PBL 2018: Bengaluru Blasters vs Delhi Dashers, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 28, 2017 22:43 IST

Bengaluru Blasters def Delhi Dashers 5-2


22:43 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And with that, we wrap up our PBL coverage for the day. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for staying with us.

We'll be back tomorrow with the live coverage of Day 7 of PBL 2018.

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22:40 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Bengaluru look very much eager to win the PBL title for the first time. They have never even managed to reach the final. With that kind of a performance, they are now looking every bit a contender!

22:37 (IST)28 DEC 2017

22:37 (IST)28 DEC 2017

22:36 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And with that, Bengaluru win this tie 5-2

What a PBL 2018 debut match from the southern franchise! They came, they saw and they conquered!

22:33 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And Ivanov fails to return a blast of a shot from Kim Sa Rung!

Match to Bengaluru!

Final score: 15-9, 15-12 win for Rung & Boe

22:32 (IST)28 DEC 2017

14-12 to Bengaluru

22:31 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Kim Sa Rung is the MAN TO WATCH!!!!!!

So much clarity, so much poise and he is thoroughly enjoying this!

22:31 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Bengaluru once again inch ahead to 12-11

22:27 (IST)28 DEC 2017

The Russians are trying their best and now have a slight lead of 8-7 at half-time

22:22 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Kim Sa Rung has been on fire all evening!


22:19 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Quick hands from Kim to grab the opener for Bengaluru


22:16 (IST)28 DEC 2017

11-7 lead now after some fiery exchange

22:14 (IST)28 DEC 2017

You simply have to admire Mathias Boe! He is all of 37 years of age, but is as sprightly as a teenager!

9-4 lead for the Blasters

22:11 (IST)28 DEC 2017

8-3 to the Bengaluru pair after an incredible rally!

22:08 (IST)28 DEC 2017

3-1 to Bengaluru

22:08 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Time for the final match of the day -- the men's doubles.

Ivanov & Sozonov of Delhi face Boe & Rang of Bengaluru

22:03 (IST)28 DEC 2017

22:02 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Delhi cannot win this tie anymore, even if they win the final match of the day. So, Bengaluru have already defeated Delhi!

22:01 (IST)28 DEC 2017

What is more important is that was a Trump win for the visiting side.

So, that gifts the Blasters two points and sends them up to 4-2 over the Delhi Dashers

21:59 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Despite some fightback towards the end, Axelsen wraps it up without much fuss!

Final score: 15-11, 15-11 win for the Bengaluru shuttler

21:55 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Body smash right at Houwei! The Chinese has no answer!


21:54 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Excellent shotmaking from Houwei to wrongfoot the big Dane with a smash to his backhand!


21:52 (IST)28 DEC 2017

It's 9-6 to Axelsen currently

21:49 (IST)28 DEC 2017

The power of Viktor's jump smashes is simply leaving us speechless!

8-4 he leads at the interval

21:48 (IST)28 DEC 2017

After racing ahead to 6-1, Axelsen finally makes a shot that makes him look mortal.

21:45 (IST)28 DEC 2017

From jump smash to delicate touch at the net....there's nothing that Axelsen can do wrong!

4-1 is his lead

21:43 (IST)28 DEC 2017

1-1 to start things off in the second game

21:40 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And the first game is in the bag for Axelsen!


21:39 (IST)28 DEC 2017

A couple of errors down the left court from Axelsen

He is now up 12-9

21:37 (IST)28 DEC 2017

A quick flick of the wrist to change the direction of the shuttle

Axelsen up 10-8

21:36 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Axelsen's lead has been cut down to just a solitary point!


21:33 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Axelsen up 8-6 at the mid-game interval

21:33 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Little by little, Houwei has clawed his way back.


21:30 (IST)28 DEC 2017

A couple of rare errors from the world champion

Axelsen up 5-3

21:30 (IST)28 DEC 2017

What a response from Houwei!!!!!

3 great smashes to make Viktor scrambling for the shuttle!

Houwei trails 2-4

21:29 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Viktor has started with 370kmph crosscourt smashes!


21:27 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Kids going crazy as Viktor enters the court. He will play Bengaluru's Trump against Delhi's Tian Houwei.

Can Houwei do the unthinkable?

21:27 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And now it's time for the biggest star of the evening -- the World No. 1 and world champion Viktor Axelsen

21:22 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And with that, Delhi get 2 vital points and even the score.


21:21 (IST)28 DEC 2017

That decider just showed why Sung has been a former World No. 2.

Ruthless dominance when it mattered the most!

21:19 (IST)28 DEC 2017

And Sung does it in style! Delivers Delhi its first win of the night!

Final score: Sung wins 15-10, 8-15, 15-5

21:18 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Look at the crosscourt shot that just sent a dagger through Gilmour's heart!

Sung up match points.


21:15 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Sung is just unstoppable! The Siri Fort Stadium is reverberating with her screams at the moment!


21:12 (IST)28 DEC 2017

8-3 lead for Sung going into the interval.

21:10 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Sung is on a different level now! Superb footwork, superb anticipation!


21:08 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Sung Ji Hyun is back in this in the decider!


21:05 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Gilmour's efforts have been rewarded!

She grabs the second game 15-8.

21:04 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Gilmour has a host of game points at 14-8.

21:02 (IST)28 DEC 2017

Gilmour now up by six points over the mighty Korean!

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