PBL 2018: Ahmedabad Smash Masters vs North Eastern Warriors, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 26, 2017 22:22 IST

Ahmedabad Smash Masters def North Eastern Warriors, 4-3


22:22 (IST)26 DEC 2017

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22:20 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The PBL caravan now moves to Delhi, which is the second leg of the PBL 2018. We can't wait to see what unravels there!

22:19 (IST)26 DEC 2017

But what a smashing debut by the Ahmedabad Smash Masters! Their two star players -- HS Prannoy and Tai Tzu Ying -- delivered just what was expected of them. And they are looking absolutely all determined to take the title on debut!

22:15 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The Ahmedabad Smash Masters thus win the tie, 4-3. But those two wins in doubles will do a world of good to North Eastern Warriors' confidence as they head to the Delhi leg.

22:14 (IST)26 DEC 2017

22:16 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The NE team wins their Trump Match and gets the vital 2 points!

22:15 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And the NE duo grabs the win soon after!

Final score: Cheol & Jung of NE Warriors def Reginald & Him of Ahmedabad, 15-8, 15-11

22:15 (IST)26 DEC 2017

What a rally it is!

Ahmedabad saves one point through some incredible defence!

22:14 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And they have match points.


22:14 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The NE pair is up 13-10

22:13 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The crowd just can't get enough of it!

22:13 (IST)26 DEC 2017

What a topsy-turvy match!

The home pair has stormed back to leap to 12-10

22:10 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The Ahmedabad pair has rebounded well and has inched ahead to 8-7 at halftime

22:07 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And the home pair is continuing from where they left.

They are up 5-3

22:04 (IST)26 DEC 2017

That was fantastic recovery from the home team. Can they do it for one more game?

22:04 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Ahmedabad collapsed in a heap of errors.

The home duo took every advantage of it to bag the first game, 15-8

22:02 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's a four-point lead for the home pair

21:59 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And the home pair looks reinvigorated and goes up to 8-6 at halftime

21:58 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Big smashes from Cheol. We saw exactly this earlier in the mixed doubles match.

And the crowd is totally loving this!

The scores are all even now!


21:57 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The Ahmedabad pair looks more settled of the two.

Up 6-4

21:56 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's 4-3 to Ahmedabad 

21:49 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's upto Cheol & Jung to deliver this win to the home team. They face Reginald & Him.

21:47 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The home team will play for pride now. They have a Trump in the men's doubles match and will try to get two points to reduce the deficit.

21:46 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And Prannoy's win gives the Smash Masters an unassailable lead of 4-1, which pretty much wraps up the tie.

21:42 (IST)26 DEC 2017

21:41 (IST)26 DEC 2017

That was excellent recovery from Prannoy after falling behind mid-way!

21:45 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And now with eight wins on the trot, HS Prannoy now has the longest winning streak in the history of PBL.

21:44 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Prannoy takes the win!!!!

Final score: Prannoy of Ahmedabad def Wang of NE Warriors, 15-10, 15-14

21:43 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Nail-biting stuff!

It's 14-14

21:42 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Under pressure, Prannoy grabs a couple of points!


21:41 (IST)26 DEC 2017

What a smash from Wang!!!!


21:40 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's 12-9 to Wang now!

What a turnaround!

21:39 (IST)26 DEC 2017

We suddenly have a match in our hands!

The Warriors dugout can't stop screaming!

21:39 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And Wang has inched ahead to 10-9

21:38 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Suddenly Wang is all fired up and there is a spring in his steps!


21:35 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And the World No. 11 is just a mere spectator!

Prannoy has marched ahead to 7-4

21:33 (IST)26 DEC 2017

He is raining down  smashes!


21:32 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Prannoy is unstoppable!


21:29 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Prannoy doesn't have to work hard much.

First game is already in the bag.


21:27 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's 13-9 for the World No. 10.

His aggression is such a treat to watch!

21:25 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Prannoy still maintaining his four-point lead.


21:22 (IST)26 DEC 2017

He races ahead to 8-4 at halftime

21:22 (IST)26 DEC 2017

The anticipation and defence are just brilliant from Prannoy tonight!

21:21 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Prannoy has now opened up a two-point lead.


21:20 (IST)26 DEC 2017

It's already a tightly-contested match, as expected.


21:19 (IST)26 DEC 2017

And we are back to level.


21:17 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Look at those smashes from Prannoy!

He leads 2-0

21:09 (IST)26 DEC 2017

Next up is a cracker of a match!

It's World No. 10 HS Prannoy vs World No. 11 Tzu Wei Wang.

Prannoy is the costliest player of PBL 2018 at Rs. 62 lakhs and he remained unbeaten last season. Can he continue that streak when he turns up for Ahmedabad tonight?

21:07 (IST)26 DEC 2017

21:07 (IST)26 DEC 2017

That was a Trump win for Ahmedabad. So they get 2 points and now lead 3-1.
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