PBL 2018: Bengaluru Blasters vs Mumbai Rockets, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 01, 2018 22:38 IST

Bengaluru Blasters def Mumbai Rockets 6-(-1)


22:38 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And we wrap our live coverage of a tie which was absolutely memorable for the Bengaluru Blasters and totally forgettable for the Mumbai Rockets. Can the Blasters continue performing like this? We'll find that out as the league progresses.

For now, it's goodbye from all of us at Sportskeeda. Thanks for staying with us. 

Do join us tomorrow for the live coverage of Tie No. 11 of the PBL 2018.

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Goodnight and a Happy New Year once again from all of us!

22:34 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And with that thunderous win, the Bengaluru Blasters have charged their way up to the top of the table in PBL 2018.

And they thoroughly deserve that place after this ruthless domination!

22:33 (IST)1 JAN 2018

22:30 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Final score: Bengaluru Blasters 6-(-1) Mumbai Rockets 

22:29 (IST)1 JAN 2018

22:27 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And with that, Bengaluru complete a clean sweep! What a performance! Every single win went in favour of the Bengaluru team tonight!

Total demolition!

What a way to start the New Year!

22:26 (IST)1 JAN 2018

It's a 9-15, 15-10, 15-14 win for the Blasters pair!

22:25 (IST)1 JAN 2018


Boe and Kim Sa Rang staved off a late surge from Mumbai and take the win!

22:22 (IST)1 JAN 2018


Mumbai are trying really, really hard here!


22:20 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Their hopes are looking to be dashed as Boe and Kim are currently looking unstoppable!

13-10 to Bengaluru

22:18 (IST)1 JAN 2018

It's all even!


22:17 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Mumbai have now reduced the deficit to just one point


Can they inspire themselves to continue the comeback and grab their solitary win of the night?

22:15 (IST)1 JAN 2018

8-6 to Boe and Kim heading into the interval

22:14 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Bengaluru are really determined to deny Mumbai any win tonight!

22:14 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Bengaluru have now established a lead of 6-4

22:12 (IST)1 JAN 2018

2-2 in the decider

22:09 (IST)1 JAN 2018

But Mumbai failed to do much after that and Bengaluru have capitalized on it to grab the second game 15-10

22:06 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Mumbai have closed the gap with some determined display here. Some absorbing rallies going on here!


22:00 (IST)1 JAN 2018

8-3 to the Blasters pair going into the interval.

21:59 (IST)1 JAN 2018

5-1 to Boe and Kim currently.

Will Bengaluru pour water on Mumbai's hopes of winning at least one match?

21:57 (IST)1 JAN 2018

It's 2-1 to Bengaluru in Game 2

21:54 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Mumbai wrap up the first game in this men's doubles match.


21:52 (IST)1 JAN 2018

11-6 to the Rockets as they look determined to get their first win of what has been a miserable night for them so far!

21:48 (IST)1 JAN 2018

No, it doesn't as Mumbai are still looking very good in this game!


21:47 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Wow! Mumbai get a receiving fault as Tan takes a step back while receiving the serve!

That's rare!

Will that unsettle them?

21:45 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Mumbai up 3-1

21:45 (IST)1 JAN 2018

21:44 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Can Mumbai salvage some pride in the last match of the day -- the men's doubles?

21:43 (IST)1 JAN 2018

21:41 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Current score: Bengaluru 5-(-1) Mumbai

21:40 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Wow! What a night the Bengaluru team is having!!!!! They have destroyed Mumbai's Trump too! And Mumbai's score is now something they will be very embarrassed with! Mumbai have negative points now!

21:38 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And Chong gets the job done in style!

9-15, 15-8, 15-6

21:37 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Smash after smash after smash from the Bengaluru man!

He has a host of match points now!


21:36 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Chong is showing no intention to slow down here!


21:34 (IST)1 JAN 2018

The rallies have certainly become longer. Just when it looked like Sameer is back in this, Chong applies the brakes and goes up to 9-6

21:32 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Sameer looks a bit more pumped up and playing a lot more intelligently now.

He has closed the gap to just one point


21:28 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Sameer has absolutely lost his concentration....errors are just not helping his cause!

21:28 (IST)1 JAN 2018

It's 7-2 to the Bengaluru man now

21:26 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Verma finds a crosscourt smash to reduce the gap to 2 points.


21:25 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And the errors are coming fast and furious from Sameer!

The Bengaluru dugout is clearly enjoying this! Axelsen and Gilmour cheering loudly for their man!

Chong up 3-0

21:23 (IST)1 JAN 2018

15-8 goes the second game to Chong!

We have a decider!

21:20 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Chong regroups after that and goes up to 13-8

21:18 (IST)1 JAN 2018

And Sameer is slowly but steadily clawing his way back!


21:17 (IST)1 JAN 2018

In an attempt to rush Sameer, Chong sends the shuttle wide!

Sameer trails 7-10

21:16 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Sameer has reduced the deficit to just three points now!


Can he level this?

21:15 (IST)1 JAN 2018

A little bit of fire from Sameer's shots now. He looks reinvigorated after the break.

Trails 5-9 now

21:11 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Sameer's lack of sharpness has resulted in Chong having a lead of 6-3

21:09 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Lapse in focus from Sameer as Chong goes up to 4-1 in the second game

21:06 (IST)1 JAN 2018

Chong Wei pushes the shuttle wide and the first game to Sameer Verma.


21:05 (IST)1 JAN 2018

11-8 to Sameer currently
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