PBL 2018: Ahmedabad Smash Masters vs Mumbai Rockets, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 09, 2018 21:48 IST

Ahmedabad Smash Masters def Mumbai Rockets 5-0


21:48 (IST)9 JAN 2018

And with that, we wrap up our live coverage of Day 18 of the PBL 2018.

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21:44 (IST)9 JAN 2018

And with that dominant display, the Ahmedabad Smash Masters become the first team to qualify for the semi-finals!

21:42 (IST)9 JAN 2018

What a thumping performance that was by the Ahmedabad Smash Masters!

They demolished the Mumbai Rockets 5-0

21:40 (IST)9 JAN 2018

21:36 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Ahmedabad couldn't do much after that as Tan & Lee finish in style!

15-10, 15-9

21:32 (IST)9 JAN 2018

But Nandagopal is showing some fire here. Some fantastic exchanges at the net and the two pairs are tied at 9-9

21:29 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Lee Yong Dae is looking very much determined to gift his team their first win of the nigh.


21:26 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 2-2 in Game 2

21:24 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Mumbai stave off the late surge from Ahmedabad and take the opening game


21:21 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's a slender one-point advantage for the Mumbai pair now.


21:17 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 7-5 to the Mumbai Rockets.

Can they get their first win of the night?

21:14 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 3-3 in men's doubles currently

21:10 (IST)9 JAN 2018

21:03 (IST)9 JAN 2018

But Sourabh staves off the challenges and bags the game 15-11

The win goes to Sourabh Verma and the Ahmedabad Smash Masters

21:01 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Sameer is now trying to disrupt Sourabh's rhythm with a few dropshots.


20:58 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Some spring in Sameer's steps now, but he has let his elder brother build a big lead already.


20:55 (IST)9 JAN 2018

And Sourabh has settled in this game and looks more confident of the two again


20:52 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Sameer once again has a slender lead of one point.


20:52 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Pressure is now on Sameer to make amends in Game 2.

20:51 (IST)9 JAN 2018


What a determined comeback that was from the elder brother!

20:51 (IST)9 JAN 2018

In a spectacular turn of events, Sourabh levelled the score at 14-14 and then held his nerves to bag the opener.

15-14 to Ahmedabad

20:46 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Sameer reached game point after a FABULOUS 50-shot rally that had both the dugouts on their feet!

20:44 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Sourabh is a bit erratic, which is why he is squandering whatever little chance he is getting.

Trails 11-13

20:39 (IST)9 JAN 2018

The younger brother looks the more confident of the two right now.

Sameer up 8-5 going into the interval

20:36 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 4-4 to start off things with!

20:35 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's now a big clash between brothers! Sourabh faces Sameer and both are the Trump players for their respective teams!

20:34 (IST)9 JAN 2018

20:28 (IST)9 JAN 2018


Three wins on the trot for Ahmedabad tonight!

They lead 3-0

20:26 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Tai still has the lead but this is just fantastic showing from the Mumbai player.


20:25 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's a different Tai Tzu Ying after the break!

She has marched her way to 11-6

20:21 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Tai made a roaring comeback as expected but Zhang is still giving a good account of herself here.


20:19 (IST)9 JAN 2018

And 4-0

This is incredible!

20:18 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Some excellent net play from Zhang in Game 2.


20:17 (IST)9 JAN 2018

15-9 goes the first game to Tai.

How does she make it look so easy and effortless time and again?

20:15 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 11-8 to the World No. 1 as she looks to break away 

20:13 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Zhang made a pretty decent comeback after that early onslaught from Tai.

Trails 6-8

20:10 (IST)9 JAN 2018

And Tai is already giving a masterclass of her incredible deception!


20:09 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's 2-2 in the initial stages

20:08 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's now time for Tai Tzu Ying magic! The World No. 1 will surely be eager to get back to winning ways after losing her last match to PV Sindhu!

20:07 (IST)9 JAN 2018

20:01 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Prannoy DOES IT!

And throws his racquet to the screaming fans!

20:00 (IST)9 JAN 2018

With a 330 kmph smash winner to Son's forehand, Prannoy reaches match points!


19:57 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Big, Big Scream from Prannoy as he finds 3 BIG smashes to level matters!


19:56 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's a sudden lapse in focus from Prannoy!

Son races ahead to 11-8

19:51 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Son Wan Ho is moving way better now and takes an 8-6 lead at the mid-game interval.

19:50 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's currently all level.


19:45 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's a 3-2 lead for the Indian national champion currently

19:41 (IST)9 JAN 2018

HS Prannoy showed excellent composure and great footwork to bag the opening game.


19:38 (IST)9 JAN 2018

It's still a very close call. Hard to separate the two shuttlers at the moment.


19:38 (IST)9 JAN 2018

Prannoy is showing great hands at the net to get the better of Son.

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