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Orleans Masters 2018, Quarter-final: Parupalli Kashyap vs Rasmus Gemke, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 30, 2018 22:05 IST

Kashyap goes down fighting 18-21, 14-21 in quarter-finals.


22:05 (IST)30 MAR 2018

We'll bring you live coverage of Verma's match later at night.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda.

22:05 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap's good run thus comes to an end at the Orleans Masters.

Indian singles challenge will now lie on the shoulders of the top seed Sameer Verma.

22:01 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap goes down fighting 18-21, 14-21 in quarter-finals.

22:00 (IST)30 MAR 2018



22:00 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke is now comfortably placed at 18-14

21:58 (IST)30 MAR 2018

The Dane is 17-13 ahead

21:56 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And Gemke is 16-11 ahead!

Time is running out for Kashyap now!

21:55 (IST)30 MAR 2018

But Gemke stretches the lead further and goes up to 15-11

21:55 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap makes it a two-point gap and is 11-13 behind

21:53 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 12-9 for the Danish shuttler

Can Kashyap fight back again?

21:52 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke goes into the interval with an 11-8 advantage.

21:51 (IST)30 MAR 2018

The Commonwealth Games champion is showing all his fighting skills now!

8-10 he trails

21:49 (IST)30 MAR 2018



21:48 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap has once again failed to inflict some damage on his opponent as Gemke races ahead to 8-5

21:46 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap bags three points in a row and evens the score at 5-5

21:44 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke takes two quick points and makes it a 4-2 lead

21:42 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And it's all level


21:41 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Second game

Gemke opens up a mini lead in the second game as well.

2-1 to the Dane

21:38 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke bags the opening game 21-18

21:38 (IST)30 MAR 2018

A long rally goes in favour of the Danish shuttler and he has two game points.


21:36 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap is still trailing by one point.


21:35 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke took a three-point lead but Kashyap comes storming back to snatch a couple of points.

It's 18-17 to Gemke now

21:34 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It continues to be a tight opening game but the Dane has once again inched ahead to 17-15

21:31 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap has grabbed a point and makes it 14-15

21:31 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke has once again advanced to 15-13

21:29 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke has once more grabbed a couple of points and he now leads Kashyap 14-12

21:27 (IST)30 MAR 2018



21:26 (IST)30 MAR 2018

He takes one point after the break and makes it 10-11

21:24 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke takes an 11-9 lead going into the mid-game interval.

21:24 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Just one-point gap now!


21:23 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And the Austrian Open champion is fighting back!

8-10 he trails

21:23 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 10-7 for the Dane currently

21:21 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap wins a long rally and makes it 6-9

21:20 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Gemke still maintains a three-point lead. He is up 8-5

21:19 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kashyap closed the gap to two points but the Dane went ahead to 7-4

21:17 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Good evening! The match has started.

It isn't a very bright start for the Commonwealth Games champion and he trails 2-5

20:50 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Orleans Masters. In today's match, Parupalli Kashyap will take on third-seeded Rasmus Gemke of Denmark for a place in the semi-finals.

Kashyap is slowly is climbing his way back into the fray after having suffered from a variety of injuries in the last couple of years. In February, he went on to win the Austrian Open, his first international title after three years.

Seeded fifth in this tournament, the World No 42 has been showing good form.  In the pre-quarters, he breezed past qualifier Joshua Magee winning 21-11, 21-14 in just 32 minutes. Today, he will face a stiffer challenge and the match promises to be exciting.  Stay tuned for all live updates.
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