ONE Fight Night 8 Live Results (March 24, 2023)

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04:01 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

JUST IN: Superlek awarded the $50,000 bonus. Good night everyone!

04:00 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

It has been a very entertaining card. Thank you all for joining us here on Sportskeeda. We will be back in April for ONE Fight Night 9!

03:59 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Official Result: Superlek Kitamoo9 defeats Danial Williams via knockout at 1:55 of round three (ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Title)

03:58 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Once Superlek knew he had Williams hurt, there was no letting him off the hook. Amazing performance from the Thai champion. The confetti rains down.

03:57 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Just for context, Williams fought Rodtang and went the three-round distance with him in 2021. So he is not just some pushover. Superlek is legit.

03:56 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Bummer we couldn't get Rodtang against Superlek for this one, but hoping it happens in the future.

03:55 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

What a finish from the undisputed ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion! Superlek is a monster!!!

03:55 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

BOOM! Right head kick connects for Superlek and drops Williams! He's on unsteady legs! Superlek is on the attack! Another right hand drops Williams, and HE'S OUT! IT'S OVER!

03:54 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

ROUND THREE: Superlek comes down the middle with a step-through knee. Williams answers back with a boxing combination. We have ourselves a real fight here. They are trading at center Circle.

03:52 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Superlek appears in incredible shape. He obviously trained for months for Rodtang and is in terrific condition. Against a smaller Williams, it really shows. The Thai fighter is just so strong.

03:50 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Another glancing right head kick from Superlek which just barely glances off Williams' high guard. Low kick from Williams and a flying knee attempt from Superlek. High level stuff here.

03:49 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

ROUND TWO: Williams opens up with a right hand. Superlek answers back with a right head kick. Another head kick from Superlek and Williams ducks under. They are both packing heat but neither have really landed clean on anything.

03:48 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Williams fires a combination from the hip, but Superlek evades the punches. "Mini T" just looks so much smaller. He's obviously moving up in weight in this one.

03:47 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Williams knocks Superlek down with an overhand right but it was ruled a slip. Superlek seems content just staying in the middle. A lot of movement coming from Williams.

03:46 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

ROUND ONE: Williams is very mobile on his feet. Throws a superman punch. Superlek calm at the center and just stalking him. Superlek is obviously the bigger man as a flyweight. Williams comes from the strawweight division.

03:43 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Superlek Kiatmoo9 vs Danial Williams (ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Championship) - starts now!

03:42 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

This fight has a different air to it. You can feel the tension and it's very thick. Let's go guys. Give the fans a good show!

03:40 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

This is kickboxing, so bigger gloves. But it should not matter. This is Superlek and Danial Williams. There's no moving backward in this fight, no backing down.

03:38 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Superlek is walking out to the Circle now, looking straight into the camera. The ONE Championship belt held up in the back. We're excited for this one. This may not go the distance.

03:37 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Originally scheduled to face Rodtang tonight before "The Iron Man" was forced to pull out due to injury, Superlek makes his next world title defense.

03:36 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Williams always comes to fight. Fans know this. Everyone knows this. He has the heart of a warrior. The question is, will it be enough to beat Superlek? Superlek is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world.

03:35 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Danial Williams walks out to the Circle first. Lights are out and here he comes. Representing Australia and Thailand. This one is going to be a barnburner.

03:33 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

03:28 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

"Of course, my son gives me a lot of motivation, but not just my son. I’m also doing this for the women who have the same situation as me, I’m here to show that you can bounce back, you can come back, and still be a champion." -Allycia Hellen Rodrigues

03:26 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

And of course, you can watch ONE Fight Night 8: Superlek vs Williams live and free on Amazon Prime! (United States and Canada)

03:25 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Up next we have the main event! Reigning ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion Superlek Kiatmoo9 takes on Danial Williams! Stay tuned!

03:22 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Rodrigues is in the Circle now with Mitch Chilson for her post-fight interview. She wants Todd's kickboxing belt.

03:20 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Official Result: Allycia Hellen Rodrigues defeats Janet Todd via unanimous decision (ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Title)

03:19 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Aaaaaaand your undisputed ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion...Allycia Hellen Rodrigues!

03:17 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Final bell rings and the fight is over. We are going to the judges' scorecards. One thing's for certain, we're getting an undisputed champ at the end of all this. Who's it gonna be?

03:16 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Less than half a round to go. Todd misses with a high kick. Uppercut lands for Todd but there's no power behind it. Rodrigues dumps her to the canvas.

03:15 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Fifth and final round now, and both women are going all-out. Todd may need a knockout at this point just to win this fight. Rodrigues is very strong.

03:13 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Fourth round ends and Todd is looking worse for wear. Meanwhile, Rodrigues looks very fresh. It's coming down to the final round folks. That being said, it's anyone's fight. Todd can still win it even though Rodrigues may be slightly ahead.

03:12 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

03:10 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Todd starts the fourth round more aggressively and moving forward, less backpedalling. But Rodrigues is just so powerful. The champ is still pushing the pace.

03:09 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Round three has been very exciting to say the least. Rodrigues pulled away slightly in that one. Much, much better round for the champ. Todd is in a rough spot.

03:07 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

The referee calls time for the Circleside physician to examine the cut. It's a huge gash and in a bad spot.

03:06 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Huge cut opens up on the left side of Todd's face from a slicing elbow. Rodrigues smells blood in the water and goes on the offensive.

03:06 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Here comes Rodrigues, really putting the pace on Todd now. She's getting more aggressive and Todd is moving backward. Todd gets hit with a stinging left hook.

03:05 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Todd's boxing combinations are so diverse. She lands an uppercut down the middle and strafes Rodrigues with a left hook. Rodrigues is still moving forward and trying to walk Todd down though.

03:04 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Rodrigues still moves forward though. Todd proves elusive as Rodrigues misses with a right elbow. Entertaining second round there.

03:03 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Todd is getting off first, but Rodrigues is evading the strikes well so far. Todd using the long guard to keep Rodrigues at bay. Huge uppercut and left hook combination lands for Todd.

03:01 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Second round starts off with Todd and Rodrigues trading punches. Todd has very fast kicks also and seems to be troubling Rodrigues.

03:00 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Right hook lands for Todd at the sound of the first round bell. Close fight so far, both women had their moments. Let's see who comes out in the second round more aggressively.

02:59 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Todd is very technical, but Rodrigues is pushing forward. Intense pacing so far. The crowd is getting loud. These two women are very exciting.

02:58 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Both women start off throwing kicks. This could come down to who controls the center of the cage. With those 4-ounce gloves, this is anyone's game in terms of power.

02:56 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

The introductions are over and now it's time to fight. LETS GO

02:55 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues vs Janet Todd (ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Championship) starts now!

02:54 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Todd trains out of Boxing Works out in California with Bryan Popejoy. Meanwhile, Rodrigues trains out of Phuket Top Team in Thailand.

02:53 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Rodrigues beat Stamp in 2020 to win the ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Title. Shortly after, she announced she was pregnant and went on hiatus. Now is her first fight back since becoming a mother.
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