PBL 2018: Awadhe Warriors vs Hyderabad Hunters, Live Match Updates

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Hyderabad Hunters def Awadhe Warriors 6-(-1)


22:33 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And that wraps up our live coverage of Day 16 of the PBL 2018. Thanks for staying with us.

Hope you enjoyed the tie as much as we did.

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22:29 (IST)7 JAN 2018

This unpredictable nature of sport is what makes it exciting. This is why we watch and love sports, because it is unscripted and nobody can ever predict what will actually pan out on a given day!

22:27 (IST)7 JAN 2018

This was seriously in nobody's predictions! The Hunters just clipped the wings of the high-flying Awadhe Warriors and pulled them back to the earth!

Now the Warriors are in doubt of a semi-final spot!

What a night! What a contest! What an all-round performance from the Hyderabad Hunters!

Understandably, the Hunters shuttlers could not stop screaming in joy after the match!

22:25 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Who would have thought of this? The Hunters were languishing at the bottom of the eight-team table prior to tonight's tie and the Awadhe Warriors were up in the second place!

More importantly, the Hunters had lost their last match 0-5 to the Delhi Dashers!

But how they turned it around in their very next match!

22:21 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's an INCREDIBLE 6-(-1) win for the Hyderabad Hunters!!!!!!

22:20 (IST)7 JAN 2018



22:20 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's a 15-9, 15-9 win for the Hyderabad Hunters duo!!!!!!

22:19 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And Satwik comes up with powerful jump smashes just in time!


22:17 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And it's all level here.


22:17 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's a much closer battle now but the Hunters still have their nose in front.


22:14 (IST)7 JAN 2018

The Hunters duo is now up 7-5

22:12 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Some fightback from the Awadhe duo. They have closed the gap to 3-4

22:10 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And they have picked up from where they left.


22:08 (IST)7 JAN 2018

The Hunters duo takes this game very, very comfortably.


22:05 (IST)7 JAN 2018

11-7 lead for the Hunters...sailing smoothly!

22:03 (IST)7 JAN 2018

The Hunters are well on their way to winning all the matches tonight!

8-4 lead at halftime

22:01 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's a 5-3 lead for the Hunters pair

22:00 (IST)7 JAN 2018

The mixed doubles match is under way!

21:59 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Can the Hyderabad Hunters make it a whitewash?

21:56 (IST)7 JAN 2018

21:53 (IST)7 JAN 2018

After Marin's Trump win, Hyderabad are now leading 5-(-1) in this tie!

21:52 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's a 15-5, 15-7 win for Marin.

She came, she saw, she conquered.

Saina had absolutely no answer!

21:51 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It is 14-7 to Marin now.

She has been in prime form tonight!

21:49 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's 11-6 to the Hunters shuttler now.

21:47 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's 8-4 now for the Spanish shuttler.

Marin showing the form that won her the Olympic gold and two World Championships titles.

21:46 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Marin has inched ahead to 7-4 now.

21:45 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And it continues to be all even.


21:43 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Big scream from the Spaniard!


21:42 (IST)7 JAN 2018

3-1 to the Indian after Hawkeye confirms Saina's shot did indeed land on the sideline

21:40 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Saina now attacking Marin's backhand and is getting rich dividends.


21:37 (IST)7 JAN 2018

This is over in a flash!

The first game goes to the Spaniard.


21:36 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Saina lacking accuracy on her net shots. And with Marin looking so dangerous, she can hardly do anything.

12-5 lead for the Spaniard.

21:33 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Saina could hardly do anything to stop the Spaniard.

Marin looks determined and very, very confident with her aggressive game.


21:32 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And it is 3-1 to the Olympic champion

21:32 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Some quick exchanges at the net and it is 2-1 to Marin

21:30 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And it's 1-1 very quickly

21:29 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's 1-0 to Nehwal

21:27 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's now time for the BIG MATCH OF THE DAY

It's Saina Nehwal vs Carolina Marin

Can Saina give the Awadhe Warriors their first win of the night?

Marin is Hyderabad's Trump.

21:19 (IST)7 JAN 2018

21:18 (IST)7 JAN 2018

This is Sai's first win of the PBL 2018.

And more importantly, Sai TRUMPS Awadhe's Trump!

With this win, the score now stands 3-(-1) in favour of the Hyderabad franchise.

21:17 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And Sai completes the job in style!

It's a 15-10, 15-10 win for the Hyderabad Hunters shuttler.

21:15 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Now it is Sai's turn to put the shuttle into the net

21:15 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Srikanth made it a four-point gap but ended with a smash into the net.


21:13 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Solid defence from Sai as he forces Srikanth to send the shuttle wide.

Sai up 12-6

21:11 (IST)7 JAN 2018

2 more points for Sri here after Sai makes errors.


21:10 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Srikanth now moving Sai to every part of the court and gets one point back.


21:09 (IST)7 JAN 2018

Almost every single point is sailing out for the World No. 3

He trails 1-9

21:07 (IST)7 JAN 2018

The Srikanth, who won four Superseries titles in 2017, is yet to show up.

21:06 (IST)7 JAN 2018

And it is 8-0 for Sai heading into the mid-game interval.

This is the first time this season that a player has gone into the break with a flawless 8-0 lead

21:05 (IST)7 JAN 2018

It's 6-0 in favour of Sai.

Sai is determined, aggressive and can do no wrong!
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