ONE Fight Night 11 Live Results (June 9, 2023)

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Live results for ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov on Prime Video


04:51 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

That is it for an explosive night of action as ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov on Prime Video comes to a close. Thank you all for joining us here at Sportskeeda. We will be back this July 14 for ONE Fight Night 12: Kryklia vs. Xhaja on Prime Video.

04:50 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:43 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:28 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:27 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

04:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Regian Eersel is now 10-0 in ONE Championship.

04:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

The fight lasted exactly 46 seconds.

04:24 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

A short and quick left hook that Eersel landed on Menshikov's forehead was what ended the bout.

04:22 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Menshikov couldn't regain his wits about him!

04:22 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Menshikov is down and that's it!

04:22 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Round 1 starts, Menshikov using his jab and leg kicks early on.

04:13 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Regian Eersel (C) vs. Dmitry Menshikov for the ONE lightweight Muay Thai world championship starts now

04:02 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Kade Ruotolo retains the ONE lightweight submission grappling world championship via unanimous decision over Tommy Langaker.

04:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Langaker got the early catch, Ruotolo came back late, now this fight goes to the judges' scorecards.

04:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

That's the end of a highly entertaining grappling match.

03:58 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ruotolo pusing the tempo! Langaker trying to get the leg lock, Ruotolo trying to do the same!

03:57 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

1-1 now in terms of submission catches.

03:57 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Kade got the heel, that's a catch!

03:55 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Langaker working to isolate Ruotolo's left leg.

03:53 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ruotolo gets a heel hook, Langaker slips away. No catch for Ruotolo.

03:52 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Langaker already has one submission catch over Ruotolo.

03:52 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Langaker isolates and catches Ruotolo's leg!

03:51 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ruotolo slides and gets Langaker to the mat.

03:50 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Hand fighting between Ruotolo and Langaker at the start of the match.

03:46 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Kade Ruotolo (C) vs. Tommy Langaker for the ONE lightweight submission grappling world title starts now.

03:41 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ilya Freymanov secures a $50,000 bonus. He joins Superbon and Kwon Won Il as tonight's bonus winners.

03:30 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:27 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

That match was on full throttle from the opening bell.

03:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Freymanov with the knee! Lands some hooks from up top, now with some elbows. Freymanov slaps in the rear naked choke and he ends it! 

03:24 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Shine lands the takedown, but Freymanov almost secures a submission attempt.

03:23 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Shine firing from up top! Freymanov recovers and gets back up.

03:23 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Freymanov lands a body kick, Shine jumps in for a left hook.

03:20 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:17 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ilya Freymanov vs. Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg in featherweight MMA starts now.

03:15 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:14 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:13 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:13 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:12 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:09 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Superbon gets the $50,000 bonus. That's the second bonus tonight, the first one went to Kwon Won Il.

03:08 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

03:04 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

That left roundhouse found the target and absolutely flatlined Ozcan. Medical staff now tending to the Turkish star.

03:03 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Superbon ends it! Superbon with a roundhouse kick that put Ozcan to sleep!

03:02 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Ozcan throws a right roundhouse that lands on Superbon's guard.

03:02 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Push kick by Superbon, and another. And he lands a left kick.

03:01 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Round 2 starts.

03:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

That's the end of the first.
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