PBL 2018: Ahmedabad Smash Masters vs Hyderabad Hunters, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 29, 2017 21:51 IST

Ahmedabad Smash Masters def Hyderabad Hunters 4-3


21:51 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And with that, our live coverage for the day comes to an end! Thanks for staying with us!

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21:49 (IST)29 DEC 2017

21:46 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Ahmedabad might be a debutant team but they are very much looking like a contender for the title! Very strong, determined and well-balanced!

21:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

21:40 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And with that, Hyderabad add two vital points to their kitty and reduce the deficit to just one point in the final score!

It's a 4-3 win for the Ahmedabad Smash Masters!

21:38 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And Hyderabad take the Trump win!

15-14, 15-11

21:37 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And Hyderabad have now reached match points!


21:35 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Kido sends the shuttle long, opening the door slightly for Ahmedabad!


21:34 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Ahmedabad keep on trying hard but they have still not been able to level the scores


21:33 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Ahmedabad make a good comeback on resumption and now trail by one point


21:31 (IST)29 DEC 2017

8-4 to Hyderabad at the break

21:28 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And Hyderabad is running away in the second game!

Kido & Seong is up 6-0

21:25 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Remember this is Trump for Hyderabad.

They cannot win this tie but every match win counts!

They have a lot at stake!

21:24 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Hyderabad take advantage of that!

They bag the opener.


21:23 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Ahmedabad have a game point but they squander it!


What drama!

21:22 (IST)29 DEC 2017

It's 13-13

What a comeback from Reginald & Nandagopal!

21:21 (IST)29 DEC 2017

13-11 lead for the accomplished duo of Kido & Seong

21:18 (IST)29 DEC 2017

It's 9-8 to the Hyderabad pair

21:16 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Kido & Seong, have, however, weathered the storm and have come back to 8-6 at the interval

21:14 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And it is 6-3 already!

21:13 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Srikanth Kidambi's elder brother, Nandagopal is putting up quite a show!

Some great reflexes from him and those help Ahmedabad to go up to 4-3

21:12 (IST)29 DEC 2017

21:09 (IST)29 DEC 2017

21:08 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And because that was a Trump win, Ahmedabad take 2 point and wrap up tonight's tie already!

Hyderabad will now play for pride.

21:06 (IST)29 DEC 2017

That was a very confident performance from the World No. 10 after some initial resistance from his training partner at Gopichand Academy!

And this was his ninth PBL win on the trot!

Is he going to remain unbeaten in this season as well?

21:03 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And Prannoy wins as Sai sends the shuttle long!

15-8, 15-10

21:02 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy is now within sniffing distance of a win!


20:59 (IST)29 DEC 2017


Prannoy wins a 36-shot rally with a delectable drop!


20:56 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy up 8-5 at the mid-game interval.

20:54 (IST)29 DEC 2017

It's 6-4 to Prannoy

Thoroughly showing his power and intensity here!

20:52 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Here comes the down-the-line smashes from Prannoy and he is up 4-2

20:51 (IST)29 DEC 2017

It's 2-1 to Prannoy in the second game

20:48 (IST)29 DEC 2017

It's 15-10 to Prannoy

Ahmedabad looking very good in their Trump Match.

20:46 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy is now pretty much in control of this!

13-9 as Sai keeps on struggling

20:43 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy has levelled matters on resumption


20:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And it's 8-6 to Sai going into the interval.

Wow! Pretty impressive turnaround!

20:40 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Sai is moving Prannoy a lot now and has blunted his aggression through his deception.


20:39 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Sai pulls back a couple of points.


20:38 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy is smashing down 348kmph smashes and making it look like child's play!


20:37 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And he has settled in!

It's 4-2 to Prannoy!

The crowd is loving his big smashes!

20:36 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy is now targeting the lines!


20:35 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Sai is bringing forth his deft touches to surge to a 2-0 lead

20:32 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Prannoy is riding on an eight-match winning streak. Can Sai produce some magic?

What a treat this will be for the Indian fans!

20:31 (IST)29 DEC 2017

We have the first of our Trump Matches of the evening!

It's Ahmedabad's Trump Match as HS Prannoy takes on Hyderabad's B Sai Praneeth.

20:28 (IST)29 DEC 2017

That was a masterclass from Tai, who oozed brilliance on almost every shot! The young Raje might have lost, but this meeting so early in her career will do her a world of good. She can study this performance and learn a lot from this clash, that will surely help her career.

20:26 (IST)29 DEC 2017

20:25 (IST)29 DEC 2017

And she has finished it!

A smiling Tai takes the 15-5, 15-6 win as the entire Ahmedabad dugout stands up and applauds her brilliance!

20:23 (IST)29 DEC 2017

12-4 to Tai

She is now in cruise mode!

20:22 (IST)29 DEC 2017

You can only watch her precision on every shot and wonder how she makes it every time!

20:21 (IST)29 DEC 2017

Tai now has a lead of four points.

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