away for a corner and Brandon Fernandes' corner is poor as it has been throughout the night. 

22:11 (IST)19 NOV 2019

84' Ashique with a brilliant run down the wing but Oman's Al Aghbari with a brilliant sliding tackle from behind and India win a corner-kick. 

22:10 (IST)19 NOV 2019

82' Al Mandhar threads a brilliant run down the wing and lays it off unselfishly for his teammate Ali Busaidi in the near post. But, Gurpreet's palm is enough to avert the danger. That save is as good as scoring a goal. 

22:07 (IST)19 NOV 2019

80' Oman are happy with India keeping the ball. They are too strong defensively and are looking to see this game out 1-0. 

22:05 (IST)19 NOV 2019

78' Oman make their second change. 

OFF- Mohsin Al Khaldi
ON- Zahir Al Aghbari

22:04 (IST)19 NOV 2019

77' What was that? Brandon's free-kick floats away and is no danger to Oman's goal. 

22:02 (IST)19 NOV 2019

73' India conceding foul cheaply in their own half. Whenever they go up and lose possession, they give away fouls and Oman are taking their sweet time to run the clock. 

21:58 (IST)19 NOV 2019

70' Game starting to open up now. Farukh Chaudhary with a sweeping tackle inside the box and India try to break on the counter. But, Oman's defense clear the ball. 

21:56 (IST)19 NOV 2019

68' Chhetri with a defense-splitting pass to Udanta on the right-wing. He cuts in and tries to find Farukh. But, an Omani defender makes a vital interception to keep the scoreline same. 

21:55 (IST)19 NOV 2019

67' India make their final change. 

OFF- Rahul Bheke
ON- Sarthak Golui

21:53 (IST)19 NOV 2019

65' Oman's Harib Al Saadi goes in the book for bringing down Udanta from behind. The winger is easily India's best player on the pitch. 

21:51 (IST)19 NOV 2019

63' SAVE! Oman's shot taker takes a brilliant free-kick but Gurpreet dives full stretch to his left to avert the danger. Almost 2-0 for Oman there. 

21:49 (IST)19 NOV 2019

62' Anas concedes a foul in a dangerous position just outside the box. A nasty elbow on an Omani forward and it is a perfect opportunity for the home side to make it 2-0. Anas lucky not to be booked. 

21:48 (IST)19 NOV 2019

61' Oman make their first change. 

OFF- Mohammed Mubarak
ON- Arshad Al Alawi

21:48 (IST)19 NOV 2019

60' Oman slowing things down by feigning injuries and taking time in taking set-pieces. India, on the other hand, showing some signs of urgency to get a goal. 

21:46 (IST)19 NOV 2019

58' Udanta with a brilliant backheel pass to Manvir. But, the FC Goa lad couldn't read the ball and an Omani defender clears the ball. 

21:43 (IST)19 NOV 2019

56' Oman's goalscorer Muhsen Al Ghassani down. Ashique knocked the wind out of him through his yellow and he receives treatment in the touchline. 

21:41 (IST)19 NOV 2019

54' Ashique is down and it is not a good sign for Igor Stimac and Indian football team. 

21:38 (IST)19 NOV 2019

51' He goes for the far post looking for Sunil Chhetri but he doesn't have the height and Oman have the ball amongst themselves now. 

21:37 (IST)19 NOV 2019

50' India win a foul in a dangerous position and Brandon Fernandes is up there to take it. 

21:34 (IST)19 NOV 2019

48' Brandon's first corner is cleared for another. His second one is straight to the feet of Manvir Singh. And, the ball comes off his feet and it is easy pickings for the Omani goalkeeper. 

21:33 (IST)19 NOV 2019

47' India win a corner early in the second half. Nishu Kumar lobs the ball to Udanta and two men mark him but the Manipuri player eventually win a corner. 

21:32 (IST)19 NOV 2019

46' We are underway for the second half here in Muscat. 

21:27 (IST)19 NOV 2019

Well, this angle shows India shouldn't have been a goal down. Unfortunately, there is no VAR in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. 

21:26 (IST)19 NOV 2019

21:25 (IST)19 NOV 2019

Well, it has finished Afghanistan 0-1 Qatar elsewhere in Group E. Afghanistan picks up no point as expected and that means, India can move to the third spot in the points table if they pick up a draw. 

21:18 (IST)19 NOV 2019

45+2' PEEP! PEEP! India goes in the half time with one goal down. Oman looked more dangerous in the later stages of the first half and India should breathe a sigh of relief as they are down by only one goal. Igor Stimac has lots of work to do and his two forced substitutions won't help him. 

21:16 (IST)19 NOV 2019

45' 2 Minutes added on. 

21:16 (IST)19 NOV 2019

43' CHANCE! Al Mandhar goes down the left wing and delivers a deadly cross in the centre of the box. The goalscorer of the day, Muhsen Al Ghassani, only has to poke his toe but fails to get a touch and the ball trickles away. 

21:12 (IST)19 NOV 2019

40' Brandon wins the ball in the final third of Oman and he runs a 20 yard before laying it off for Udanta in the left wing. The Bengaluru FC winger bursts his pace and delivers a cross in the penalty box. Farukh Chaudhary and Manvir Singh think too much amongst themselves and fail to get a shot as an Omani defender clears the danger. 

21:10 (IST)19 NOV 2019

39' Palmed away by Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and Oman have another corner. 

21:09 (IST)19 NOV 2019

38' Oman's Ahmed Kano takes a curling free-kick but Anas towers above everyone to clear the danger. A long throw from Saad Suhail and they get a corner here. 

21:07 (IST)19 NOV 2019

36' And, Anas Edathodika makes his way in the game. Adil Khan is the one who is out. 

21:05 (IST)19 NOV 2019

35' Adil is down with a hamstring and it looks like he is coming out. 

21:05 (IST)19 NOV 2019

33' GOAL! Oman gets one up. Muhsen Al Ghassani receives a brilliant through pass from Al Khaldi and he is one-on-one with Gurpreet. He takes no time to control the ball and strikes the ball past Gurpreet with his first touch. It is Oman 1-0 India here in Muscat. 

21:02 (IST)19 NOV 2019

32' Muhsen Al Ghassani is flagged offside in the left wing. Line managed well by Adil Khan and Rahul Bheke. 

21:01 (IST)19 NOV 2019

30' Both the teams taking it slow here. If the game goes on like this, it will end 0-0 and Oman won't be happy with that. 

20:58 (IST)19 NOV 2019

26' India make an early change. Vinit Rai comes on for Pronay Halder. 

20:57 (IST)19 NOV 2019

24' Nishu gets the final touch on the ball as Oman win a corner. 

20:56 (IST)19 NOV 2019

25' And, Pronay Halder goes in the book now. An ill-timed challenge on Ahmed Kano just outside the box. What can Oman get from here?

20:55 (IST)19 NOV 2019

24' Yellow card to Adil Khan. An Omani player races past Pronay in the centre of the park and Adil has to stick out his boot to commit a professional foul and referee sees malice in it to go into the book. Replays suggest he got the ball. 

20:54 (IST)19 NOV 2019

23' India wins a corner. Brandon Fernandes with a brilliant cross field diagonal towards Udanta. Nishu dummies a pass and Udanta races down the right wing to deliver a final pass but an Omani defender blocks the pass and India gets nothing from the counter. 

20:51 (IST)19 NOV 2019

20' Brandon dinks a cheeky chip towards Sunil Chhetri. The captain tries to lay it back for Udanta but the pass lacked venom and Al Habsi catches the ball before it reaches his Bengaluru FC teammate. 
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