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Orleans Masters 2018, Quarter-final: Sameer Verma vs Lucas Corvee, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 31, 2018 00:00 IST

Verma def Corvee 17-21, 21-19, 21-15 to enter the semi-finals


00:00 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage. Do join us tomorrow for the live updates from Verma's semi-final match.

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23:59 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It was a 1 hour 8 minute battle but Verma held his nerves and found his A-game towards the end to progress through to the semi-finals. 

Hopefully, the win will inspire him to cut down on the unforced errors and put up a better display in the semi-finals.

23:56 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Final score: Verma def Corvee 17-21, 21-19, 21-15 to enter the semi-finals.

23:54 (IST)30 MAR 2018


23:53 (IST)30 MAR 2018



23:51 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 18-12 to the Indian as he looks very, very aggressive!

23:50 (IST)30 MAR 2018

The Swiss Open champion is now 16-11 up

23:49 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma is bringing all his experience and confidence here as he races ahead to 15-11

23:47 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 12-9 to the Indian

23:45 (IST)30 MAR 2018

With a deft touch at the net, Verma goes up to 11-9 at the mid-game interval.

23:44 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And Corvee comes storming back!


23:43 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma calms down and staves off the onslaught to go up to 9-7

23:41 (IST)30 MAR 2018

An injection of pace and power from Corvee sees him get to 6-7 after Sameer looked to be in control

23:39 (IST)30 MAR 2018

What defence from Corvee!

He takes a mini lead of 5-4

23:38 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer smashes RIGHT ON THE LINE!


23:36 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee looks the more comfortable of the two now as he goes up to 4-1

23:36 (IST)30 MAR 2018


Corvee has opened up a 2-0 lead

23:32 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma takes Game No. 2 !!!!!


We have a decider!

23:31 (IST)30 MAR 2018

What a crosscourt shot under pressure from Verma!

20-19 to Verma

23:30 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And it is 19-19

23:30 (IST)30 MAR 2018

With a big smash, Corvee makes it 18-19

Quite tense here

23:29 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 18-16 to the Indian

He needs to be careful here

23:27 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer has found a spark as Corvee continues to err

It's 17-14 to Verma

23:26 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And Sameer comes out on top of a long rally to take a 15-14 lead

23:24 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And it is 14-14

23:24 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma rides on that mini momentum shift to get to 13-14

23:23 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee makes a rare unforced error and Sameer gets a crucial point.

Corvee 14-12

23:22 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer is running out of energy as well as options here.

He now trails 11-13

23:19 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee goes into the interval with an 11-10 lead.

23:19 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee comes up with a quick flick of the wrist to level it again at 10-10

23:18 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It continues to be even stevens!


23:16 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And it is all level!


23:16 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer is finally showing some fighting spirit here and has closed the gap to one point.


23:13 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer is unable to find a solution to stop the barrage from the other side.

And his unforced errors too are not helping him.

Sameer trails 3-6

23:11 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Determined and confident, Corvee now builds a 5-2 lead

23:09 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And Corvee plays some great attacking strokes to go up further to 3-1

23:09 (IST)30 MAR 2018

He trails 1-2...but it is still early days

23:08 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Can Sameer make a comeback in Game 2? Let's find out!

23:06 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And Corvee has converted the game point to take the first game 21-17.

23:05 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Now Corvee has FOUR GAME POINTS!


23:04 (IST)30 MAR 2018

The momentum shift continues again...this time it is with the Frenchman..he goes up to 18-15

23:02 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And the Indian has recovered from the deficit in style!

He has levelled the score at 15-15

23:00 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma looks to have lost his way now as the Frenchman races ahead to 15-12

22:59 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's 13-12 to the Frenchman now

22:58 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee has fought his way back to even the score at 12-12, post the interval.

22:56 (IST)30 MAR 2018

And he adds two more points to lead 11-10 at the mid-game interval.

22:55 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Verma is fighting his way back now!

Trails 9-10

22:53 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Corvee continues to keep his nose in front.


22:52 (IST)30 MAR 2018

This time Corvee falters at the net

He is still ahead at 8-7

22:51 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Sameer makes an error at the net and now trails 6-7
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