ONE Fight Night 9 Live Results (April 21, 2023)

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Live results for ONE Fight Night 9: Nong-O vs. Haggerty on Prime Video


04:59 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:56 (GMT)22 APR 2023

ONE Fight Night 9 more than delivered on the hype that it promised! Thank you all for joining us here at Sportskeeda. We will be back this May 5 for ONE Fight Night 10.

04:42 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:42 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:39 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Jonathan Haggerty gets the world title, the greatest upset in Muay Thai history, and a $100,000 bonus from ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong!

04:37 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:36 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:35 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Lumpinee crowd give Haggerty his well-deserved praise.

04:34 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Jonathan Haggerty defeats Nong-O Hama vΓ­a knockout at 2:40 of round one to claim the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title

04:33 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Jonathan Haggerty in a massive show of respect checks on Nong-O with a look of concern in his face.

04:32 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty ends a legend! He is the new ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion!

04:31 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty on the attack! He ends Nong-O!

04:31 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty sends Nong-O down again!

04:31 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty stuns Nong-O! Nong-O is down! He is rocked!

04:30 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Nong-O goes on the attack!

04:30 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Nong-O looking confident in these exchanges.

04:29 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty catches Nong-O and dumps him!

04:29 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty checks Nong-O's leg kick.

04:23 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Nong-O, the man who built Lumpinee on his back, enters the famed stadium.

04:21 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Haggerty makes his way to the ring.

04:21 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:20 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:20 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:19 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Nong-O Hama vs. Jonathan Haggerty starts now.

04:15 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:15 (GMT)22 APR 2023

04:14 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Nong-O, who's considered one of the greatest Muay Thai artists of all time, is 10-0 in ONE Championship, 8-0 in his world title matches, and is on a streak of five straight knockouts.

04:13 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Jonathan Haggerty, a former ONE flyweight Muay Thai world champion, is on a three-fight winning streak heading into the main event of ONE Fight Night 9.

04:08 (GMT)22 APR 2023

The ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title match between Nong-O Hama and Jonathan Haggerty is up next.

04:03 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Halil Amir defeats Maurice Abevi via unanimous decision (MMA – lightweight)

04:01 (GMT)22 APR 2023

That's the end of an incredibly close fight between Halil Amir and Maurice Abevi.

04:00 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir attempting another submission hold in the final 30 seconds of the fight.

03:59 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi escapes!

03:58 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir stretching Abevi's left leg! He is cranking! This is reminiscent of Adriano Moraes against Geje Eustaquio.

03:58 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir gets the back, trying to lock in a face crank on Abevi.

03:57 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir with the reversal and he gets top position!

03:56 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Big roundhouse by Abevi to start the third.

03:56 (GMT)22 APR 2023

03:55 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi locks in a calf slicer! Amir gets out and we're headed into the third round.

03:54 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi is relentless with his wrestling and once again puts the fight to the mat.

03:53 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi now lands a takedown.

03:53 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi misses the takedown and eats some nasty hits from Amir!

03:52 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Accidental low blow by Abevi.

03:51 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir lands a takedown.

03:50 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir connects with a straight left.

03:49 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Round 2 starts.

03:49 (GMT)22 APR 2023

That's the end of the first round in this lightweight MMA match.

03:48 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Abevi connects with a speening heel kick and sends Amir to the mat with stiff straight right to the body!

03:47 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Takedown by Abevi!

03:46 (GMT)22 APR 2023

Amir drops Abevi with a right cross!
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