ONE Fight Night 12 Live Results (July 14, 2023)

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Live results for ONE Fight Night 12: Superlek vs. Khalilov on Prime Video


04:13 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That is it for ONE Fight Night 12. Stay with us at Sportskeeda MMA for next month's ONE Fight Night 13: Allazov vs. Grigorian on August 4.

04:12 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

04:11 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

03:57 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

03:52 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

03:46 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

OFFICIAL RESULT: Superlek Kiatmoo9 defeats Tagir Khalilov via TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:42 of round two (Muay Thai – catchweight 135.25 lbs)

03:43 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Olivier Coste waves it off! It is over! Superlek with the TKO win against Tagir Khalilov!

03:42 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Superlek is going berserk! That's a knockdown!

03:41 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Round 2 starts and Superlek is firing once again.

03:40 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That's the end of the first round.

03:40 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Khalilov wearing the crimson mask and Superlek is using that vibrant color as his target.

03:39 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Khalilov is now bloodied near his right brow.

03:38 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Superlek on fire right now! Not even the clinch is stopping him.

03:38 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Superlek on the attack, but Khalilov eager to absorb the punishment.

03:38 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Khalilov can't find the range early on.

03:37 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

And a big leg kick.

03:37 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Superlek connects with a push kick early on.

03:37 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Round 1 starts.

03:27 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Superlek is the reigning ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion and is the no.1 flyweight Muay Thai contender.

03:27 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tagir Khalilov is unranked in flyweight Muay Thai but is coming off two straight first-round KO wins.

03:26 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

The main event between Superlek Kiatmoo9 and Tagir Khalilov in catchweight (135.25 lbs) Muay Thai is up next.

03:24 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

03:20 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That's a $50,000 bonus to Garry Tonon from ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong.

03:18 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

03:17 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

OFFICIAL RESULT: Garry Tonon defeats Shamil Gasanov via submission (knee bar) at 2:26 of round two (MMA – featherweight)

03:17 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

A fifth straight finish so far in this card. Six finishes overall.

03:15 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That's it! Tonon submits Gasanov!

03:14 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon transitions and locks in a knee bar!

03:13 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Gasanov scrambles and tags Tonon with a couple of hammer fists.

03:12 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon throwing hands at the start of the second! Gasanov brings this fight to the ground and gets top position.

03:11 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That's the end of the first round.

03:07 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon now backpacking Gasanov.

03:07 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon escapes, takes Gasanov's back!

03:07 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

And another knee, another knee, and another knee.

03:06 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Gasanov looking to end this thing early.

03:06 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Gasanov tags Tonon with a grounded knee!

03:06 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon shoots for the takedown but Gasanov takes top position.

03:05 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Tonon is the no.2 featherweight contender while Gasanov is at no.5.

03:02 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Garry Tonon vs. Shamil Gasanov in featherweight MMA is up next.

02:46 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Aliakbari gets the $50,000 bonus from ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong.

02:44 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Aliakbari and Malykhin get into a staredown! Mitch Chilson gets trapped between them.

02:42 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

That's it! Make that four straight first-round finishes!

02:41 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Joynson is trapped. Aliakbari landing some left hands from up top.

02:41 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Aliakbari moves to side control.

02:41 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Aliakbari lands a big overhand right, and he gets this fight to the ground.

02:40 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Aliakbari throwing some looping hooks.

02:40 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Joyson using his range and kicks at the start of the first round.

02:38 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

02:31 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

Amir Aliakbari vs. Dustin Joynson in a heavyweight MMA match is up next.

02:18 (GMT)15 JUL 2023

A third straight first-round finish in this card!
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