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Orleans Masters 2018, Semifinal: Sameer Verma vs Mark Caljouw, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 31, 2018 23:40 IST

Caljouw def Verma 18-21, 21-13, 21-12 in 57 minutes to enter the final.


23:40 (IST)31 MAR 2018

With Verma's loss, the Indian campaign comes to an end at the Orleans Masters. 

That also brings us to the end of our live coverage.

Do join us next week for the live coverage of the Commonwealth Games.

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23:38 (IST)31 MAR 2018

That also ends an eight-match winning streak for Verma. He won the Swiss Open just last month and has been playing some terrific badminton for the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, he could not sustain the momentum after winning the first game as Caljouw raised his level.

23:35 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Final score: Caljouw def Verma 18-21, 21-13, 21-12 in 57 minutes to enter the final.

23:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw takes the win, dashing Verma's hopes!

23:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Eight match points for Caljouw!

23:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw is now within sniffing distance of a win!


23:32 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Verma takes one vital point to make it 12-17

23:32 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Things are not looking rosy at the moment for Verma

23:32 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw goes ahead to 17-11

23:31 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Can he come back?

23:31 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Sameer looks to be slowly fading away as he now trails behind 11-15

23:29 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Now Caljouw takes 2 points on the trot as he jumps ahead to 13-11

23:27 (IST)31 MAR 2018

We are back to all level after the break!


23:26 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Verma inches ahead to 11-10 heading into the mid-game interval.

23:25 (IST)31 MAR 2018



23:25 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And it's a one-point gap!


23:25 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Verma has reduced the deficit to two points!

23:24 (IST)31 MAR 2018

The fourth seed makes his mark and leaps to 10-7

23:23 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And suddenly, we have a battle in hand!


23:22 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw shows his immense talent as he fights back to 6-6

23:21 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Verma extends his lead to three points!


23:20 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And he maintains the two-point gap!


23:18 (IST)31 MAR 2018


Sameer asserts his supremacy early on in Game 3


23:16 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw makes it count and wins the second game 21-13

We are into a decider!

23:15 (IST)31 MAR 2018



23:14 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Sameer gets a point but is it too late?


23:13 (IST)31 MAR 2018

The fourth seed looks determined to set up a decider.

23:13 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw has now extended his lead to 18-11

23:11 (IST)31 MAR 2018

The Frenchman has wrested control after that and now leads 14-10

23:10 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And he makes it 9-11

23:09 (IST)31 MAR 2018

The Indian then adds a couple of very quick points to lessen the gap to 8-11

23:08 (IST)31 MAR 2018

The defence of both the players is being tested currently.

Sameer pulls back one point and is now 6-11

23:05 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw has raced ahead to 11-5 heading into the mid-game interval.

23:04 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Sameer gets two points and now trails 4-9

23:03 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Verma has suddenly lost his touch and is struggling at the moment.
The fourth seed leads 8-2

23:02 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw has once again been the front-runner in the initial stages.

He is ahead 4-2

23:00 (IST)31 MAR 2018

It is 1-1

23:00 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Can Verma produce the same form in Game 2?

Let's find out.

22:58 (IST)31 MAR 2018

A brilliant Sameer staved off the late challenge from his opponent and grabbed three points on the trot to take the first game 21-18

22:56 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And it continues to be totally even.


22:55 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw even took the lead but Verma was quick to erase that.

It's 17-17

22:54 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And the Frenchman's persistence has paid off!

He levels it at 16-16

22:54 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Sameer needs to be careful here and cannot afford to relax. Caljouw has made it 14-16

22:52 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Mark is now making his mark as well and trails 13-15

22:51 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Sameer shows the confidence that helped him win the Swiss Open last month. He is now up 14-10

22:49 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Caljouw is fighting back after the break and has reduced the deficit to 10-12

22:48 (IST)31 MAR 2018


22:46 (IST)31 MAR 2018

And the fourth seed, buoyed by the crowd support, comes roaring back!


22:44 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Once more Verma inches ahead to 8-6 through his sheer attacking game

22:43 (IST)31 MAR 2018

A lot of good quality rallies going on presently.

Caljouw still slightly ahead at 6-5
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